Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-THESIS-2014-06 Palni, PrabhakarFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)New Mexico U.Evidence for the Heavy Baryon Resonance State $\Lambda_{b}^{\ast0}$ Observed with the CDF II Detecto
FERMILAB-THESIS-2014-04 Seitz, ClaudiaCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Rutgers U., PiscatawaySearches for Light- and Heavy-flavor Three-jet Resonances in proton-proton Collisions with the CMS D
FERMILAB-THESIS-2014-03 Catala-Perez, JuanFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Valencia U., IFICMeasurement of neutrino induced charged current neutral pion production cross section at SciBooNE.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2014-02 Trovato, MarcoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pisa, Scuola Normale SuperioreSearch for $WZ/ZZ$ Production in the Lepton(s) + MET + Jets Channel with the CDF Experiment at the T
FERMILAB-THESIS-2014-01 Tice, Brian GeorgeFNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA)Rutgers U., PiscatawayMeasurement of Nuclear Dependence in Inclusive Charged Current Neutrino Scattering.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-30 Li, DikaiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for the standard model Higgs boson in $l\nu+b\bar{b}$ final states in 9.7 fb$^{-1}$ of $p\bar
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-29 Rogan, Christopher S.CERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)CaltechSearches for New Symmetries in pp Collisions with the Razor Kinematic Variables at $\mathbf{\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-28 Whitbeck, Andrew J.CERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Johns Hopkins U.Discovery and characterization of a Higgs-like resonance using the Matrix Element Likelihood Approac
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-27 Bauce, MatteoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Padua U.Study of the $ZZ$ diboson production at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-26 Vega-Morales, RobertoNorthwestern U.The Higgs Boson as a Window to Beyond the Standard Model.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-25 Veeraraghavan, VenkateshCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Florida State U.Search for multiply charged Heavy Stable Charged Particles in data collected with the CMS detector.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-24 Radovic, AlexanderFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)U. Coll. LondonMeasuring the Disappearance of Muon Neutrinos with the MINOS Detector.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-23 Menezes, DiegoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northern Illinois U.Search for The Standard Model Higgs Boson in the four lepton final state by the D0 experiment at Run
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-22 Koshelev, SergeyBaumann State Tech. U., MoscowИсследование теплофизических свойств ниобия, применя
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-21 Freemire, BenFNAL-E-Neutrino Factory and Muon ColliderIIT, ChicagoHigh Pressure Gas Filled RF Cavity Beam Test at the Fermilab MuCool Test Area
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-20 Ding, PengfeiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.Measurement of the shape of the boson rapidity distribution for $\DY + X$ events produced at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-19 Ford, Denise ChristineNorthwestern U. (main)Insights to Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavity Processing from First Principles Calculations and
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-18 Shaw, Savanna MarieFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.Search for the standard model Higgs boson in association with a W boson at D0.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-17 Shchukin, Andrey A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Serpukhov, IHEPSearch for Kaluza-Klein excitations with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-16 Zennamo, Joseph Anthony, IIIFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, BuffaloZ boson production in association with heavy quark jets at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-15 Chapon, EmilienFNAL-E-0823 (D0)DAPNIA, Saclay, SPPRecherche du boson de Higgs et de couplages de jauge quartiques anormaux dans le canal WW en électr
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-14 Grange, Joe M.FNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Florida U.First Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Double-Differential Cross-S
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-13 Lopes de Sa, RafaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Stony Brook U.Measurements of the $W$ Boson Mass with the D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-12 McCarthy, KevinCDMSMITDetector Simulation and WIMP Search Analysis for the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-11 Thompson, Gregory AndrewFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of Direct CP Asymmetry in $B^\pm \to J/ \psi K^\pm$ Decays Produced in $p\bar{p}$ Colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-10 Betancourt, MinerbaFNAL-E-0929 (NOvA)Minnesota U.Study of the Quasi-Elastic Scattering in the NOvA Detector Prototype
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-09 Tsai, Yun-TseFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Measurement of Electroweak Top Quark Production at {D\O}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-08 Jayasinghe, AyeshFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Oklahoma U.Measurement of the top quark mass in the all hadronic final state at the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-07 Chen, GuoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas U.Search for a Higgs-like boson decaying to two photons in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 1.96$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-06 Prewitt, Michelle VictoriaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rice U.Search for the Rare Decay $B_s^0 \to \mu^+\mu^-$ at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-05 Song, HaoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pittsburg U.Measurement of the $B_c^{\pm}$ meson lifetime using $B_c^{\pm} \to J/\psi~\pi^{\pm}$ decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-04 Schreckenberger, Adam PaulFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Electron Neutrino and Antineutrino Appearance in the MINOS Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-03 Hopkins, WalterFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Cornell U.Search for $B_{s,d} \rightarrow \mu^+\mu^-$ Decays with 10/fb of $p\overline{p}$ Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-02 Ruffini, FabrizioFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Siena U.Measurements of charmless b-hadron decays at CDF; first evidence for the annihilation $B^0_s \to \pi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2013-01 Poprocki, StephenFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Cornell U.Search for WZ+ZZ Production with Missing Transverse Energy and b Jets at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-58 Corbo, MatteoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Paris U., VI-VIITop pair production in the dilepton decay channel with a tau lepton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-57 Riddick, ThomasFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)University Coll. LondonModelling Energy Loss Mechanisms and a Determination of the Electron Energy Scale for the CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-56 Palomino Gallo, Jose LuisFNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA)CBPF, Rio de JaneiroFirst Measurement of $\nu_{\mu}$ Induced Charged-Current $\pi^0$ Production Cross Sections on Polyst
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-55 Meijer, Melvin MichaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Nijmegen U.A $WH \to \tau \nu b\overline{b}$ Higgs Search with the D0 Detector at the Tevatron or How to Find t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-54 Sundqvist, Kyle MichaelCDMSUC, BerkeleyCarrier Transport and Related Effects in Detectors of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-53 Pyle, Matt ChristopherCDMSStanford U.Optimizing the design and analysis of cryogenic semiconductor dark matter detectors for maximum sens
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-52 Moore, David CraigCDMSCaltechA search for low-mass dark matter with the cryogenic dark matter search and the development of highl
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-51 Manungu Kiveni, JosephCDMSSyracuse U.A Search for WIMP Dark Matter Using an Optimized Chi-square Technique on the Final Data from the Cry
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-50 Hoang, Trang Thi KieuFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.Measurement of the Muon Charge Asymmetry in p-pbar -> W+X -> munu+X Events Using the D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-49 Ross, AnthonyFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lancaster U.Measurement of CP Violation in B0d Mixing Using B0d --> D*-mu+(nu)X Decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-48 Ilchenko, YuriyFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Southern Methodist U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in Dilepton Final States with the Neutrino Weighting Method
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-46 Geng, WeigangFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.CP Violation in Single Top Quark Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-46 Chakravarthula, KiranFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Louisiana Tech. U.Study of Jet Transverse Momentum and Jet Rapidity Dependence on Dijet Azimuthal Decorrelations
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-45 Atkins, ScottFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Louisiana Tech. U.Event Shapes in $p\bar p$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 1.96$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-44 Suter, LouiseFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.A Search for Higgs Bosons in Final States with Multiple Tau Leptons at the D0~Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-43 Asaadi, Jonathan AbrahamFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)TAMU, College StationSearch for New Physics in the Exclusive $\gamma_{Delayed}$ + Missing Transverse Energy Channel in $p
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-42 Tsai, YuhsinCornell U.Infrared Constraint on Ultraviolet Theories
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-41 Sforza, FedericoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pisa U.Evidence for Diboson Production in the Lepton plus Heavy Flavor Jets Final State at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-40 Ratchford, Jasmine StarFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U., ARLIdentifying Muons for Neutrino Oscillation and Cross Section Experiments
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-39 Head, TimFNAL-E-0823 (D0)U. ManchesterTop Quark Spin Correlations and Leptonic Forward-Backward Asymmetries at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-38 Saini, ArunProton DriverDelhi U.Beam Dynamics Studies and the Design, Fabrication and Testing of Superconducting Radiofrequency Cavi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-37 Zheng, YuCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Purdue U.Measurement of the Upsilon(NS) Cross Sections in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-36 Ketchum, Wesley RobertFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Chicago U.Search for $ZW/ZZ \to \ell^+ \ell^-$ + Jets Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-35 Aurisano, AdamFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Texas A-MSearch for New Physics in the Exclusive Delayed gamma+E(t) Final State in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-34 Krnjaic, Gordan ZdenkoJohns Hopkins U.Dark Matter and Color Octets Beyond the Standard Model
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-33 Park, SohyunFlorida U.Scalar Contribution to the Graviton Self-Energy During Inflation
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-32 Kelso, Christopher MichaelChicago U.Recent Results in Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-31 Primulando, ReinardWilliam-Mary Coll.Dark Matter in the Heavens and at Colliders: Models and Constraints
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-30 de la Puente, AlejandroNotre Dame U.A Singlet Extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model: Towards a More Natural Solution to
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-29 Dharmapalan, RanjanFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Alabama U.Antineutrino Neutral Current Interactions in MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-28 Gollapinni, SowjanyaCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Wayne State U.Search for Contact Interactions in the Dimuon Channel in $pp$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ TeV at CM
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-27 Zeng, YuFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Duke U.An Improved W Boson Mass Measurement Using the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-24 Ye, WanyuFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for the Standard Model Higgs boson at DZero in the $\mu~+~\tau({\rm hadrons})~+~{\rm 2\ jets}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-23 de Abreu Barbosa Coelho, JoaoFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Campinas State U.Investigacao de Mecanismos Alternativos a Oscilacao de Neutrinos no Experimentos MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-22 Chvojka, Jesse JohnFNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA)Rochester U.Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINER$\nu$A
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-21 Maxwell, Timothy JohnNorthern Illinois U.Measurement of sub-picosecond electron bunches via electro-optic sampling of coherent transition rad
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-20 de Souza Santos, AngeloFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Sao Paulo, IFTProcura de Sinais de Dimensões Extras Universais em Colisões Próton-Antipróton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-19 Hertel, Scott A.CDMSMITAdvancing the Search for Dark Matter: from CDMS II to SuperCDMS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-17 Deterre, CecileFNAL-E-0823 (D0)IRFU, SPP, SaclayÉtude dans les états finals dileptoniques de différentes propriétés des paires top-antitop avec
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-16 Whittington, Denver WadeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Indiana U.Searches for Lorentz Violation in Top-Quark Production and Decay at Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-15 Ortolan, LorenzoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, IFAEMeasurement of $Z/\gamma^* + b$-jet Production Cross section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-14 Leo, SabatoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pisa U.Measurement of CP--Violating Phase in the $B_s^0\to J/\psi \phi$ Decay at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-13 Dorigo, MircoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Trieste U.Search for New Physics in the $B_s^0 \to J/\psi \phi$ and $B_s^0 \to \phi \phi$ Decays at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-12 Camarda, StefanoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, IFAEMeasurement of $Z/\gamma^*$ + Jets Differential Cross Sections with the CDF Detector at $\sqrt{s} =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-11 Bland, Karen ReneeFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Baylor UniversitySearch for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Diphoton Final State in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-10 Orchanian, Mhair-armen HagopFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)CaltechElectron Neutrino Appearance in the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-09 McGivern, Carrie LynneFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas U.Measurement of $WZ$ production and searches for anomalous top quark decays and Higgs boson productio
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-08 Orbaker, Douglas AndrewFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Top-Antitop Quark Events in the Lepton+Jets Channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-07 Singh, Niharika RanjanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Purdue U.A Study of Quark Fragmentation Using Kaons Produced in Association with Prompt Ds+/D+ Mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-06 Carls, Benjamin P.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA search for the Higgs boson in $H\to WW\to \ell \nu \ell \nu$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-05 Vogel, Marcelo A.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)New Mexico U.Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model in the Trilepton Signature in $\bar{p}-p$ collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-04 Golf, Frank, IIICERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)UC, San DiegoSearch for New Physics in a Final State with Same-Sign Dileptons, Jets, and Missing Transverse Energ
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-03 Isvan, ZeynepFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Pittsburgh U.Antineutrino Oscillations and a Search for Non-standard Interactions with the MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-02 Lockwitz, Sarah E.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Yale U.A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in CDF II Data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2012-01 Stentz, Dale JamesFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Northwestern UMeasurement of the W Plus N Inclusive Jets Cross-Section at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-65 Fritts, Matthew C.CDMSMinnesota U.Background Characterization and Discrimination in the Final Analysis of the CDMS II Phase of the Cry
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-64 Bunker, RaymondCDMSUC, Santa BarbaraA Low-Threshold Analysis of Data from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-63 Ahmed, ZeeshanCDMSCaltechA dark-matter search using the final CDMS II dataset and a novel detector of surface radiocontaminat
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-62 Dubey, AbhinavFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Delhi U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in ZH -> nubarnu + bbarb
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-61 Brown, JonathanFNAL-E-0823 (D0)LPNHESearch for WH Associated Production in the l upsilon b-bbar Final State Using the D0 Detector at the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-60 Camacho, EnriqueFNAL-E-0823 (D0)CINVESTA, MexicoSearch for Decays of the Lambda b Baryon
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-59 Padilla, Mark AnthonyFNAL-E-0823 (D0)UC, RiversideMeasurement of the Single Top Quark Production Cross Section at $\sqrt {s} = 1.96$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-58 Jammes, J.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Clermont-Ferrand U.Mesure de la section efficace de production de paires de quarks top dans le canal mu + jets + tau +
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-57 Croc, AurelienFNAL-E-0823 (D0)IRFU, SaclayMesure de la masse du quark top dans les canaux di-leptoniques auprès de l’expérience DØ au Tev
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-56 Pal, ArnabFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Texas U., ArlingtonMeasurement of the Single Diffractive Differential Cross Section $d\sigma/d\tau$ at $\sqrt{s} = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-55 Rodriguez, Tatiana IsabelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the Standard Model $ZZ$ Cross-Section in the $ZZ \to \ell\ell\ell\ell$ Channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-54 Mitchell, Jessica SarahFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.Measuring $\nu_\mu$ Disappearance with the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-53 Toner, Ruth B.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.Measuring $\theta_{13}$ via Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillations in the MINOS Experiment.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-52 Wilbur, ScottFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Chicago U.A Search for Anomalous Production of Events with Multiple Leptons and a $W$ or $Z$ Boson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-51 Dobbs, Adam JamesMICEImperial Coll., LondonParticle Rate and Host Accelerator Beam Loss on the MICE Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-49 Hewamanage, Samantha KaushalyaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Baylor U.Search for Anomalous Production of Photon + Jets + Missing Transverse Energy in $p\bar{p}$ Collision
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-47 Roh, Youn JungCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Texas Tech.Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in $\gamma/Z$ boson to Dilepton Events in Compact Muon
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-45 Tsang, Ka VangCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Brown U.Search for Microscopic Black Hole Signatures at the Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-44 Wilson, Jonathan SamuelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Ohio State U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with Top Quarks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-43 Werner, Jeremy ScottCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Princeton U.Measurement of the Inclusive Z->ee Production Cross Section in Proton-Proton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-42 Pilot, Justin R.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Ohio State U.Search for the Higgs Boson in the $ZH\to\mu^+\mu^- b\bar{b}$ Channel at CDF Using Novel Multivariate
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-40 Jeong, ChiyoungCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Texas Tech.New Physics Search in Dijet Mass Spectrum with Compact Muon Solenoid
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-39 Madar, RomainFNAL-E-0823 (D0)U. Paris-Sud 11, Dept. Phys., OrsayIdentification of $\tau$ leptons and Higgs boson search in the $\mu+\tau$ final state at the D0 expe
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-38 Totaro, PierluigiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)INFN, TriesteSearch for a Standard Model Higgs boson in the $\tau\tau$ decay channel produced in $p\bar{p}$ colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-37 Tran, Nhan V.CERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Johns Hopkins U.Angles and Daemons: Spin Correlations at the LHC
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-36 Spitz, Joshua B.FNAL-T-0962Yale U.Measuring Muon-Neutrino Charged-Current Differential Cross Sections with a Liquid Argon Time Project
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-35 Vesterinen, MikaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Manchester U.A Measurement of the Z Boson Transverse Momentum Distribution, and of the ZZ and WZ Production Cross
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-34 Potamianos, Karolos JozefFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for the Higgs Boson and Rare Standard Model Processes in the \mbox{$\protect \raisebox{0.3ex}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-33 Wick, FelixFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.Charmed Baryon Spectroscopy and Search for $CP$ Violation in $D^0 \to K_S^0\,\pi^+\,\pi^-$ at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-32 Bouchard, Christopher MichaelIllinois U., UrbanaThe Brown Muck of $B^0$ and $B^0_s$ Mixing: Beyond the Standard Model
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-31 Garosi, PaolaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)INFN, SienaMeasurements of branching fraction ratios and {$\mathit{CP}$}-asymmetries in suppressed {$B^{-} \to
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-30 Hare, Daryl CurtisFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawayMeasurements of the Top Anti-Top Production Cross Section and Top Quark Mass in the Hadronically Dec
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-29 Di Canto, AngeloFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pisa U.Measurement of CP–Violating Asymmetries in $D^0 \to \pi^+ \pi^-$ and $D^0 \to K^+ K^- $ Decays at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-28 Martinez Ballarin, RobertoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Madrid, CIEMATEvidence of Dopant-Type Inversion and Other Radiation Damage Effects of the CDF Silicon Detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-27 Tschann-Grimm, KathrynFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for the Standard Model Higgs Boson at DO in the Final State with Two $\tau$'s and Two Jets
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-26 Forrest, Robert DavidFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)California U., DavisSearch for Supersymmetry in the Dilepton Final State with Taus at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-25 Tianhuan LuoIndiana U.Instrumentation and Beam Dynamics Study of Advanced Electron-Photon Facility in Indiana University
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-24 Buzatu, AdrianFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)McGill U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson produced in association with a $W$ Boson in the isolated-t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-23 Bartos, PavolFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Comenius U.Study of the top quark electric charge at the CDF experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-22 Linden, Steven K.FNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Yale U.Measurement of the numu Charged Current pi+ to Quasi-Elastic Cross Section Ratio on Mineral Oil in a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-21 Perfilov, MaximMoscow State U.Search BSM Effects in the Single Top Quark Production Processes (in Russian)
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-20 Gerbaudo, DavideFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Princeton U.Search for a Standard Model Higgs Boson with a Dilepton and Missing Energy Signature
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-19 Calancha Paredes, ConstantinoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Madrid U.Study of the production of the sigma b*+- with the CDF detector at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-18 Beecher, DanielFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)University Coll. LondonPDF and QCD Effects in the Precision Measurement of the W Boson at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-17 Backhouse, Christopher JamesFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Measuring neutrino oscillation parameters using $\nu_\mu$ disappearance in MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-16 Frank, Martin JohannesFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Baylor U.A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a $W$ Boson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-15 Mussini, ManuelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Bologna U.Measurement of low $p_{T}$ $D^{0}$ meson production cross section at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-14 Coleman, Stephen JamesFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)William-Mary Coll.A measurement of neutrino oscillations with muon neutrinos in the MINOS experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-13 Himmel, Alexander I.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)CaltechAntineutrino Oscillations in the Atmospheric Sector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-12 Triplett, NathanFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Iowa State U.Observation of $t$-channel electroweak top quark production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-11 Facini, GabrielFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northeastern U.The Road to the Higgs in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$= 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-10 Dorland, Tyler M.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Washington U., SeattleSearch for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in Missing Transverse Energy and $b$-quark Final States Us
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-09 Nakajima, YasuhiroFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Kyoto U.A Measurement of Neutrino Charged Current Interactions and a Search for Muon Neutrino Disappearance
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-08 Eppig, AndrewFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Forward-Backward Asymmetry at High Mass in $t\bar{t}$ Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-07 Lee, SehwookFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Iowa State U.CP violating anomalous top-quark coupling in p$\bar{p}$ collision at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-05 Ozturk, SertacCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Cukurova U.Search for new particles decaying to dijet in 7 TeV proton-proton collisions at CMS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-04 Auerbach, BenjaminFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Yale U.Study of ppbar Collisions That Contain Leptons, a Photon, and a b-quark Using the CDF II Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-03 Moon, Chang-SeongFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Seoul Natl. U.Measurement of the top pair production cross section and the W boson polarization in top dilepton de
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-02 Kwang, Shawn AndrewFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Chicago U.Search for heavy metastable particles decaying to quark pairs at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2011-01 Hernandez Orduna, Jose de JesusFNAL-E-0823 (D0)CINVESTAV, IPNObservation of the doubly strange $b-$Baryon $\Omega_{b}^{-}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-73 Bruch, TobiasCDMSZurich U.A Search for Weakly Interacting Particles with the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-72 Martinez-Ballarin, RobertoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Madrid, CIEMATEvidence of Dopant Type-Inversion and Other Radiation Damage Effects of the CDF Silicon Detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-71 Loiacono, Laura JeanFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U.Measurement of the Muon Neutrino Inclusive Charged Current Cross Section on Iron using the MINOS Det
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-70 Pueschel, ElisaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Carnegie Mellon U.Measurement of the \textit{CP} Violating Phase $\boldsymbol{\sin(2\beta_{s})}$ using $\boldsymbol{B^
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-69 Romanov, DmitryITEP, MoscowCorrelation Femtoscopy of Hyperons Produced in Interactions of Hyperons with Nuclei with 600 GeV Ene
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-68 Smith, Kenneth JamesFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, BuffaloMeasurement of the Ratio of Inclusive Cross Sections $\sigma(p\bar{p}\to Z + b-{\rm jet})/\sigma(p\b
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-67 Osman, Nicolas AhmedFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonA Search for Neutral Supersymmetric Higgs Bosons at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-66 Johnston, Dale MorganNebraska U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in $p\bar{p}$ Interactions with the Decay Mode $H \to W^+W
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-65 Clutter, Justace R.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas U.Search for V H and Technicolor Producion in the qqbb Final State Using the RunII D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-64 Hare, Matthew FrederickFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tufts U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the Di-lepton Channel using the Dalitz-Goldstein Method
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-63 Watabe, MasakiFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas A&M UniversityUsing Quasi-Elastic Events to Measure Neutrino Oscillations with MINOS Detectors in the NuMI Neutrin
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-62 Pagan Griso, SimoneFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Padua U.Searches for a High mass Higgs boson produced in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-61 Whitehouse, Benjamin EricFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tufts U.Measurement of the $t\bar{t}$ cross section at the Run II Tevatron using Support Vector Machines
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-60 Oakes, Louise BethFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oxford U.Measurement of the CP violating phase $\beta_s$ in $B_s^0 \ rightarrow J/\psi \phi decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-59 Szydagis, Matthew MarkFNAL-E-0961Chicago U.Dark matter limits froma 15 kg windowless bubble chamber
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-58 Yacoob, SahalFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northwestern U.Measurement of the w boson mass in proton-antiproton collisions at a tt Measurement of the $W$ Boson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-57 Jamin, DavidFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMSearch for the Higgs boson in the $ZH\rightarrow \nu\nu bb$ channel: Development of a b-tagging meth
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-56 Caughron, SethFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Search for vector-like quark production in the lepton+jets and dilepton+jets final states using 5.4
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-55 Rodrigues, PhilipFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.A Sterile-Neutrino Search with the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-54 Cherdack, Daniel DavidFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Tufts U.A Search for Neutrino Induced Coherent NC($\pi^{0}$) Production in the MINOS Near Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-53 Mackin, Dennis S., Jr.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rice U.A search for the lightest supersymmetric partner of the top quark at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-52 BackusMayes, John AlexanderFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Washington U., SeattleSearch for associated production of $Z$ and Higgs bosons in proton-antiproton collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-51 Cavaliere, VivianaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Siena U.Measurement of ww + wz production cross section and study of the dijet mass spectrum in the lnu + je
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-50 McCarron, Daniel O.IIT, ChicagoMeasurement and simulations of intensity-dependent effects in the Fermilab Booster Synchrotron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-49 Anderson, ColinFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Yale U.Measurement of muon neutrino and antineutrino induced single neutral pion production cross sections
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-48 Zelitch, Shannon MauraFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Virginia U.First Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Using the Semileptonic Decay Channel: H --> WW --> m
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-47 Schliephake, Thorsten DirkFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Wuppertal U.Resonance searches with the $t\overline{t}$ Invariant Mass Distribution measured with the DO Experim
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-46 Yang, Wan-ChingFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.Search for MSSM Higgs Bosons in Tau Final States with the D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-45 Aunion, Jose Luis AlcarazFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Barcelona, IFAEMeasurement of the absolute $\nu_{\mu}$-CCQE cross section at the SciBooNE experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-44 Tinti, Gemma MariaFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Sterile neutrino oscillations in MINOS and hadron production in pC collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-43 Pittam, Robert NeilFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.A search for sterile neutrinos at the MINOS experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-42 Cooke, Mark StephenFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Search for Diphoton Events with Large Missing Transverse Energy in 6.3 fb-1 of ppbar Collisions usin
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-41 Holin, Anna MariaFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)University Coll. LondonElectron Neutrino Appearance in the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-40 Strait, Matthew LevyFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters Using Anti-fiducial Charged Current Events in MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-39 Karagiorgi, Georgia S.FNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)MITSearches for New Physics at MiniBooNE: Sterile Neutrinos and Mixing Freedom
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-38 Huske, Nils KristianFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIIThe Higgs boson in the Standard Model theoretical constraints and a direct search in the wh channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-37 Strycker, Glenn L.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the Inclusive Forward-Backward ${\textbf{\textrm{t}}}\bar{\textrm{\textbf{t}}}$ Produ
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-36 Kaadze, KetinoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas State U.Study of $WZ$ production with the D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-35 Nett, Jason MichaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Wisconsin U., MadisonThe Search for VH $\bf\to$ VWW Standard Model \\ Higgs Production in the Trilepton Signature\\ with
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-34 Guo, FengFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookRatio method of measuring $w$ boson mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-33 Shalhout, Shalhout ZakiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Wayne State U.A search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the process $ZH \rightarrow \ell^{+} \ell^{-} b \bar{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-32 Keung, Justin KienFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Search for the production of the standard model z boson in association with w boson in p - anti-p co
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-31 Auty, David JohnFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Sussex U.Testing CPT conservation using the NuMI neutrino beam with the MINOS experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-30 Mietlicki, David JohnFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of $t \bar{t}$ Helicity Fractions and Spin Correlation in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-29 Bu, XuebingFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Hefei, CUST$H \to \gamma\gamma$ search and direct photon pair production differential cross section
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-28 De Lorenzo, GianlucaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, Autonoma U.Search for the Production of Gluinos and Squarks with the CDF II Experiment at the Tevatron Collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-27 Ancu, Lucian-StefanFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Nijmegen U.A search for $ZH\rightarrow \mu\mu b \bar{b}$ production at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-26 Chevalier-Thery, SoleneFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SaclayMeasurement of cross section of quark pair production top with the D0 experiment at the Tevatron and
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-25 Alvarez Gonzalez, BarbaraFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oviedo U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson associated with a W Boson using Matrix Element Technique i
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-24 Ling, JiajieFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)South Carolina U.A study of muon neutrino disappearance in the MINOS detectors and the NuMI beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-23 Calpas, Betty ConstanteFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMRecherche du boson de Higgs du nideke standard dans le canal ZH->e+e-bb(bar) avec le detecteur D0 au
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-22 Sakamoto, HideyukiMICEOsaka U.A Study of Muon Ionization Cooling at MICE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-21 Nagai, YoshikazuFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the $WH \to \ell \nu b\bar{b}$ Channel in 1.96-TeV Prot
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-20 Tanasijczuk, Andres JorgeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Buenos Aires U.Measurement of the single top production cross section in proton-antiproton collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-19 Hubacek, ZdenekFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Prague, Tech. U.Measurement of the Three-jet Mass Cross Section in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-18 Yin, HangFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Sci. Tech. U., BeijingMeasurement of the Forward-Backward Charge Asymmetry($A_{FB}$) using $p\bar{p}\rightarrow Z/\gamma*\
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-17 Bailey, Catherine N.CDMSCase Western Reserve U.The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search: First 5-Tower Data and Improved Understanding of Ionization Collec
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-16 Johnson, William CaseyFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, DavisSearch for Pair Production of Supersymmetric Top Quarks in Dilepton Events at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-15 Cavanaugh, StevenFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Harvard U.A Measurement of Electron Neutrino Appearance in the MINOS Experiment After Four Years of Data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-14 Zhou, NingFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Search for Randall-Sundrum Gravitons in Dielectron and Diphoton Final States with 5.4fb-1 of D0 Data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-13 Mathis, Mark J.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Simultaneous Heavy Flavor Fractions and Top Cross Section Measurement at the Collider Detector at Fe
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-12 Kurimoto, YoshinoriFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Kyoto U.Measurement of Neutral Current Neutral Pion Production on Carbon in a Few-GeV Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-11 Boline, Daniel DooleyFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Boston U.Top Quark Mass in Events with two Charged Leptons at the D0 Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-10 Lee, Eun SinFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Texas A-MSearch for Supersymmetry Using Diphoton Events in p anti-p Collisions at a center of mass energy of
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-09 Nelson, Robert H.FNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Colorado U.A Measurement of Neutrino-Induced Charged-Current Neutral Pion Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-08 Vidal Marono, MiguelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Madrid U.Search for Third Generation Squarks in the Missing Transverse Energy plus Jet Sample at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-07 Hurwitz, MartinaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Chicago U.Measurement of the $WW+WZ$ production cross section in a semileptonic decay mode at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-06 Beale, Steven ThomasFNAL-E-0823 (D0)York U., CanadaFlavour oscillations and CP asymmetry in semileptonic Bs0 decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-05 Linacre, Jacob ThomasFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oxford U.A top quark mass measurement using a matrix element method
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-04 Casal Larana, BrunoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Cantabria Inst. of Phys.Measurement of the Electroweak Single Top Quark Production Cross Section and the CKM Matrix Element
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-03 Schmidt, AndreasFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPB Flavour Tagging with Artificial Neural Networks for the CDF II Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-02 Pangilinan, MonicaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Brown U.Top Quark Produced Through the Electroweak Force: Discovery Using the Matrix Element Analysis and Se
FERMILAB-THESIS-2010-01 Xu, ChunFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in associated production with w boson at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-74 Rich, PhillipFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the WH --> tau neutrino b-bbar Channel with the D0 Dete
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-73 Tiller, BrittaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Ludwig-Maximilians U.Measurement of the Associated Production of Z Bosons and Jets in p-pbar Collisions at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-71 Khatidze, DavidFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.The Charge Asymmetry in $W$ Boson Production in $p\bar p$ Collisions at the $\sqrt{s} = 1.96$ TeV Us
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-70 Lizarraga, Marco Antonio CarrascoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)CINVESTAV, MexicoMeasurement of the B0_s lifetime using the semileptonic decay channel B0 s --> D^- s mu+ nu X
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-69 Luck, JanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karsruhe U.Entdeckung elektroschwacher Produktion einzelner Top-Quarks mit dem CDF II Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-68 MacQueen, DanielFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.Search for New Physics in the Missing Transverse Energy + Dijet Channel at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-67 Houben, Pieter Willem HuibFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Amsterdam U.A measurement of the mass of the top quark using the ideogram technique
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-65 Gunaydin, Yusuf OguzhanFNAL-E-0907 (MIPP)Iowa U.Cross Section Measurements In The Main Injector Particle Production (Fnal-E907) Experiment At 58 Gev
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-63 Norman, MatthewFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, San DiegoSearch for non-standard model signatures in the WZ/ZZ final state at CDF run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-62 Fish, AronMICEImperial Coll., LondonConstruction and testing of the scintillating fibre trackers for MICE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-61 Phillips, David GrahamFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Virginia U.Search for the Rare Decay $K_L \to \pi^0 \pi^0 \mu^+ \mu^-$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-60 Makhoul, KhaldounFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MIT{CP} Violation in Flavor Tagged $B_s \to J/\psi \phi$ Decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-59 Malik, Sarah AlamFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)University Coll. LondonPrecision measurement of the mass and width of the W boson at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-58 Hennings-Yeomans, RaulCDMSCase Western Reserve U.First 5 tower WIMP-search results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search with improved understanding
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-57 Walding, Joseph JamesFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Imperial Coll., LondonA sub-GeV charged-current quasi-elastic $\nu_{\mu}$ cross-section on carbon at SciBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-56 Gimmell, Jennifer LindsayFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.Search for the Flavor Changing Neutral Current Decay $t\rightarrow Zq$ at $\sqrt{s}=1.96~\mathrm{TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-55 Koeth, Timothy W.Rutgers U., PiscatawayAn Observation of a Transverse to Longitudinal Emittance Exchange at the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-54 Osta, JyotsnaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Notre Dame U.A Precision Measurement of the W Boson Mass with 1 Inverse Femtobarn of DZero Run IIa Data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-53 Vint, Philip JohnFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonDi-$J/\psi$ Studies, Level 3 Tracking and the D\O\ Run IIb Upgrade
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-52 Piper, Joel MichaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.A model independent search for new physics in final states containing leptons at the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-51 Galyardt, Jason EdwardFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Carnegie Mellon U.Correlations in bottom quark pair production at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-50 Wetstein, Matthew J.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Maryland U.Measurement of the W boson mass and width using a novel recoil model
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-49 Schmidt, FabianKICP, ChicagoSelf-Consistent Cosmological Simulations of DGP Braneworld Gravity
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-48 Hao, JiangangMichigan U.Optical galaxy cluster detection across a wide redshift range
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-47 Perevalov, DenisFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Alabama U.Neutrino-nucleus neutral current elastic interactions measurement in MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-46 Hossain, SohrabFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Oklahoma U.Measurements of top quark pair production cross section in proton anti-proton collisions at s**(1/2)
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-45 Liu, ZhiyiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Simon Fraser U.Measurement of single top quark production in the tau+jets channnel using boosted decision trees at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-44 Ochoa Ricoux, Juan PedroFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)CaltechA search for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations in the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-43 Blanco-Covarrubias, E.AlejandroFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)San Luis Potosi U.Measurement of the cross section of charmed hadrons and the nuclear dependence $\alpha
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-42 Koskinen, David JasonFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)University Coll. LondonMINOS Sterile Neutrino Search
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-41 Armstrong, Robert E.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Indiana U.Muon neutrino disappearance at MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-40 Robinson, Stephen LukeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonNeutral Supersymmetric Higgs Boson Searches
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-39 Penning, B.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Freiburg U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the decay mode H-> WW-> lnulnu
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-38 Nilsen, Henrik WoldFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Freiburg U.Studying Z/gamma*+Jet Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-37 Xie, YunheFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Brown U.Search for Charged Massive Long-Lived Particles Using the D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-36 Johnson, ChadFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Search for a Neutral Long-Lived Particle Decaying to B-Jets
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-35 Kvita, J.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Charles U.Measurement of Differential Cross-Sections in the ttbar -> l+jets Channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-34 van den Berg, PieterFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Amsterdam U.Search for Heavy Resonances in the Dimuon Channel with the DØ Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-33 Lueck, JanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)KARLSRUHE U., EKPObservation of Electroweak Single Top-Quark Production with the CDF II Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-32 Christoudias, TheodorosFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonSearch for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the missing energy Topology with D$\O$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-31 Benitez, Jorge ArmandoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.Uncovering the single top: observation of electroweak top quark production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-30 Rominsky, Mandy KathleenFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Oklahoma U.Measurement of the double differential diject mass cross section in pp(bar) collisions at sqrt(s) =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-29 Strauss, Emanuel AlexandreFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookFrom $ZZ$ to $ZH$ : How Low Can These Cross Sections Go or Everybody, Let's Cross Section Limbo!
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-28 Kirsch, MatthiasFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.Measurement of the Electroweak Top Quark Production Cross Section and the CKM Matrix Element $V_{tb}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-27 Wilking, Michael JosephFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Colorado U.Measurement of Neutrino Induced, Charged Current, Charged Pion Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-26 Lujan, Paul JosephFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)LBL, BerkeleyPrecision measurement of the top quark mass in the lepton + jets channel using a matrix element meth
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-25 Yu, Geum BongFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.Search for Charged Higgs Bosons in Decays of Top Quarks in p - anti-p collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-24 Guo, JunFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookA Precision Measurement of the W Boson Mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-23 Weber, Gernot AugustFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Mainz U., Inst. Phys.Measurement of the Oscillation Frequency of B_s Mesons in the Hadronic Decay Mode B_s-> pi D_s(phi p
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-22 Mahn, Kendall Brianna McConnelFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Columbia U.A search for muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance in the Booster Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-21 Papaikonomou, AntoniosFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPSearch for single top-quark production via flavor-changing neutral currents with the CDF II experime
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-20 Gillberg, DagFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Simon Fraser U.Discovery of single top quark production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-19 Takei, HideyukiFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Tokyo Inst. Tech.Measurement of Neutrino-Nucleon Neutral-Current Elastic Scattering Cross-section at SciBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-18 Deluca Silberberg, CarolinaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, Autonoma U.Measurement of the inclusive isolated prompt photon production cross section at the Tevatron using t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-17 Boehm, Joshua Adam AlpernFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Harvard U.Measurement of electron neutrino appearance with the MINOS experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-16 Youn, SungwooFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northwestern U.Measurement of ${\mathcal B}(B^0_s\rightarrow D_s^{(*)}D_s^{(*)})$ > and the Lifetime Difference in
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-15 Walder, James WilliamFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lancaster U.Measurement of the branching fraction Bs->Ds(*)Ds(*) using the D0 detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-14 Evans, Justin JohnFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Measuring Antineutrino Oscillations with the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-13 Nakamura, KojiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Single Top Quark Production Cross Section in 1.96-TeV Proton-Antiproton Collision
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-12 Paramonov, Alexander AndreevichFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Chicago U., EFIA Limit on the Branching Ratio of the Flavor-Changing Top Quark Decay $t\rightarrow Zc$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-11 Bhattacharya, DebdattaFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Pittsburgh U.Neutrino and antineutrino inclusive charged-current cross section measurement with the MINOS near de
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-10 Ferapontov, Alexey V.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas State U.Measurements and searches for new physics in diboson processes with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-09 Apresyan, ArturFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Missing Transverse Energy and b-jet signature in pr
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-08 Duggan, DanielFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.Measurements of the Differential Cross Sections for the Inclusive Production of a Photon and Heavy F
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-07 Hegeman, Jeroen GuidoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Twente U. Tech., EnschedeMeasurement of the top quark pair production cross section in proton-antiproton collisions at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-06 Malde, SnehaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oxford U.Simulation free measurement of the B+ lifetime using decays selected using displaced tracks
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-03 Pounder, Nicola LouiseFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oxford U.Measurement of the $\mathrm{B}^0_\mathrm{s}$ lifetime in $\mathrm{B}^0_\mathrm{s}\rightarrow\mathrm{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2009-02 Hiraide, KatsukiFNAL-E-0954 (SciBooNE)Kyoto U.A Study of Charged Current Single Charged Pion Productions on Carbon in a Few-GeV Neutrino Beam
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-98 Li, JianjianIIT, ChicagoMicrowave power coupler for a superconducting multiple-cell cavity for accelerator application and i
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-97 Mumford, Jonathan ReidFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Measurement of the Lambda/b lifetime in Lambda/b to Lambda/c pi decays at the Collider Detector at F
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-96 Nagano, AiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Meaurement of $W+\gamma$ production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-95 Vine, TroyFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)University Coll. LondonA Direct Measurement of the $W$ Decay Width
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-94 Filippini, J.P.CDMSUC, BerkeleyA Search for WIMP Dark Matter Using the First Five-Tower Run of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-93 Chou, John PaulFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Harvard U.t anti-t production cross section measurement using soft electron tagging in p anti-p collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-92 Grohsjean, AlexanderFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Munich U.Measurement of the top quark mass in the dilepton final state using the matrix element method
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-89 Holubyev, K.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lancaster U.Measurement of direct CP violation in b -> scc and b -> dcc quark transitions using B+ -> J/psiK+ an
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-88 Castromonte Flores, Cesar ManuelFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFStudy of correlations between photoproduced pairs of charmed particles at Experiment E831/FOCUS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-87 Graf, Nicholas J.FNAL-E-0907 (MIPP)Indiana U.Measurement of the charged kaon mass with the MIPP RICH
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-86 Cuenca Almenar, CristobalFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Valencia U., IFICSearch for the neutral MSSM Higgs bosons in the ditau decay channels at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-85 Mundal, Olav M.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Bonn U.Search for the Associated Production of Charginos and Neutralinos in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-84 Williams, Mark Richard JamesFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lancaster U.Observations and Measurements of Orbitally Excited $L=1$ $B$ Mesons at the D0 Experiment
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-82 Hartz, Mark PatrickFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pittsburgh U.Measurement of the $B^{\pm}_{c}$ Meson Lifetime Using $B^{\pm}_{c} \rightarrow J/\psi+l^{\pm}+X$ Dec
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-81 Tu, YanjunFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Search for High-Mass Resonances Decaying into Leptons of Different Flavor (e mu, e tau, mu tau) in p
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-80 Dilday, BenjaminSDSSChicago U.Type Ia supernova rate studies from the SDSS-II Supernova Study
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-79 Lacroix, FlorentFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Clermont-Ferrand U.Mesure de la section efficace de production de paires de quarks top dans le canal lepton+tau+jets+ME
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-78 Ochando, ChristopheFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Orsay, LALRecherche du boson de Higgs dans le canal $ZH \to \nu\nu bb$ avec le detecteur D0 aupres du TeVatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-77 Barfuss, Anne-FleurFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMSearch for First-Generation Leptoquarks in the $eejj$ channel with the D\O\ experiment.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-76 Siccardi, VincentFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Louis Pasteur U., Strasbourg IStudy of the top-W-b coupling by measuring the W helicity
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-75 Martin Dit Latour, BertrandFNAL-E-0823 (D0)LPSC, GrenobleMesure de la section efficace de production de paires de quarks top dans l'etat final di-electron av
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-74 Strom, Derek A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northwestern U.Study of {CP} violation in $B^0_S \to J/\psi \phi$ decays at D0
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-72 Dorman, Mark EdwardFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)University Coll. LondonCross section measurements for quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering with the MINOS near detecto
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-71 Litchfield, Reuben PhillipFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Neutrino induced events in the MINOS detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-70 Arov, MikhailFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northern Illinois U.Measurement of sigma(p anti-p -> t anti-t) in the tau + jets channel by the D0 experiment at Run II
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-68 Torchiani, IngoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Freiburg USearch for Higgs Bosons and Supersymmetric Particles in Tau Final States
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-64 Katori, TeppeiFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Indiana U.A Measurement of the muon neutrino charged current quasielastic interaction and a test of Lorentz vi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-63 Mastrandrea, PaoloFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Siena U.Study of the heavy flavour fractions in z+jets events from proton-antiproton collisions at energy =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-62 Herner, Kenneth RichardFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for neutral Higgs bosons decaying to tau pairs produced in association with $b$-quarks at $\s
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-61 Hsu, Shih-ChiehFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, San DiegoA Study of The Standard Model Higgs, $WW$ and $ZZ$ Production in Dilepton Plus Missing Transverse En
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-60 Peters, Reinhild Yvonne FatimaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Wuppertal U.Measurements and searches with top quarks
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-57 Carrera, Edgar FernandoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.Search for Large Extra Dimensions via Single Photon plus Missing Energy Final States at $\sqrt{s}=1.
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-53 Boveia, AntonioFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, Santa BarbaraA search for resonant $Z$ pair production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-52 Rangel, Murilo SantanaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFProducao d Dijatos por Dupla Troca de Pomeron Exclusiva no Experimento D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-51 Haefner, PetraFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Munich U.Measurement of the top quark mass with the matrix element method in the semileptonic decay channel a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-50 Bridgeman, AliceFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of the $t\overline{t}$ differential cross section, $d\sigma/dM_{t\overline{t}}$, in $p\o
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-49 Liu, Chun-leiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pittsburgh U.Search for CP violation in $B^0 s$ to Jpsi Phi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-48 Miyamoto, RyoichiTexas U.Diagnostics of the Fermilab Tevatron using an AC dipole
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-47 Konrath, Jens PeterFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Freiburg U.Measurement of the top quark pair production cross-section in dimuon final states in proton-antiprot
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-46 Owen, Mark A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.Search for Higgs bosons decaying into tau pairs in ppbar collisions at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-45 Dube, Sourabh ShishirFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawaySearch for super symmetry at the Tevatron using the trilepton signature
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-44 Wagner, Robert EmilFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Princeton U.Measurement of the top quark pair production cross section in the dilepton channel using lepton+trac
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-43 Ouedraogo, Serge AristideFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Louisiana State U.Limit on the muon neutrino magnetic moment and a measurement of the CCPIP to CCQE cross section rati
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-42 Fedorko, Wojciech T.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Chicago U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass Simultaneously in Dilepton and Lepton + Jets Decay Channels
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-41 Budd, Sarah RebeccaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaSearch for Single Top Quark Production with the CDF Run II Detector Using a Multivariate Likelihood
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-40 Vazquez-Jauregui, EricFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)San Luis Potosi U.Measurement of Branching Ratios for Non-leptonic Cabibbo-suppressed Decays of the Charmed-Strange Ba
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-39 Gumus, Kazim ZiyaCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Texas Tech.Search for new physics in the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment and the response of the CMS cal
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-38 Okumura, TeppeiSDSSNagoya U.Cosmological analysis from large-scale anisotropic correlation function of the Sloan Digital Sky Sur
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-36 Lellouch, JeremieFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIIRecherche du boson de Higgs standard dans le canal WH a $\ell$ ' experience $D^0$ aupres du Tevatron
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-33 Ogburn, Reuben Walter, IVCDMSStanford U.A search for particle dark matter using cryogenic germanium and silicon detectors in the one- and tw
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-32 Masubuchi, TatsuyaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for Higgs Boson Production in Association with a $W$ Boson in 1.96-TeV $p \bar{p}$ Collisions
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-30 Sfyrla, AnnaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Geneva U.Search for $W W$ and WZ production in lepton, neutrino plus jets final states at CDF Run II and Sili
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-29 Shamim, MansooraFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas State U.Search for pair production of scalar top quarks in jets and missing transverse energy channel with t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-28 Calfayan, PhilippeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Munich U.Search for pair production of second generation scalar leptoquarks in ppbar collisions at the Tevatr
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-27 Grundler, Ulysses A.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ Production Cross Section in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-26 Schmitz, David W.FNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Columbia U.A measurement of hadron production cross sections for the simulation of accelerator neutrino beams a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-25 Anastasoaie, Carmen MirunaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Nijmegen U., IMAPPA search for $\mathrm{W}^{\pm}\mathrm{H}\to \mu\nu b\bar{b}$ production at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-24 Andeen, Timothy R., Jr.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northwestern U.Measurement of the $W$ Boson Mass with the D0 Run II Detector using the Electron $P_T$ Spectrum
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-23 Cooke, Michael P.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rice U.$WW$ production cross section measurement and limits on anomalous trilinear gauge couplings at $\sqr
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-22 Galea, Cristina FlorinaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Nijmegen U.Measurement of $\sigma(p\bar{p}\to Z) Br(Z\to \tau^+\tau^-)$ and search for Higgs bosons decaying to
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-21 Levine, Robyn DeborahJILA, BoulderSimulating the Growth of a Disk Galaxy and its Supermassive Black Hole in a Cosmological Simulating
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-20 Marshall, John StuartFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.A study of muon neutrino disappearance with the MINOS detectors and the NuMI neutrino beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-19 Voutilainen, Mikko AnteroFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SaclayMeasurement of the inclusive jet cross section in proton-antiproton collisions at the center-of-mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-18 Parks, Brandon ScottFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Ohio State U.Search for the Higgs Boson in the $ZH\to vvbb$ Channel at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-17 Saltó Bauzà, OriolFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, Autonoma U.Measurement of Inclusive Jet Cross Sections in $Z/\gamma^*(\to e^+e^-)$ + jets Production in $p\bar{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-16 Kumaratunga, Sujeewa TerasitaFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Studying neutrino oscillations using quasi-elastic events in MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-15 Han, Bo-YoungFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.Measurement of the $W$ Boson Production Charge Asymmetry in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-14 Ahsan, MahsanaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas State U.Measurement of the production rate of the charm jet recoiling against the $W$ boson using the D0 det
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-13 Yoo, H.D.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Brown U.Top quark pair production cross section in the lepton+jets channel using $b^-$ tagging at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-12 Dong, Peter JosephFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UCLAMeasurement of electroweak single top quark production in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-11 Pashapour Alamdari, ShabnazFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.First Measurement of $\sigma(gg \to t\bar{t}) /\sigma( p\bar{p} \to t\bar{t})$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-104 Keller, JohnFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Brown U.A Search for Charged Massive Stable Particles at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-103 Zhang, LongFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Alberta U.Observation of exclusive charmonium production and gamma gamma ---> mu+ mu- in p anti-p collisions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-102 Kravchenko, NatasaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Brandeis U.Measurement of the relative branching ratio of D+ ---> pi- pi+ pi+ to D+ ---> K- pi+ pi+
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-101 Luiggi, Eduardo E.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Vanderbilt U.Analysis of the charmed semileptonic decay D+ ---> rho0 mu+ nu
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-100 Rogers, ChrisMICEImperial Coll., LondonBeam dynamics in an ionisation cooling channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-10 Choudalakis, GeorgiosFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITModel Independent Search For New Physics At The Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-09 Lam, David Wai KuiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Notre Dame U.Measurement of top quark mass in the all hadronic channel in $\sqrt{s} = 1.96$ TeV, $p\bar{p}$ colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-08 Cox, David ChristopherFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Indiana U.A measurement of the neutral current neutrino-nucleon elastic cross section at MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-07 Anzelc, Meghan S.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northwestern U.Study of $B_s$ Mixing at the DZero Detector at Fermilab Using the Semi-leptonic Decay $B_s \to D_s \
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-06 Grashorn, Eric WilliamFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Astroparticle physics with the MINOS Far Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-05 Khotilovich, Vadim G.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Texas A-MSearch for pair production of scalar top quarks decaying to a $\tau$ lepton and a $b$ quark in 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-04 Ospanov, RustemFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U.A measurement of muon neutrino disappearance with the MINOS detectors and NuMI beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-03 Katsanos, IoannisFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Direct search for heavy neutral gauge bosons in the dielectron channel at D0
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2008-01 Aguilar-Arevalo, Alexis ArmandoFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Columbia U.An improved Neutrino Oscillations Analysis of the MiniBooNE Data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-93 Lai, StanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.Search for Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a Top Anti-top Quark Pair in 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-92 dos Santos Assis Jesus, Ana CarolinaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rio de JaneiroProdução Difrativa de $J/\psi$ no Experimento DØ
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-92 Lai, Stanley T.Toronto U.Search for Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a Top-Antitop Quark Pair in 1.96
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-89 Bednar, PeterFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Comenius U.Determination of Top Quark charge in CDF experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-88 Margaroli, FabrizioFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Bologna U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the All-Hadronic Channel at Proton Antiproton Collisions at $\s
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FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-86 Malbouisson, HelenaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rio de Janeiro State U.Antiproton structure function in p-pbar diffractive interactions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-85 Walaron, Kenneth AndrewMICEGlasgow U.Neutrino Factory Targets and the MICE Beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-84 Sander, JoelCDMSUC, Santa BarbaraResults from the cryogenic dark matter search using a chi squared analysis
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-83 Copic, Katherine AnnFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurements of the ratio of W and Z production and the W boson decay width at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-82 Sherman, Daniel JosephFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the top quark pair production cross section with 1.12 $fb^{-1}$ of $p\overline{p}$ co
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-81 Hoeth, HendrikFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Wuppertal U., Dept. Math.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the Hadronic Channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-80 Ronquest, Michael ChristopherFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Virginia U.A Search for Direct CP Violation in the Decay KL->pi+pi-gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-78 Das, AmitabhaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Boston U.Search for Randall-Sundrum Gravitons in Dilepton and Diphoton Final States with 1 fb-1 of Data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-77 Osiecki, Thomas HenryFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U.A search for sterile neutrinos in MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-76 Lebedev, Andrey V.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Harvard U.Ratio of pion kaon production in proton carbon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-75 Degenhardt, James D.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan U.Evidence for WZ Production and a Measurement of the WZ Production Cross Section
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-74 dos Santos Assis Jesus, Ana CarolinaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rio de Janeiro Federal U.Diffractive J/Psi Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-73 Mendoza Navas, Luis MiguelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Andes U., BogotaDiffractive Z/gamma* $\to \mu^+$ mu- boson production in proton - antiproton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-72 Mack, PhilippFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPCalibration of new flavor tagging algorithms using $B_s$ oscillations
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-71 Scott, Adam LiddleFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, Santa BarbaraSearch for new physics coupling to the z boson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-70 Moed, ShulamitFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Geneva U.Determination of W boson helicity fractions in top quark decays in p anti-p collisions at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-69 Hoversten, Erik A.SDSSJohns Hopkins U.Galaxy Evolution Insights from Spectral Modeling of Large Data Sets from the Sloan Digital Sky Surve
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-68 Abouzaid, Erin E.FNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.A Measurement of the Branching Ratio of the pi0 Dalitz Decay using K(L) ---> 3 pi0 Decays from KTeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-67 Wang, Jian-boFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Arizona U.Study of the Rare Decay $K_{L} \to \pi^0 \gamma \gamma$ at KTeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-66 Tissandier, FabriceFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Clermont-Ferrand U.Search for stop pairs in the emu channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-65 Meyer, Jorg ManfredFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Bonn U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass using Dilepton Events and a Neutrino Weighting Algorithm with the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-64 Kim, Tae JeongFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Korea U.Search for Doubly-charged Higgs Boson Production in the Decay $H^{++} H^{--} \to \mu^{+} \mu^{+} \mu
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-63 Kaushik, Venkatesh S.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Texas U., ArlingtonA Search for the Higgs Boson in its Associated Production with a $W$ Vector Boson in $p \bar{p}$ Col
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-62 Dyer, Joshua MarcFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.Measurement of the Diphoton Differential Cross Section in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-61 Seun, Sin ManFNAL-E-0907 (MIPP)Harvard U.Measurement of $\pi-K$ ratios from the NuMI target
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-60 Gogos, Jeremy PeterFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.An atmospheric muon neutrino disappearance measurement with the MINOS far detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-59 Freeman, John C.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)LBL, BerkeleyA measurement of the top quark mass in 1.96 TeV proton-antiproton collisions using a novel matrix el
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-58 Kau, DaekwangFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.Evidence for single top quark production using Bayesian neural networks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-57 Morello, Michael JosephFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pisa, Scuola Normale SuperioreMeasurements of CP asymmetries and branching fractions of two-body charmless decays of $B^0$ and $B^
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-56 Lewin, Marcus PhilipFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lancaster U.A measurement of the $Lambda_b$ lifetime at the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-55 Gadfort, ThomasFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Washington U., SeattleEvidence for electroweak top quark production in proton-antiproton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 T
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-54 Jarvis, Chad RyanFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Maryland U.A search for z boson pair production at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-53 Snopok, Pavel V.FNAL-ACCELERATORMichigan State U.Optimization of accelerator parameters using normal form methods on high-order transfer maps
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-52 Mulmenstadt, JohannesFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyFirst observation of the decay anti-B/s0 --> D/s+- K-+ and measurement of the relative branching fra
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-51 Worcester, Elizabeth TurnerFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.Measurements of Direct CP Violation, CPT Symmetry, and Other Parameters in the Neutral Kaon System
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-50 Akimoto, TakashiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for third generation vector leptoquarks in 1.96 TeV proton-antiproton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-49 Mills, Corrinne ElaineFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, Santa BarbaraA measurement of the top pair production cross-section in the dilepton channel using lepton plus tra
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-48 Unalan, Zeynep GunayFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan State U.A measurement of the top quark's charge
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-47 Calvet, Samuel PierreFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMSearch for supersymmetric partner of bottom quark at d0 at Tevatron. Studies on missing transverse e
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-46 Rieger, Jason MichaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Indiana U.First Measurement of the $B^0_s$ semileptonic branching ratio to an orbitally excited $D_s^{**}$ sta
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-45 Park, Su-JungFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Search for Admixture of Scalar Top in the ttbar Lepton+Jets Final State at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-44 Pawloski, Gregory J.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rice U.The Study of WGamma production at D0: Anomalous Coupling Limits and the Radiation Amplitude Zero
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-43 Yoon, Phil S.FNAL-ACCELERATORRochester U.Error-Induced Beam Degradation in Fermilab's Accelerators
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-42 Miles, Jeffrey RobertFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITObservation of {\boldmath \ensuremath{B^0_s-\overline{B}^0_s}} Oscillations Using Partially Reconstr
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-41 Sumowidagdo, SuharyoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.First measurement of top quark pair production cross-section in muon plus hadronic $\tau$ final stat
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-40 Kamaev, Oleg VictorovichFNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP)IIT, ChicagoRare Nonleptonic Decays of the Omega Hyperon: Measurements of the Branching Ratios for $\Omega^\mp\t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-39 Marino, Christopher PhillipFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of the cp asymmetry in semimuonic $b$ decays produced in ppbar collision at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-38 Milnik, MichaelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPMeasurement of the lifetime difference and cp-violating phase in $B_s \to J/\psi \phi$ decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-37 Wang, LeiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Maryland U.Measurement of z boson transverse momentum in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-36 Belloni, AlbertoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITObservation of Bs0 - anti-Bs0 oscillations and the development and application of same-side-kaon fla
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-35 Richter, SvenjaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPSearch for electroweak single top-quark production with the CDF II experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-34 Chevallier, FlorentFNAL-E-0823 (D0)LPSC, GrenobleTop pair cross-section measurement in the lepton+jet channel with D0 and ATLAS detectors, and interp
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-33 Magass, Carsten MartinFNAL-E-0823 (D0)RWTH Aachen U.Search for new heavy charged gauge bosons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-32 Gmyrek, Bryan DavidFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the W boson helicity in top quark decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-31 McGowan, Aaron MichaelFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Observation of deficit in NuMI neutrino-induced rock and non-fiducial muons in MINOS Far Detector an
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-30 Veszpremi, ViktorFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for the standard model Higgs boson in proton-antiproton collisions at a center-of-mass energy
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-29 Chapman, John DerekFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.Atmospheric neutrino observations in the MINOS far detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-28 Raufer, Tobias MartinFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.A study of neutrino oscillations in MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-27 Culling, Andrew JohnFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.An optimised oscillation analysis of MINOS beam data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-26 Speakman, Benjamin PhillipFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Atmospheric electron neutrinos in the MINOS far detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-25 Harrington, Robert DuaneFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northeastern U.Measurement of the top quark mass in lepton+jets events with secondary vertex tagging
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-24 Strandberg, SaraFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Stockholm U.Measurements of the top quark pair production cross section and an estimate of the D0 silicon detect
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-23 Krop, Dan N.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Indiana U.A search for $B_s^0$ oscillations at the Tevatron collider experiment D00
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-22 Millet, ThomasFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lyon, IPNSearch for gluinos decaying into $b$-jets and transverse missing energy with the detector D0 at the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-21 Garcia, Carlos A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Precision Measurement of the Mass of the Top Quark in $p {\bar{p}}$ Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-20 Efron, Jonathan ZviFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Ohio State U.Search for the Higgs boson in the ZH to llbb channel at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-19 Patterson, Ryan BentonFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Princeton U.A search for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations at $\delta(m^2) >0.1$ eV$^2$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-18 Yamaoka, Jared AndrewFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawayMeasurement of the relative fraction of ttbar events produced via gluon fusion in $p\bar{p}$ collisi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-17 Wynne, Sara-Madge VioletteFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Liverpool U.Search for Randall-Sundrum gravitons in 1.2 $fb^{-1}$ of Run II high mass diphoton data at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-16 Pursley, Jennifer MarieFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Discovery and measurement of excited $b$ hadrons at the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-15 Mitrevski, Jovan PavleFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Measurement of single top quark production at D0 using a matrix element method
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-14 Wagner, PeterFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Texas A-MSearch for heavy, long-lived particles that decay to photons in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-13 Yazgan, EfeFNAL-E-0892Middle East Tech. U., AnkaraSearch for a Standard Model Higgs boson in CMS via vector boson fusion in the $H \to W W \to$ lepton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-12 Lysak, RomanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Kosice, IEFTop quark mass measurement in dilepton channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-11 Dong, Hui-shiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the $Z^+ H \to \mu + \mu + b \bar{b}$ Channel in $p \ba
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-10 Giunta, MicheleFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Siena U.Precision Measurement of the Top Quark Mass at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-09 Tiwari, VivekFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Carnegie Mellon U.Measurement of the $B_s$ $\bar{B}_s$ oscillation frequency using semileptonic decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-08 Norniella Fransisco, OlgaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, Autonoma U.Inclusive jet production studies at the Tevatron using the CDF detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-07 Vollrath, Ian EberhardFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.Measurement of the $W$ boson mass at the Collider Detector at Fermilab from a fit to the transverse
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-06 Rahman, Aftabur DipuFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Atmospheric Neutrino Induced Muons in the MINOS Far Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-05 Mohr, Brian N.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UCLAA precise measurement of the top quark mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-04 Yan, MingFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Maryland U.Measurement of $1/\sigma d\sigma/dy$ for $Z/\gamma^* \to e^+ e^-$ at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-03 Hall, Isaac NathanielFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Oklahoma U.Observation and properties of $X(3872) $ at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-02 Portell Bueso, X.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Barcelona, IFAESearch for gluino and squark production in multi-jets plus missing transverse energy final states at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2007-01 Iyutin, Boris Y.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITMeasurement of the ratio of branching fractions B($B^0_s \to D^-_s D^+_s$)/B($B^0 \to D^- D^+$) with
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-90 Baroiant, SashaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, DavisA Study for Doubly-Charged Higgs Boson at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-89 Damiani, DanielFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)William-Mary Coll.Momentum Analysis of Cosmogenic Muons in the MINOS Detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-88 Lee, JedongFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.A Measurement of the $Z$ forward-backward charge asymmetry in $p \bar{p} \to e^+ e^-$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-87 Attisha, Michael J.CDMSBrown U.Cryogenic dark matter search (CDMS II): Application of neural networks and wavelets to event analysi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-86 Erickson, Carolyn LeeFNAL-E-0872 (DONUT)Minnesota U.Nuclear emulsion analysis methods of locating neutrino interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-85 Torres Aguilar, Ibrahim DanielFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)San Luis Potosi U.Observation of double charm baryons in several decay modes
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-84 Catastini, PierluigiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Siena U.Measurement of kinematic properties and fractions of charged particles species produced in associati
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-82 Chan, Kwok Ming LeoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Anomalous gluon-top quark-anti-top quark coupling in single-lepton top-anti-topquark events from pro
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-81 Lesne, VincentFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Clermont-Ferrand U.Recherche de charginos et neutralinos dans le canal dimuon de meme signe aupres de l'experience DØ
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-80 Atramentov, OleksiyFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Iowa State U.Search for multiphoton signatures of a Higgs boson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-79 Makovec, Nikola MichelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)OrsaySearch for New Physics in the Jets + Missing ET topology
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-78 Uozumi, SatoruFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the B meson Lifetimes with the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-77 Monk, JamesFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.A study of Central Exclusive Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-76 Lewis, Philip WilliamFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonGrid Development and a Study of B-flavour tagging at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-75 Mendes, AurelienFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille U., LuminyStudy of collisons of supersymmetric top Quark in the channel stop anti-stop -> e+- mu-+ sneutrino a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-74 Jenkins, Amber HelenFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonA Search For The Z -> b anti-b Process at The D-Zero Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-73 Ay, CanoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Mainz U., Inst. Phys.Messung der $B_s$ Oszillation mit dem semileptonischen Zerfall $B^0_s \to D^-_s (\phi \pi^{-}) \mu^{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-72 Lobo, Lydia Mary IsisFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonJet Energy Scale Studies and the Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Channel ZH -> nu a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-71 Sonnenschein, LarsFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIIHabilitation thesis on STT and Higgs searches in WH production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-70 Aoki, MasatoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Bc meson Lifetime with the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-69 Tsuchiya, RyoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Waseda U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass by Dynamical Likelihood Method using the Dilepton Events with the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-68 Tourneur, StephaneFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for top pair production in the dilepton decay channel with tau lepton at the CDF experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-67 Carron Montero, Sebastian FernandoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Duke U.Measurement of the $t t$, $W W$ and $Z \to \tau \tau$ Production Cross Sections in $p \bar{p}$ colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-66 Bochanski, John J., Jr.SDSSWashington U., Seattle, Astron. Dept.M dwarfs in the Local Milky Way: The Field Low-Mass Stellar Luminosity and Mass Functions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-65 Otec, RomanFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Prague, Tech. U.Diffractive processes in $p\bar{p}$ collision at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV in the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-64 Kusakabe, YoshiakiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Waseda U.Search for Higgs boson production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-63 Vaupel, MarenFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Wuppertal U.Measurement of the t anti-t invariant mass distribution and search for t anti-t resonances
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-62 Sabik, SimonFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.Measurement of the top quark mass in the dilepton channel using the neutrino weighting algorithm at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-61 Cooper, Ben D.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)University Coll. LondonA measurement of the production of jets in association with a $W$ boson in proton-antiproton collisi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-60 Holloway, Ayana TamuFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Harvard U.The first direct limit on the $t$ quark lifetime
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-59 Soderberg, Mitchell PaulFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the $W^\pm$ + $b \bar{b}$ cross-section in 695-pb-1 of $p \bar{p}$ collisions at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-58 Michaut, MarineFNAL-E-0823 (D0)OrsaySearch for supersymmetric Higgs bosons at the Tevatron with the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-57 Radescu, Voica Ana-MariaFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Pittsburgh U.QCD fits to neutrino-iron structure functions at NuTeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-56 Baraoiant, SashaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)UC, DavisA search for double-charged Higgs bosons at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-55 Chuang, Shan-Huei S.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonFirst search at CDF for the Higgs boson decaying to a $W^-$ boson pair in proton-antiproton collisio
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-54 Sengupta, SinjiniFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.A Precision measurement of the $W$ boson decaying to $\nu_\mu$ charge asymmetry at a center of mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-53 Temple, Jeffrey WillardFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of m(top) via neutrino weighting in the dilepton decay channels at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-52 Burke, Susan ElizabethFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Arizona U.A measurement of the top-antitop production cross section in the dimuon final state with the D0 dete
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-51 Schwarz, Thomas A.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the front back asymmetry in top-antitop quark pairs produced in proton-antiproton col
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-50 Palencia, EnriqueFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Cantabria U., SantanderMeasurement of the $t^-$ tbar production cross section in $p^-$ pbar collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-49 Canepa, AnadiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for chargino and neutralino at Run II of the Tevatron Collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-48 Loginov, Andrey BorisovichFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Moscow, ITEPSearch for anomalous production of events with a high energy lepton and photon at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-47 Kraus, James AlexanderFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurements of the $B$ Production Cross Section in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.9
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-46 Autermann, Christian TobiasFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.Resonant second generation slepton production at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-45 Bordini, BernardoFNAL-E-VLHCPisa U.Thermo-magnetic instabilities in Nb3Sn superconducting accelerator magnets
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-44 Monroe, Jocelyn R.FNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Columbia U.A combined muon-neutrino and electron-neutrino oscillation search at MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-43 Scanlon, Timothy P.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., London$B^-$ tagging and the search for neutral supersymmetric Higgs bosons at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-42 Naimuddin, Md (Nayeem)FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Delhi U.Some aspects of hadron-hadron collisions in high energy interactions ( $B_s$ mixing oscillations in
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-41 Doerr, ChristianFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPOptimization of the signal selection of exclusively reconstructed decays of B0 and B/s mesons at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-40 Chandra, AvdheshFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Tata Inst.Lifetime difference in the Bs0 system from untagged Bs0 $\to J/\psi \phi$ decay at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-39 Kemp, YvesFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPIdentification of electrons in the forward region of the CDF experiment for the search for electrowe
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-38 Zatserklyaniy, AndriyFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northern Illinois U.A search for third generation scalar leptoquarks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-37 Telford, Paul J.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.An indirect measurement of the width of the w boson at the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-36 Uzunyan, Sergey A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northern Illinois U.A search for charge 1/3 third generation leptoquarks in muon channels
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-35 Lazoflores, Jose A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Florida State U.Search for large extra dimensions in the exclusive photon + missing energy channel in $p \bar{p}$ co
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-34 Noeding, Carsten K.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Freiburg U.Search for new physics in electron-tau final states in proton - antiproton collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-33 Strandberg, JonasFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Stockholm U.Top quarks at the Tevatron: Measurements of the top quark production and decay with the D0 experimen
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-32 Feligioni, LorenzoFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Boston U.Search for techniparticles at D0 Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-31 Gibson, Adam PaulFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, Berkeley, Space Sci. Dept.A measurement of the top quark mass with a matrix element method
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-30 Heinmiller, James MatthewFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Illinois U., ChicagoA search for the Higgs boson in the zh channel with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron collide
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-29 Group, Robert CraigFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Florida U.Measurement of the inclusive jet cross section using the midpoint algorithm in Run II at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-28 Forrester, Stanley ScottFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, DavisSearch for 3rd Generation Vector Leptoquarks in the Di-tau Di-jet Channel in Proton Antiproton Colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-27 Squillacioti, PaolaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Siena U.Measurement of the Branching fraction ratio $B \to D K / B \to D \pi$ with the CDF II detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-26 Galyaev, Eugene N.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Notre Dame U.Inclusive high-p($T$) $b \bar{b}$ cross section measurement at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-25 Attal, Alon J.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UCLASearch for r-parity violating supersymmetry in the multilepton final state
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-24 Jabeen, ShabnamFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas U.Search for the single top quarks produced in $s^-$ channel via electroweak interactions at $s$ = 1-9
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-23 Tonelli, DiegoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pisa, Scuola Normale SuperioreFirst observation of the $B_s \to K^+K^-$ decay mode, and measurement of the $B^0$ and $B_s$ mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-22 Kaefer, DanielaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.Search for r-parity violating supersymmetry in multilepton final states with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-21 Salamanna, GiuseppeFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)INFN, RomeStudy of $B_s$ mixing at the CDFII experiment with a newly developed opposite side $b$ flavour taggi
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-20 Smith, David EdwardFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Virginia U.Search For the Rare Decay K(L) ---> pi0 pi0 gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-19 Kotera, KatsushigeFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Osaka U.Study of the decay K(L) -> pi+- e-+ nu e+ e- to probe the semileptonic K-pi structure
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-18 Leonardo, Nuno T.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITAnalysis of $B_s$ flavor oscillations at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-17 Jayatilaka, Bodhitha A.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.A Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the Dilepton Decay Channel at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-16 Wang, ZhongluGeorgia TechDesign of a boron neutron capture enhanced fast neutron therapy assembly
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-15 Perea, Philip MichaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)UC, RiversideSearch for $t^-$ Channel Single Top Quark Production in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-14 Desai, Satish VijayFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookA Search for the Production of Technicolor Particles at the $D^-$ Zero Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-13 Hahn, Kristian AllanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.SEARCH FOR HIGH-MASS RESONANCES DECAYING TO $e^- \mu$ IN $p \bar{p}$ COLLISIONS AT $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-12 Niclasen, RuneFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Colorado U.Measuring the branching ratio of the rare decay pi0 --> e+ e-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-11 Jang, DongwookFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawaySearch for MSSM Higgs decaying to $\tau$ pairs in $p\bar{p}$ collision at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV at C
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-10 Hamilton, AndrewFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Alberta U.Exclusive interactions in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-09 Gibson, Karen RuthFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Carnegie Mellon U.Measurement of the Relative Fragmentation Fractions of $\bar{B}$ Hadrons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-08 Lister, AlisonFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Zurich, ETHMeasurement of $b^-$ quark Jet Shapes at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-07 Yamashita, TomohiroFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Okayama U.Measurement of $J/\psi$ meson and $b-$hadron production cross section at sqrt($s$) = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-06 Clement, BenoitFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Strasbourg, IReSElectroweak production of the top quark in the Run II of the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-05 Edwards, Tamsin L.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.Diffractively produced $Z$ bosons in the muon decay channel in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-04 Tikhoplav, RodionFNAL-E-0886 (NICADD)Rochester U.Low Emittance Electron Beam Studies
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-03 Becker, Bernard RaymondFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.CPT conservation and atmospheric neutrinos in the MINOS far detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-02 Otero y Garzon, Gustavo J.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Illinois U., ChicagoMeasurement of the Top Quark Pair Production Cross Section in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2006-01 Mason, David AlexanderFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Oregon U.Measurement of the strange - antistrange asymmetry at NLO in QCD from NuTeV dimuon data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-99 Kang, JianFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.A measurement of the W and Z production cross sections in the muon channel at center of mass energy
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-98 Hennecke, MartinFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPSearch for the Higgs-Boson with the CDF experiment at Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-97 Ishizawa, YoshioFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for Higgs Boson Production in Association with the $W$ boson in 1.96-TeV Proton-Antiproton Co
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-96 McGivern, DustinFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)University Coll. LondonA Meaurement of the $W^+ W^-$ production cross section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ T
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-95 Meder-Marouelli, DavidFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Mainz U., Inst. Phys.Search for a Light Higgs boson in the channel WH-> e nu_e b anti-b
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-94 Amerio, SilviaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Trento U.Study of t anti-t production in tau jets channel at CDFII using neural networks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-93 Das, MayukhFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Louisiana Tech. U.Developing a b-tagging algorithm using soft muons at level-3 for the DO detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-92 Tzanov, Martin MihaylovFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Pittsburgh U.Precise measurement of neutrino and anti-neutrino differential cross sections on iron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-91 Coca, Mircea NorocelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.Measurement of the top pair-production cross section in the dilepton channel in proton-antiproton co
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-90 Maher, Emily O'ConnorFNAL-E-0872 (DONUT)Minnesota U.A Measurement of the charged-current interaction cross section of the tau neutrino
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-89 Lecci, ClaudiaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPA neural jet charge tagger for the measurement of the B/s0 $\bar{B}$/ $s^0$ oscillation frequency at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-88 Kerzel, UlrichFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPCDF Grid computing and the decay $X(3872) \to J/\psi \pi^{+} \pi^{-}$ with $J/\psi \to e^{+} e^{-}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-87 Schmitt, ChristianFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Wuppertal U.Measurement of the W boson helicity in t anti-t decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-86 Gardner, John MichaelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Kansas U.Measurement of the w and z cross sections in the electron channel for $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-85 Hayward, Helen SarahFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Liverpool U.Measurement of z0 $\gamma$ production in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-84 Gajjar, AnantFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Liverpool U.Measurement of the inclusive $b b$ jet cross section at the Collidor Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-83 Piteira, RodolpheFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for neutrino oscillations in the MINOS experiment by using quasi-elastic interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-82 Kumar, AshishFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Delhi U.Large Pt processes in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at 2 TeV: measurement of ttbar production cross section
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-81 Klinksiek, Stephen A.FNAL-E-0866 (NUSEA)New Mexico U.Finding the charm in 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be single muon spectra
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-80 Hirschbuehl, DominicFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPMeasurement of the charge asymmetry and the $W$ boson helicity in top-antitop quark events with the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-79 Stelzer, BerndFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.Search for electroweak single top quark production in 1.96-TeV proton-antiproton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-78 Jenner, LeoFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)University Coll. LondonMeasurement of the absolute energy scale of MINOS and background
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-77 Blake, AndrewFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.A study of atmospheric neutrino oscillations in the MINOS far detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-76 Symes, Philip AndrewFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Sussex U.Preliminary Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters By NuMI/MINOS and Calibration Studies for
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-75 Kim, JieunFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Kyungpook Natl. U.Search for a new charged heavy vector boson decaying to an $\nu_e$ pair in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-74 Beall, Erik BFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Minnesota U.Cosmic ray muon charge ratio in the MINOS far detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-73 Zwaska, Robert MilesFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U.Accelerator systems and instrumentation for the NuMI neutrino beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-72 Rappoccio, Salvatore RoccoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ production cross section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.9
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-71 Stelzer-Chilton, OliverFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.First measurement of the w boson mass with CDF in Run 2
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-70 Torborg, Julie M.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Notre Dame U.The Charge asymmetry in W bosons produced in p anti-p collisions at center of mass energy - 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-69 Lin, ChunFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Yale U.A Search for universal extra dimensions in the multi-lepton channel from $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-68 Usynin, DenysFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Study of charged particle species produced in association with anti-B0, B-, and anti-B/s0 mesons in
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-67 Pereira e Sousa, Alexandre BrunoFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Tufts U.Studies of $\nu_\mu \to \nu_e$ oscillation appearance in the MINOS experiment.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-66 Dinardo, Mauro E.FNAL-E-0918 (BTEV)Milan U.A new micro-strip tracker for the new generation of experiments at hadron colliders
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-65 Nicolas, Ludovic Y.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Glasgow U.Radiation environment simulations at the Tevatron, studies of the beam profile, and measurement of t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-64 Bose, TulikaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Search for $B^0_s$ oscillations at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-63 Arguin, Jean-FrancoisFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Toronto U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass with In Situ Jet Energy Scale Calibration Using Hadronic $W$ Boson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-62 Gomes, Ricardo AvelinoFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Campinas State U.An Investigation of the $\Xi^0 \to \Sigma^+ \mu^- \bar{\nu}_{\mu}$ Decay and its Observation at KTeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-61 Mal, Prolay KumarFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Tata Inst.Measurement of top anti-top cross section in $p\bar{p}$ collider at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-60 Krutelyov, Vyacheslav E.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Texas A-MSearch for Supersymmetry using rare $B_s \to \mu^{+} \mu^{-}$ decays at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-59 Seletskiy, Sergei M.Rochester U.Attainment of Electron Beam Suitable for Medium Energy Electron Cooling
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-58 Flanagan, Gene U.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan State U.THE INCLUSIVE JET CROSS SECTION IN $p\overline{p}$ COLLISIONS AT $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-57 Goldschmidt, Nathan JoelFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.A Measurement of the Helicity of $W$ Bosons Produced in Top-Quark Decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-56 Bernhard, Ralf PatrickFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Zurich U.Search for rare decays of the $B_s$ meson with the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-55 Podesta Lerma, Pedro L.M.CINVESTAV, IPNMeasurement of the Bs Lifetime
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-54 Song, XiaofeiNorthern Illinois U.Search for Second Generation Leptoquarks in the dimuon channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-53 Magnan, Anne-MarieFNAL-E-0823 (D0)LPSC, GrenobleSearch for supersymetric particles desintegrant itself in R-parite violee (coupling lambda_121) in a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-52 Vlimant, Jean-RochInst. U. de FranceMeasurement of cross section of production of pairs of top quarks /anti-signal in proton/anti-proton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-51 Hartnell, Jeffrey J.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Measurement of the calorimetric energy scale in MINOS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-50 Cabrera, AnataelFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Systematic Comparison of the MINOS Near and Far Detector Readout Systems
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-49 Shields, John MichaelFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Virginia U.The Search for the CP-violating emission of an E1 photon from the K(L) ---> pi+ pi- gamma decay
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-48 Ping, HuicanFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Wisconsin U., MadisonThe Observation of the Weak Radiative Hyperon Decay XI0 ---> Lambda0 pi0 gamma at KTeV/E799, Fermila
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-47 Golossanov, AlexanderFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Virginia U.Measurements of CP Violation and $K^0$ Charge Radius using $K_L \to \pi^+ \pi^- e^+ e^-$ Decays.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-46 Schieferdecker, PhilippFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Munich U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass at D0 Run II with the Matrix Element Method in the Lepton+Jets Fin
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-45 Agelou, MathieuFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for the electroweak production of the top quark in the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-44 Le Bihan, Anne-CatherineFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Louis Pasteur U., Strasbourg IIdentification of the leptons tau in the D0 experiment at Tevatron and search for supersymmetric par
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-43 Blumenschein, UllaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Freiburg U.Search for Associated Chargino-Neutralino Production in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-42 Buehler, MarcFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Illinois U., ChicagoMeasurement of the Z/Gamma* (--> $e^+$ e-) + >=n Jet Production Cross Sections
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-41 Giurgiu, Gavril A.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Carnegie Mellon U.$B$ Flavor Tagging Calibration and Search for $B_s$ Oscillations in Semileptonic Decays with the CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-40 Xuan, Nguyen PhuocFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Notre Dame U.Search for quark-lepton compositeness in the dimuon final state at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-39 Pronko, Alexandre P.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Florida U.Fragmentation of quark and gluon jets in proton-antiproton collisions at center-of-mass energy of 1.
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-38 Bocci, AndreaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Search for Hadronic Resonances of W/Z in Photon Events at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-37 Ogawa, TakashiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Waseda U.Search for Scalar Top Quark Pair-Production in Scenario with Violated R-parity in p anti-p Collision
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-36 Kobayashi, HirokazuFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for the Higgs Boson Using High-pT Isolated Like-Sign Dil Events in 1.96-TeV Proton-Antiproton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-35 Yorita, KoheiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Waseda U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass by Dynamical Likelihood Method using the Lepton plus Jets Events i
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-34 Sato, KojiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass with the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-33 Eusebi, RicardoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.Search for Charged Higgs in ttbar Decay Products from Proton-Antiproton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-32 Garzoglio, GabrieleDe Paul U.A Globally Distributed System for Job, Data, and Information Handling for High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-31 Cho, DooKeeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Measurement of the top - anti-top Production Cross Section at $s^{(/1/2)}$ = 1.96-TeV in the $e +$ j
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-30 Binder, MetaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Munich U.Search for the Trilepton Signal of the Minimal Supergravity Model in D0 Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-29 Huang, XiaobiaoIndiana U.Beam Diagnosis and Lattice Modeling of the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-28 Walter, ThorstenFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPSearch for electroweak single top quark production with cdf in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-27 Piedra, JonatanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Cantabria U., SantanderDetermination of $\Delta m_d$ and absolute calibration of flavor taggers for the $\Delta m_s$ analys
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-26 Edera, LauraFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Milan U.Study of the doubly and singly Cabibbo suppressed decays D+ --> K+ pi- pi+ and D(s)+ --> K+ pi- pi+
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-25 Rakitin, Alexander Y.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITMeasurement of the Dipion Mass Spectrum in the Decay X(3872) -> J/psi pi+ pi- at the CDF II Experime
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-24 Eads, Michael T.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Northern Illinois U.A Search for Charged Massive Stable Particles at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-23 Strang, Michael AllenFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Texas U., ArlingtonFirst observation of dijet events with an antiproton tag at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV using the D0 Forwa
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-22 Gelhaus, RaymondFNAL-E-0823 (D0)UC, RiversideMeasurement of the Drell-Yan Differential Cross Section and Forward - Backward Asymmetry in $p\bar{p
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-21 Kozminski, Joseph FrancisFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.Measurements of the top - anti-top Production Cross Section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV and Top Mass in
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-20 Raaf, Jennifer LynneFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Cincinnati U.A Measurement of the Neutrino Neutral Current Pi0 Cross Section at MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-19 Barnes, Christopher P.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonDevelopment of vertexing and lifetime triggers and a study of B(s) mixing using hadronic decays at D
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-18 Busato, EmmanuelFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for electroweak top quark production in the electron + jets channel in the D0 experiment at t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-17 Sun, Yin-eFNAL-E-0886 (NICADD)Chicago U.Angular-momentum-dominated electron beams and flat-beam generation
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-16 Apanasevich, LeonardFNAL-E-0706Michigan State U.High Transverse Momentum Direct Photon Production at Fermilab Fixed-Target Energies
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-15 Fatakia, Sarosh NoshirFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Boston U.A Measurement of the mass of the Top Quark in the di-lepton channels using the D0 Detector at Fermil
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-14 Wijngaarden, Daniel A.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Nijmegen U.Angular correlations in beauty production at the Tevatron at sqrt($s$) = 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-13 Wan, Zong-ruFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawayA Search for New Physics with High Mass Tau Pairs in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-12 Tanimoto, NahoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Okayama U.Measurement of $W$ + $\gamma$ Production in the $W$ to Muon Decay Channel in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-11 Yu, Shin-shanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.First measurement of the ratio of branching fractions BR($\Lambda_b \to \$Lambda_c \mu \nu$)/BR($\La
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-103 Vazquez-Valencia, Elsa FabiolaFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)CINVESTAV, IPNEstudio de la Fotoproduccion asimetrica de mesones con encanto, usando datos del experimento FOCUS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-102 Reisetter, Angela JeanCDMSMinnesota U.Results from the two-tower run of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-101 Smirnov, DmitriFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)New Mexico U.Measurement of the ratio of top-quark branching fractions top quark decaying to W boson and bottom q
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-100 Cruz, L.AlbertoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Florida U.Using MAX/MIN transverse regions to study the underlying event in run 2 at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-10 Kamat, SharmilaCDMSCase Western Reserve U.Extending the Sensitivity to the Detection of WIMP Dark Matter with an Improved Understanding of the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-09 Wang, Gen-shengCDMSCase Western Reserve U.The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search and Background Rejection with Event Position Information
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-08 Black, Kevin MatthewFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Boston U.A Precision Measurement of the Top Quark Mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-07 Sorel, MichelFNAL-E-0898 (MiniBooNE)Columbia U.Search for Sterile Neutrinos Using the MiniBooNE Beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-06 Fisher, Wade CameronFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Princeton U.A search for anomalous heavy - flavor quark production in association with W bosons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-05 Nurse, Emily L.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.A Measurement of the Inclusive $Z / \gamma^{*} \to \mu^{+} \mu^{-}$ Cross-Section and Study of $W$ a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-04 Robson, AidanFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oxford U.A Measurement of $Z$ Boson Production and Rapidity Distribution in $p$ - $\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-03 Mutaf, Yildirim D.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookMeasurement of the Ratio of Inclusive Cross Sections $\Sigma$ ($p \bar{p} \to Z$ + $b^-$ jet) / $\Si
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-02 Blekman, FreyaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Amsterdam U.Top quark pair production in proton antiproton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2005-01 Golling, Tobias F.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Bonn U.Measurements of the Top Quark Pair Production Cross Section in Lepton + Jets Final States using a To
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-88 Lahrichi, NadiaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris univ.Étude de la production de gravitation de Kaluza-Klein dans ses désintégrations en paires de muons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-86 Waschke, SimonFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Glasgow U.Measurement of the $B \to J/\psi X$ inclusive cross-section at the collider detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-85 Paley, Jonathan M.Boston U.Measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the negative muon to 0.7 parts per million
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-83 Demers Konezny, Sarah MarieFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.A measurement of the branching ratio of top quark decaying to tau lepton-neutrino-quark
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-82 Korn, AndreasFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITMeasurement of B-Hadron Masses at CDF Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-81 Tsuno, SoushiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Tests of Enhanced Leading Order QCD in W Boson plus Jet Production in 1.96-TeV Proton-Antiproton Col
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-80 Gerberich, Heather KayFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Duke U.Search for Excited or Exotic Electron Production Using the Dielectron + Photon Signature at CDF in R
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-79 Unverhau, Tatjana Alberta HannaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Glasgow U.A Measurement of the Lifetime of the $\Lambda_b$ Baryon with the CDF Detector at the Tevatron Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-78 Furic, Ivan KresimirFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITMeasurement of the Ratio of Branching Fractions Br(Bs -> Ds- pi+)/Br(B -> D- pi+) at CDF-II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-77 Thompson, Matthew ColinUCLAPlasma density transition trapping of electrons in plasma wake field accelerators
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-76 Tuan, Vu AnhFNAL-E-0823 (D0)OrsaySearch for supersymmetric particles in the dimuon channel with the D0 detector at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-75 Dean, Simon J.H.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.Study of impact parameters in the channel $Z^0 \to \tau^{+} \tau^{-} \to e^\pm \nu_{e} \mu^\mp \bar{
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-74 Agram, Jean-LaurentFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Haute Alsace U., GRPHEMeasurement of the inclusive jet cross section at D0 Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-73 Soustruznik, KarelCharles U.Measurement of the top quark mass in the alljets channel at sqrt(s)=1.8 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-71 Howcroft, Caius L.F.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Cambridge U.Atmospheric Neutrinos in the MINOS Far Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-70 Miyagawa, Paul S.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Muon Energy Calibration of the MINOS Detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-69 Driscoll, Donald D.CDMSCase Western Reserve U.Development and Performance of Detectors for the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment with an Inc
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-68 Zdrazil, MarianFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for doubly-charged Higgs Boson production in the decay $H^{++} H^{--} \to \mu^{+} \mu^{+} \mu
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-67 Suwonjandee, NarumonFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Cincinnati U.The measurement of the quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleon scattering cross section at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-66 Wang, Zhong-minFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for chargino-neutralino pair production with the D0 detector at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-65 Fu, ShaohuaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Columbia U.Search for first generation leptoquarks in proton-antiproton collisions at the center of mass energy
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-64 Hohlfeld, MarcFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Mainz U., Inst. Phys.Search for final states with two leptons and missing transverse energy in $p \bar{p}$ collisions wit
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-63 Napora, Robert A.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Measurement of BR(Bu to phi K)/BR(Bu to J/psi K) at the collider detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-62 Massafferri Rodrigues, AndreFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFMass spectrum analysis of K- pi+ from the semileptonic decay D+ --> K- pi+ mu+ nu
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-61 Ikado, KojiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Waseda U.Search for New Physics in Dielectron Events in 1.96-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-60 Segoni, Ilaria Maria LuciaFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Colorado U.Analysis of the Semileptonic Decay $D^0 --> \bar{K}0 \pi^- \mu^+ \nu$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-59 Agostino, LorenzoFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Colorado U.Pseudoscalar Semileptonic Decays of the D0 Meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-58 Tsybychev, DmitriFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Florida U.Search for first-generation leptoquarks in the jets and missing transverse energy topology in proton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-57 Joffe, David NoahFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Northwestern U.A Search for the singlet-P state $h_c(1^{1}P_1)$ of charmonium in $p\bar{p}$ annihilations at Fermil
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-56 Ivanov, Andrew GennadievichFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rochester U.Search for Anomalous Kinematics of Top Dilepton Events in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-55 Brubaker, Erik MatthewsFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Measurement of the Mass of the Top Quark in Lepton + Jets Events at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-54 Chang, Clarence LeederCDMSStanford U.The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS-II) Experiment: First Results from the Soudan Mine
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-53 Mandic, VukCDMSUC, BerkeleyFirst Results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment at the Deep Site
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-52 Rott, CarstenFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for Scalar Bottom Quarks from Gluino Decays in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Ener
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-51 Mulhearn, Michael JamesFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITA Direct Search for Dirac Magnetic Monopoles
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-50 Ben-Haim, EliCERN-LEP-DELPHI (DELPHI)Paris U., VI-VIIThe b Quark Fragmentation Function, From LEP to TeVatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-49 Vickey, Trevor NeilFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of $W$ Boson Polarization in Top Quark Decay
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-48 Bachacou, HenriFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Measurement of the production cross section of top-antitop pairs in proton-antiproton collisions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-47 Karagoz, MugeFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Northwestern U.Searches for New Physics Using High Mass Dimuons at the CDF II Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-46 Alsharoa, Mohammad M.FNAL-E-0904FermilabElectromagnetic and mechanical design of gridded radio-frequency cavity windows
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-45 Huang, JundongFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Indiana U.Studies of $\upsilon_{1S}$ bottomonium state production at the Tevatron Collider Experiment $D0$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-44 Kesisoglou, Stilianos IsaakFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Brown U.Search for Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry in the $\gamma \gamma$ missing ET Channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-43 Kryemadhi, AbazFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Indiana U.Search for CPT Violation with the FOCUS Experiment and Measurement of $Lambda_b$ lifetime in the dec
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-42 Ryan, Daniel E.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Tufts U.Direct Searches for Scalar Leptoquarks at the Run II Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-41 Kim, Min SukFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Kyungpook Natl. U.Search for Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking in Diphoton Events in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-40 Marginean, RaduFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Ohio State U.Measurement of the top pair production cross section at CDF using neural networks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-39 Varganov, Alexei ValerievichFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.The Production Cross Sections of the Weak Vector Bosons in Proton Antiproton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-38 McCroskey, Robert CramptonFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ Cross-Section Using the Dimuon Channel in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at $
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-37 Liu, Yan-wenFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Geneva U.Measurement of the Cross Section for Production of Prompt Diphoton in $p-\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-36 Ayan, Ahmet SedatCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Iowa U.The CMS forward calorimeter prototype design studies and Omega(c)0 search at E781 experiment at Ferm
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-35 Vahle, Patricia LaVernFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U.Electromagnetic interactions in the MINOS detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-34 Kordosky, Michael AlanFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Texas U.Hadronic interactions in the MINOS detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-33 Rebel, Brian J.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Indiana U.Neutrino - Induced Muons in the MINOS Far Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-32 Kirby, Michael H.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Duke U.Measurement of the $W$ + $\gamma$ Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-31 Askew, Andrew WarrenFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rice U.Measurement of the $W$ Gamma $\to \mu \nu \gamma$ Cross-Section, Limits on Anomalous Trilinear Vecto
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-29 Zabi, AlexandreFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Orsay, LALSearch for leptoquarks in jet topolgy with missing transverse energy using the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-28 Greder, SebastienFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Strasbourg, IReS$b$ quark tagging and cross-section measurement in quark pair production at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-27 Lahrichi, NadiaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)DAPNIA, SaclayStudy of Kaluza-Klein graviton production in its dimuon decays within the Randall-Sundrum model in t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-26 Haas, Andrew C.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Washington U., SeattleA search for neutral Higgs bosons at high $\tan\beta$ in multi-jet events from $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-25 Ray, Heather LynnFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ production cross section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.9
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-24 Cothenet, AlexisFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Marseille, CPPMSearch for first generation leptoquarks in electron + neutrino + dijet channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-23 Nelson-Duensing, SilkeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Nijmegen U.Measurement of cross-section ($p\bar{p} \to Z^0) \times {\rm BF} (^0 \to \tau \bar{\tau})$ at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-22 Phaf, Lukas KajFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Amsterdam U.Top quark production at hadron colliders
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-21 Schwartzman, Ariel G.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Buenos Aires U.Measurement of the B+- lifetime and top quark identification using secondary vertex b-tagging
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-20 Klute, MarkusFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Bonn U.A measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ production cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-19 Zhu, Jun-jieFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Maryland U.Direct measurement of the $W$ boson decay width in proton-antiproton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-17 Vu Anh, TuanFNAL-E-0823 (D0)OrsaySearch for Supersymmetric Particles in the dimuon channels
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-16 Balm, Paul WijnandFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Amsterdam U.Measurement of the $B_d^0$ lifetime using $B_d^0 \to J/\psi K^0_S$ decays at DØ
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-15 Khanov, AlexanderFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ production cross-section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV using lifetime tagg
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-14 Imbasciati, LindaVienna, Tech. U.Studies of Quench Protection in Nb3Sn Superconducting Magnets for Future Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-13 Zhang, XiaojianFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Oklahoma U.Opposite side jet charge tagging and measurement of CP asymmetry parameter $\sin_{2\beta}$ at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-12 Anikeev, KonstantinFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)MITMeasurement of the lifetimes of $B$ meson mass Eigenstates
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-11 Yurkewicz, AdamFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan State U.Search for evidence of supersymmetry in the like-sign dimuon channel at the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-10 Seo, Seon-heeFNAL-E-0760Minnesota U.Measurement of the ratio of the Sachs form factors of the proton at the psi-prime resonance
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-09 Beauceron, StephanieFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for Higgs in $W^+ H$ channel and Study of $W^+$ bbbar Production
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-08 Kupco, AlexanderFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Charles U.Measurement and QCD analysis of inclusive dijet mass cross section in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-07 Toale, Patrick AlanFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Colorado U.A Study of the decay pi0 ---> e+ e- e+ e- using K(L) ---> pi0 pi0 pi0 decays in flight
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-06 Langs, David ChristopherFNAL-E-0791Princeton U.Differential cross sections, charge production asymmetry, and spin-density matrix elements for D*+-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-05 Worcester, Matthew PeterFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)UCLAInclusive search for anomalous high-pT like-sign lepton pair production at the Fermilab Tevatron col
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-04 Brown, G.ColinFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.A Precision measurement of the charge asymmetry of semi-leptonic kaon decays behind a regenerator at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-03 Hooper, Ryan JamesFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Notre Dame U.A Search for large extra spatial dimensions and $Z$ ' bosons in the dimuon final state in $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-02 Davis, Gregory ArthurFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rochester U.First measurement of the differential inclusive cross section for jet production at D0 Run II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2004-01 Goldstein, DavidFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UCLAA Measurement of the top quark cross - section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV at the Collider Detector at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-55 De Cecco, SandroFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Rome U.Measurement of relative branching fractions for $D^{0}$ meson Cabibbo suppressed hadronic decays, fr
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-54 Gray, Frederick Earl, Jr.BNL-E-0821 (Muon (g-2))Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the positive muon with a precision of 0.7 parts pe
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-53 Molina, JorgeFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFEstudo do espalhamento elastico em colisoes pp a √s = 1.96 T eV com o Detector de Protons Frontais
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-52 Menzemer, StephanieFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPTrack reconstruction in the silicon vertex detector of the CDF II experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-51 Le, YiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Measurement of the $\Lambda$ 0($b$) $\to \Lambda$ +($c$) $\pi^{-}$ branching ratio
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-50 Morse, Robert JamesFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Sussex U.MINOS Calibration and NA49 Hadronic Production Studies
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-49 Kovalev, Andrew N.FNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the Top Quark Mass at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-48 Sorin, Maria VeronicaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Buenos Aires U.Measurement of the dijet transverse thrust distribution in proton - anti-proton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-47 Song, YanFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Texas U., ArlingtonSearch for supersymmetric top quarks in the decay of the standard model top quark based on D0 Run IB
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-46 Veramendi, Gregory FranciscoFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA measurement of forward-backward charge asymmetry of electron-positron pairs in proton-antiproton c
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-45 Connolly, Amy LynnFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Search for Supersymmetric Higgs Bosons in the Di-tau Decay Mode in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at 1.8 Te
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-44 Christiansen, Tim U.FNAL-E-0823 (D0)Munich U.Seach for second - generation leptoquarks in $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-43 Akgun, UgurCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Iowa U.CMS HF calorimeter PMTs and Xi(c)+ lifetime measurement
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-42 Averitte, Suzanne ElaineFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Rutgers U., PiscatawayStudy of CP violation in the pi pi gamma decay of the neutral K meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-41 Nichol, Ryan J.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)University Coll. LondonCalibration of the MINOS detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-40 Barker, Matthew AnthonyFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.Hadronic response of MINOS detectors
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-39 Andreopoulos, ConstantinosFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Athens U.Experimental study of the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations with the MINOS experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-38 Evans, David EdwardFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Lancaster U.Development of workflow planning software and a tracking study of the decay B+- --> J / Psi at the D
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-37 Madrak, Robyn LeighFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the $\Lambda_B$ lifetime in the decay mode $\Lambda_b\rightarrow J/\psi\Lambda$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-36 Han, Chun-huiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Michigan U.Measurement of top pair production cross-section electron + jets channel in $p \bar{p}$ collisions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-35 Whiteson, DanielFNAL-E-0823 (D0)UC, BerkeleyStandard Model and Exotic Physics with Electrons and Muons at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-34 Yi, KaiFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.A Measurement of the $Lambda_b$ lifetime using semileptonic decays and observation of the new state
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-33 Stadie, HartmutFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U.Results on the production and detection of $W$ bosons with the Collider Detector at Fermilab in $p\b
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-32 Neu, Christopher CarlFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Ohio State U.A Search for the Higgs boson in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-31 Coadou, YannFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Uppsala U.Searches for the charged Higgs at hadron colliders based on the tau lepton signature
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-30 Aitala, Eric M.FNAL-E-0791Mississippi U.A Search for the rare and forbidden decays D0 --> V lepton+ lepton-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-29 Manca, GiuliaFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Oxford U.Measurement of the ratio $R = \sigma_W.Br(W\to e \nu) /\sigma_Z.Br(Z\to e^+e^-)$ in $p\bar{p}$ colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-28 Niu, Hong-quanFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)Brandeis U.Limit on the neutral B(s) meson neutral anti-B(s) meson oscillation frequency from proton - anti-pro
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-27 Kirk, Michael CollinsFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)Brandeis U.An Upper limit on the neutral B(s) meson decays to charged D(s) meson pion branching ratio
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-26 Luo, Chun-HuiFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Indiana U.Muon identification and $B$ physics studies at the Tevatron Collider experiment $D^0$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-25 Peters, OnneFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Amsterdam U.Measurement of the $b$ jet cross section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-24 Gao, Ming-ChengFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Columbia U.A search for extra neutral gauge boson in the dielectron channel with the D0 detector in $p\bar{p}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-23 Melnitchouk, AlexFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Brown U.Search for non-SM light Higgs Boson in the h $\to \gamma \gamma$ channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-22 Canelli, Maria FlorenciaFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Helicity of the $W$ boson in single - lepton $t \bar{t}$ events
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-21 Lannon, Kevin PatrickFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of $B$ hadron correlations in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-20 Lasio, Giovanni MariaFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)UC, IrvineMeasurement of decay parameters of the $\psi^\prime(2^{3}S_1)$ state of the charmonium
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-19 Yu, QunFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Louisiana Tech. U.Study of energy sampling weights in the D0 detector using multiparameter fitting method
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-18 Hatakeyama, KenichiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Measurement of the diffractive structure function of the anti-proton in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-17 Grinstein, SebastianFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Buenos Aires U.The Inclusive jet cross section using the k(T) algorithm
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-16 Petteni, MicheleFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonMeasuring the jet response and the search for the Higgs boson in the channel $Z H \to e^{+} e^{-} b
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-15 Baffioni, StephanieFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMSearch for bottom squark cascade decay using the D0 detector at the Tevatron. Development of a compa
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-14 Chen, ChunhuiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.A Measurement of the direct charm meson production cross-section at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-13 Takano, HideakiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for W Boson Pair Production in the Lepton + Jet Channel in 1.8-TeV Proton - Antiproton Collis
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-12 Negrini, MatteoFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)INFN, FerraraMeasurement of the branching ratios psi' -> J/psi X in the experiment E835 at FNAL
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-11 Beaudette, FlorianFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Orsay, LALIdentification $d$ ' electrons et application a la mesure de la section efficace de production du qu
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-10 Lai, Nancy Jin-JinFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.Search for the decay K(L) ---> pi0 e+ e-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-09 LaDue, JasonFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Colorado U.Understanding Dalitz decays of the K(L), in particular the decays of K(L) ---> e+ e- gamma and K(L)
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-08 Villeneuve-Seguier, FredericFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMSbottom squark pairs production with the decay mode sb -> b + neutralino 1 in the D0 experiment at t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-07 Kaur, RajwantFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Panjab U.Determination of the top quark mass using neural networks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-06 Hebert, Christina LeeFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Kansas U.Search for new particles decaying to two-jets with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-05 Holmstrom, Timothy KennethFNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP)Virginia U.A Search for cp violation in xi-minus / anti-xi-minus and lambda / anti-lambda hyperon decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-04 Rumerio, Paolo GiuseppeFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Northwestern U.Interference measurement of the chi c0 (1 P-3 0) in proton anti-proton annihilation into two neutral
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-03 Jain, SupriyaFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Tata Inst.Search for $t \bar{t}$ resonances in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at center of center-of-mass energy = 1.8
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-02 Hesketh, GavinFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Manchester U.A Measurement of the $Z$ boson production cross-section multiplied by the muon branching fraction in
FERMILAB-THESIS-2003-01 Pratt, Tracey S.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Oxford U.New physics searches in high mass dimuons at the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-64 Bell, William HamishGlasgow U.Searching for $B^{0}_{s} \to J/\psi\eta$ with the collider detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-63 Saab, TarekCDMSStanford U.Search for weakly interacting massive particles with the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-62 Kajfasz, EricFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Marseille, CPPMHabilitation thesis on Neutrino Oscillations at the Bugey Reactor, Top Discovery in CDF, and the D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-61 Schemitz, PatrickFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPA hard and a software environment for physics analyses with CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-60 Bauer, Daniela UrsulaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonA study of $B_s^0 \to J/\psi \phi$ in the D0 experiment and an example of HEP technology transfer
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-59 Illingworth, Robert ArthurFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Imperial Coll., LondonDevelopment of trigger software for the silicon and fibre trackers and a study of $B$ meson lifetime
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-58 Smith, Christopher B.FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)University Coll. LondonCalibration of the MINOS detectors and extraction of neutrino oscillation parameters
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-57 Brandl, AlexanderFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)New Mexico U.Comparison of three jet events to predictions from a next-to-leading order calculation
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-56 Webb, Jason C.FNAL-E-0866 (NUSEA)New Mexico State U.Measurement of continuum dimuon production in 800-GeV/C proton nucleon collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-55 Wu, VincentFNAL-E-0904Cincinnati U.Design and testing of a high gradient radio frequency cavity for the muon collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-54 Crotty, Patrick R.Chicago U.High-energy neutrino fluxes from the supermassive dark matter
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-53 Huang, MelinFNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP)Virginia U.Measurement of the Xi- Polarization in p + Cu --> Xi- + X at 800-GeV and the Decay Parameters of Xi-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-52 Demine, PavelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)LPSC, GrenobleStudy of tri-lepton events in the Run II data of the D0 experiment. Interpretation in the R-parity v
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-51 Besson, AugusteFNAL-E-0740 (D0)LPSC, GrenobleStudy of di-lepton + 4 jets events in Run II of the D0 experiment at Fermilab. Interpretation in the
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-50 Luo, WeiFNAL-E-0882Oklahoma U.Search for magnetic monopoles possibly produced by proton anti - proton collisions at the Tevatron c
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-49 Moore, Eric ThomasFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)New Mexico U.A Neural network measurement of the top anti-top pair production cross-section in the lepton + jets
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-48 Wolinski, Sarah KristinaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Search for Single Top Quark Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-47 Strologas, JohnFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of the Differential Angular Distribution of the $W$ Boson produced in association with J
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-46 Pompos, ArnoldFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark in dilepton events produced in $p\bar{p}$ col
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-45 Lobban, Olga BarbaraCERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Texas Tech.Hadronic vector boson decay and the art of calorimeter calibration
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-44 Sanchez, Carlos AndresFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)Ohio State U.Measurement of the top quark mass with neural networks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-43 Miyazaki, Y.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Osaka City U.Search for pair-production of scalar top quarks in R-parity violating decay modes in $p \bar{p}$ col
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-42 Ciobanu, Catalin IrinelFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Ohio State U.A Neural networks search for single top quark production in CDF Run I data
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-41 Heiss, AndreasFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Karlsruhe U.Measurement of the lifetime of fully reconstructed B mesons with the CDF detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-40 Hall, Carter RandolphFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the isolated direct photon cross section with conversions in $p \bar{p}$ collisions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-39 Martin, Matthew S.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Oxford U.Preliminary Studies Concerning $\Delta \Gamma B_s$ Measurements
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-38 Carlson, John MarkFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Lower limits on large extra dimensions in the Drell-Yan process in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-37 Murgia, SimonaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan State U.Search for large extra dimensions with diphoton events at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-36 Taffard, AgnesCERN-LEP-DELPHI (DELPHI)Liverpool U.Search for the stau slepton at DELPHI & muon identification and Z0 production at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-35 Smith, Chadd ErikFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Search for gluino pair production using like sign top dilepton events
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-34 Zeller, Geralyn P.FNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Northwestern U.A Precise measurement of the weak mixing angle in neutrino - nucleon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-33 Rajaram, DurgaprasadFNAL-E-0756IIT, ChicagoA search for a lepton - number - violating decay of the cascade - minus hyperon
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-32 Pegna, D.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Pavia U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-31 Sani, G.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Pavia U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-30 Ettorre, A.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Pavia U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-29 Mitchell, Ryan EdwardFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Tennessee U.Photoproduction of the K+ K0-(1750)
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-28 Cerutti, A.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Milan U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-26 Kwak, J.W.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Korea U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-25 Hosack, Michael GalenFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Vanderbilt U.A Search for D0 - anti-D0 mixing in semileptonic decays from FOCUS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-24 Ramirez, Juan EduardoFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Colorado U.Lifetime measurement of the charmed strange baryon $\xi_c^+$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-23 Cerrito, LucioFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)University Coll. LondonMeasurement of the leptonic angular distribution in $W$ boson decay as a function of the $W$ transve
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-22 Connolly, Brian M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U.Measurement of the top mass in the all - jets channel with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-21 Sielaff, Jason MurrayFNAL-E-0872 (DONUT)Minnesota U.Observation of the charged current interactions of the tau neutrino
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-20 Bellavance, Angela MariaFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Rice U.Search for the lepton flavor number violating decay K(L) ---> pi0 mu+- e-+ in the full E799II KTeV d
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-19 Graham, Mathew ThomasFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Minnesota U.The Two photon decay of the chi0 state of charmonium
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-18 Affolder, Anthony AllenFNAL-E-0755UC, BerkeleyA Measurement of bottom quark - anti-quark azimuthal production correlations in $p\bar{p}$ collision
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-17 Vidnovic, Theodore, IIIFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Minnesota U.Di-neutral pion production in the triplet P wave states of charmonium
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-16 Engh, Daniel JamesFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Vanderbilt U.A Search for physics beyond the standard model through the three body rare and forbidden charm decay
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-15 Zheng, HaiFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.A Search for large extra dimensions in the jet + missing transverse energy final state in center-of-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-14 Perera, Thushara A.CDMSCase Western Reserve U.The Limiting background in a dark matter search at shallow depth
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-13 Avvakumov, Sergey E.FNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Rochester U.Search for muon neutrino (anti-muon neutrino) ---> electron neutrino (anti-electron neutrino) oscill
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-12 Deliot, FredericFNAL-E-0823 (D0)DAPNIA, SaclayReconstruction et identification des muons dans l'expérience D0 : Etude de la production résonnant
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-11 Gao, TianjieFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.An updated measurement of sin (2 beta) with multiple flavor tags using a tag - combining algorithm
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-10 Brozovic, MarinaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Duke U.Studies of the W / Z production associated with direct photons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-09 Hamm, Jason C.FNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Arizona U.Study of the rare decay K(L) ---> e+ e- mu+ mu- at KTeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-08 Ridel, MelissaFNAL-E-0823 (D0)Orsay, LPTReconstruction du flux d'energie et recherche de squarks et gluinos dans l'experience D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-07 Lee, Robert H.CERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Purdue U.Simulation and study of the CMS endcap muon alignment scheme
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-06 Prasad, ValmikiFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.Measurements of Direct CP - Violation and CPT - Invariance in the Neutral Kaon System
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-05 Sweezy, Jeremy EdGeorgia TechDevelopment of a boron neutron capture enhanced fast neutron therapy beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-04 Patwa, Abid MahmoodFNAL-E-0823 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookThe Forward preshower system and a study of the $J/\psi$ trigger with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-03 Mattson, Mark EdwardFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Carnegie Mellon U.Search for baryons with two charm quarks
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-02 Kasper, Jason J.FNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Northwestern U.Search for two omega meson decays of charmonium resonances produced in proton - anti-proton annihila
FERMILAB-THESIS-2002-01 Munar Ara, AntoniFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Valencia U.Production and electrical characterization tests of the ISL detector and a trigger design for Higgs
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-50 Ngan, Ching-Yuk PaulFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITMeasurement of the $\psi(2S)$ Production Cross Section and Polarization at $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-49 Adamson, PhilipFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Sussex U.An LED calibration system for the MINOS long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-48 Haas, Richard MartinFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Florida U.The Underlying event in hard scattering collisions of proton and anti - proton at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-47 Xu, Qi-chunFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan U.Direct measurement of W boson decay width at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-46 Strumia, FedericaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Geneva U.Search for first generation leptoquarks in the $e \nu j j$ and $e e j j$ Decay Channels in $p\bar{p}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-45 Cerri, A.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa, Scuola Normale SuperioreTitle unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-44 Kim, M.J.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Kyungpook Natl. U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-42 Tanaka, MasashiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for radiative $B$-hadron decays with the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-41 Lundstedt, Carl LaVernFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Nebraska U.A Search for stop squarks in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV utilizing the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-40 Huang, Yi-meiFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan U.Determinations of the mass of the top quark
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-39 Dudko, L.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Moscow State U.Single top quark production at the Tevatron collider in the D0 experiment and phenomenological aspec
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-38 Chang, C.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Korea U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-37 Barberis, S.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Milan U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-35 Erba, S.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Milan U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-34 Pontoglio, C.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Milan U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-33 Ko, Byeong RokFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Korea U.Measurement of branching ratios of D+ and D+(s) hadronic decays to four-body final states containing
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-32 Leros, NicolasFNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP)Lausanne U.Search for CP violation in hyperon decay: Xi / anti-Xi and Lambda / anti-Lambda
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-31 Barrio, Miguel AlejandroFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Chicago U.Measurement of the Dalitz parameters in K(L) ---> pi+ pi- pi0 decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-30 Graham, James AnthonyFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.Measurements of the direct CP violating parameter Re(epsilon-prime / epsilon) and the kaon sector pa
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-29 Safonov, Alexei NikolayevichFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Florida U.Jet fragmentation and predictions of the resummed perturbative QCD
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-28 Goss, Lewis TaylorFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Texas A-MA Search for associated chargino neutralino production in the electron pair + X meson + missing tran
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-27 Okada, KensukeFNAL-E-0872 (DONUT)Nagoya U.Detecting Tau Neutrino Reactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-26 Obertino, MargheritaFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Turin U.Study of the decays of the state 3P0 (chi0) of Charmonium: Chi0 -> JPsi gamma -> e+ e- gamma ; Chi0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-25 Christofek, Leonard StevenFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaAnalysis of the vector boson selfinteraction and the search for anomalous couplings at center-of-mas
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-24 Nakada, HosaiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U., RCCPMeasurement of the diffractive structure function of the anti-proton in 1.8-TeV proton - anti-proton
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-23 Gatti, PaoloFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.Performance of the new tracking system at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-22 Solodsky, AndreiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Observation of diffractive $J/\psi$ production at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-21 Partos, Dana SarahFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Brandeis U.Measurement of the center-of-mass energy dependence of isolated direct photon production in proton a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-20 Hill, Christopher ScottFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UC, DavisMeasurement of the production cross-section ratio top anti-top + jets to top anti-top inclusive in 1
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-19 Olivier, BobFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIISearch for the top quark supersymmetric partner and improvement of the D0 experiment calorimetry for
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-18 Abdesselam, AbdelouahabFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Paris, Lab. Kastler BrosselRecherche de production resonante de sleptons au run I de D0 & identification et mesure des electron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-17 Kulik, YaroslavFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookMeasurement of the $W$ boson mass using electrons at the edge of $D^0$ central calorimeter modules
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-16 Hays, Christopher PaulFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Columbia U.A Search for leptoquark and WZ production with the D0 detector in 1.8-TeV $\sqrt{s} p \bar{p}$ colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-15 Green, Jesse AndrewFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Iowa State U.Search for a neutral technicolor signature in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-14 Goncharov, Maxim T.FNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Kansas State U.Precise measurement of dimon production cross-sections in muon neutrino Fe and anti-muon neutrino Fe
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-13 Bailey, Stephen JohnFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.A Study of $B \to J/\psi K^{(*)} 0 X$ decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-12 Berghaus, PatrickFNAL-E-0872 (DONUT)Kansas State U.First measurement of the tau neutrino charged current interaction cross-section
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-11 Cawlfield, Christopher AlanFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Illinois U., UrbanaStudies of the semileptonic decays of $D$ mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-10 Zhou, ZhangFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Iowa State U.Search for an mSUGRA signature in the electron + jets + missing transverse energy final state in $p\
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-09 Yang, Un-KiFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Rochester U.A Measurement of differential cross-sections in charged current neutrino interactions on iron and a
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-08 Wolinski, David ScottFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Upper limits on rare decays of the top quark using jet flavor tagging in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-07 Estrada Vigil, Juan CruzFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Maximal use of kinematic information for the extraction of the mass of the top quark in single-lepto
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-06 Nicola, Marcello SantoFNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFProduction asymmetry of $\Lambda^0$ and ${\overline{\Lambda}}^0$ in $\pi^{\pm}$, $K^{\pm}$, p -- nuc
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-05 Link, Jonathan MarionFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)UC, DavisStudy of the decay D0 ---> K+ pi- in FOCUS
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-04 Halkiadakis, EvaFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Rutgers U., PiscatawayMeasurements of neutral kaon decays to two electron positron pairs
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-03 Formaggio, Joseph AngeloFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Columbia U.A search for massive exotic particles at the NuTeV neutrino experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-02 Fleming, Bonnie TammingaFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Columbia U.Inner structure and outer limits: Precision QCD and electroweak tests from neutrino experiments
FERMILAB-THESIS-2001-01 Carneiro, J.P.FNAL-ACCELERATOROrsayEtude experimentale du photo-injecteur de Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-59 Golwala, Sunil RamanlalCDMSUC, BerkeleyExclusion limits on the WIMP nucleon elastic scattering cross-section from the Cryogenic Dark Matter
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-58 Hartmann, FrankFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Karlsruhe U., EKPEntwicklungsarbeit am Spurendetektor fur das CDF Experiment am Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-57 Puljak, I.CERN-LHC-CMS (CMS)Ecole PolytechniqueCMS discovery potential for the Higgs boson in the H --> Z Z* --> 4e+- decay channel. Contribution t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-56 Robinson, Andrew JohnFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.Measurement of the top quark transverse momentum distribution
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-54 Giordani, Mario PaoloFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.A Run II trigger design for Higgs boson search at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-53 Speer, T.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Geneva U.Search for the Decays B(0)d --> mu+mu-, B(0)s --> mu+mu- and B(0)s --> mu+mu-phi in Proton-Antiproto
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-52 Shah, TusharFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITMeasurement of $B^0$ Mixing Frequency Using a New Probability Based Self-Tagging Algorithm Applied t
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-51 Mesropian, ChristinaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Measurement of the strong coupling constant from inclusive jet production at the Tevatron collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-50 Terashi, K.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-49 Merlo, M.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Pavia U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-48 Dini, P.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Milan U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-46 Srivastava, MoniqueFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Sao Paulo U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-45 Vorwalter, KlausFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Heidelberg, Max Planck Inst.Determination of the pion charge radius with a silicon microstrip detector system
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-44 Simon, J.FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Heidelberg, Max Planck Inst.Measurement of the electromagnetic radius of the $\Sigma^-$ at 600 {GeV/c}
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-43 Krueger, HenningFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Heidelberg U.Investigation of elastic hadron electron scattering at 540 GeV/c in order to measure the electromagn
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-42 Popkov, EvgenyFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.A Search for squarks and gluinos using the hets and missing energy signature at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-41 Ocherashvili, AharonFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Tel Aviv U.Pion virtual Compton scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-40 Garcia, Fernanda G.FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Sao Paulo U.Hadroproduction of the Lambda(c) charmed baryon by the SELEX-E781 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-39 Reher, Douglas CoreyFNAL-E-0775 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Search for fully hadronic decay modes of the B(c) meson at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-38 Casilum, ZarahFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, BuffaloMeasurement of the ratio of electronically decaying Z+ greater than or equal to 1 jet ---> Z = X cro
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-37 Kaya, MithatFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Iowa U.D(s) charm strange meson production and asymmetry
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-36 Chakravorty, AlakFNAL-E-0756IIT, ChicagoMeasurement of an asymmetry parameter in the decay of the cascade minus hyperon
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-35 Choong, Woon SengFNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP)UC, BerkeleyA Search for direct CP violation in K+- ---> pi+- pi+- decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-34 Keaffaber, Todd A.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.Measurement of the positively charged B meson cross-section in proton anti-proton collisions at 1.8-
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-33 Ozkorucuklu, SuatFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Iowa U.Charged k pi production ratios with Sigma, pi and protons on carbon and copper targets
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-32 Cassada, Josh AaronFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.A Search for new particles decaying into top quark anti-top quark pairs
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-31 Guimaraes da Costa, Joao Pedro BarreiroFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Search for a fourth generation quark more massive than the $Z^0$ boson in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-30 Winn, David JeromeFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the helicity of W bosons in top quark decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-29 Wang, Michael H.L.S.FNAL-E-0690Massachusetts U., AmherstDiffractively produced charm final states in 800-GeV/c proton proton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-28 Negroni, SylvainFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Marseille, CPPMEtude de la detection de la supersymetrie par production de quark top en singlet. Determination de $
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-26 Kikuchi, ToshiakiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U., RCCPSearch for single top quark production in 1.8-TeV $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-25 Snihur, Robert MichaelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.Subjet multiplicity of quark and gluon jets reconstructed with the relative transverse momenta algor
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-24 Shpakov, Dennis LeonidovichFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookA $W$ Boson mass measurement using the ratio of transverse masses of the $W$ and $Z$ bosons in $p p$
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-23 Coney, Linda R.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.Diffractive $W$ and $Z$ boson production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1800-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-22 Quinn, Gene BreeseFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U., EFIA Measurement of the branching ratio and form-factor of K(L) ---> mu+ mu- gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-21 Bright, Stephen TaliaferroFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U., EFIFirst measurement of form-factors of the beta decay of the neutral Xi hyperon
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-20 Vaitaitis, Arturas GenrikasFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Columbia U.Search for neutral heavy leptons in a high-energy neutrino beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-19 Goldman, Jesse MatthewFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Kansas State U.A Next-to-leading order QCD analysis of charged current event rates from neutrino N deep inelastic s
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-18 Trevino, M.C.M.A.D.V.FNAL-E-0897 (BTEV)Puebla U., Inst. Fis.The development of software to characterize the Fermilab pixel readout chip for the BTeV experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-17 Steele, Joseph RobertFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonInclusive cross-section of $J/\psi$ particles in the far forward direction in $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-16 Spiropulu, MariaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.A Blind search for supersymmetry in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV using the missing
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-15 Scott, Andrew FerrellFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UCLAA Measurement of low mass Drell-Yan production at the collider detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-14 Schwienhorst, Reinhard HeinrichFNAL-E-0872 (DONUT)Minnesota U.A new upper limit for the tau neutrino magnetic moment
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-13 Rahimi, Amir M.FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Illinois U., UrbanaAmplitude analyses of the D+, D+(s) ---> K- K+ pi+ and D0 ---> K0(S) K+ K- final states
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-12 Liu, Jin-BoFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.Measurement of $d$ sigma/d y for Drell-Yan $e^{+} e^{-}$ pairs in the $Z$ boson region produced in $
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-11 Limon, M.C.S.V.FNAL-E-0897 (BTEV)Puebla U., Inst. Fis.Design and performance characteristics of the optical readout and control interface for the BTeV pix
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-10 Latino, G.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)INFN, PisaCalorimetric measurements in CDF: A New algorithm to improve the energy resolution of hadronic jets
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-09 Kushnirenko, Alexander YevgenievichFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Carnegie Mellon U.Precision measurements of the Lambda+(c) and D0 lifetimes
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-08 Knuteson, Bruce OwenFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, Berkeley, Astron. Dept.A Quasi model independent search for new high p(T) physics at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-06 Fitch, Michael JamesRochester U.Electrooptic sampling of transient electric fields from charged particle beams
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-05 Devmal, Shiral CleophasFNAL-E-0791Cincinnati U.An experimental study of the decay D0 --> K- K- K+ pi+
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-04 Dagenhart, William DavidFNAL-E-0769Tufts U.Atomic mass dependence of $\Xi^{-}$ baryon and $\bar{\Xi}$+ baryon production in central 250-GeV/c p
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-03 Cropp, Robert JamesFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.A Measurement of the polarization of $J/\psi$ mesons produced in high-energy $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-02 Berryhill, Jeffrey WayneFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U., Astron. Astrophys. Ctr.A search for new physics in photon lepton events in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-2000-01 Alton, Andrew KnightFNAL-E-0815 (NuTeV)Kansas State U.Observation of neutrino induced neutral current charm events
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-67 Kim, HyunsooFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.A Search for a new charged heavy vector boson decaying to a muon-neutrino pair
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-66 Sonnenschein, Andrew HarryCDMSUC, Santa BarbaraA Search for weakly interacting dark matter particles with low temperature detectors capable of simu
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-65 Dorigo, TommasoFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.The Search for Top Quark in the All-Hadronic Decay with the CDF Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-64 Cortabitarte, Rocio VilarFNAL-E-0830 (CDF)Cantabria U., SantanderSearch for the Higgs Boson and Technicolor Particles in p anti-p Colisions at $\sqrt{s} = 1.8$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-63 Chang, P.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Taiwan, Natl. Tsing Hua U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-62 Kim, H.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-61 Handa, T.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Hiroshima U.Search for Technicolor Particles in $p {\bar{p}}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{1.8}$ {TeV}
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-60 Gupta, AmbreeshFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Tata Inst.Search for new physics in anti-p p collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-59 Casimiro Linares, EdgarFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)CINVESTAV, IPN$\Lambda_c^+$ - $\Lambda_c^-$ Production in High Energy Photon-Nucleon Interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-58 Chung, Yeon SeiFNAL-E-0687Korea U.Measurement of Cascade C0 semileptonic decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-57 Ledovskoy, Alexander AndreevichFNAL-E-0771Virginia U.A Measurement of the B anti-B cross-section in 800-GeV/c proton - silicon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-56 Hagan, Karla AnnFNAL-E-0771Virginia U.Hadroproduction of 3p(1) and 3p(2) states of charmonium in 800-GeV/c proton silicon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-55 Nelson, Kenneth DayFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Iowa U.Polarization of Lambda(0) inclusively produced by a 610-GeV/c Sigma- beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-54 Pogodin, Pavel IgorFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Iowa U.Polarization of sigma+ hyperons produced by 800-GeV/c protons on copper and beryllium
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-53 Bevensee, Brendan ElwoodFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.A search for top quark decays to a charged Higgs boson in proton - anti-proton collisions at a cente
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-52 Eddy, Nathan Robert-ClaireFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the top quark mass from $b$ - tagged events in the lepton plus jets channel in $p\bar
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-51 Guillian, Eugene HallFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.= Top quark decay kinematics in fully reconstructed top anti-top events in the electron or muon + E(
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-50 Holck, Christopher MatthewFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Search for scalar top quark and scalar bottom quark in proton anti-proton collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-49 Wahl, John EdwardFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.A Measurement of $R = (\sigma \cdot B (p\bar{p} \to W^\pm \to e^\pm \nu )/(\sigma \cdot B(p\bar{p} \
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-48 Pappas, Stephen PeterFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Yale U.Polarization of decays of B mesons to two vector mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-47 Stancari, Michelle DawnFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)UC, IrvineTwo photon decay widths of charmonium resonances formed in proton anti-proton annihilations
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-45 Pedlar, Todd KristoferFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Northwestern U.A study of two photon decays of charmonium resonances formed in proton anti-proton annihilations
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-43 Sadamoto, MasayoshiFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Osaka U.Search for the Decay KL ->pi0 mu+ mu-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-42 Graham, Gregory EdwinFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.First observation of the rare decay K(L) ---> pi0 e+ e- gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-41 Senyo, KatsumiFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Osaka U.CP Asymmetry in the Decay KL-> pi+ pi- e+ e-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-40 Mikelsons, Peter L.FNAL-E-0299Colorado U.Search for the decay K(L) to pi0 e+ e- and study of the decay K(L) to e+ e- gamma gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-39 Hinrichsen, BjornFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.A Measurement of the dijet mass differential cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-38 Minato, HiroyukiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U., RCCPMeasurement of the $W$ boson transverse momentum distribution in 1.8-TeV $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-37 Akopian, Alexander MichaelFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Scaling violation in inclusive jet production
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-36 Ikeda, HirofumiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Observation of diffractive bottom quark production in 1.8-TeV proton - anti-proton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-35 Moggi, NiccoloFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa U.Soft multiparticle production in $p\bar{p}$ interactions at 1800-GeV and 630-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-34 Hardman, Adam DeanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.A Measurement of the width of the $W$ vector boson in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-33 Kongeter, ArminFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Karlsruhe U.Search for r-parity violating SUSY in the CDF multilepton channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-32 Fox, George FredericFNAL-E-0791South Carolina U.Multidimensional resonance analysis of Lambda+(c) ---> p K- pi+
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-31 Chang, Ting-HuaFNAL-E-0866 (NUSEA)New Mexico State U.Angular distribution of $J/\psi$ decays in dimuon channel in 800-GeV proton copper collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-30 Lee, William MalcolmFNAL-E-0866 (NUSEA)Georgia State U.A Measurement of the nuclear dependence of J / psi and psi-prime production
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-29 Zimmerman, Eric D.FNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U., EFIA Measurement of the branching ratio of pi0 ---> e+ e- using K(L) ---> 3 pi0 decays in flight
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-27 Vaandering, Eric WayneFNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS)Colorado U.Mass and width measurements of $\Sigma_{c}$ baryons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-26 Towell, Rusty ShaneFNAL-E-0866 (NUSEA)Texas U.Measurement of the anti-quark flavor asymmetry in the nucleon sea
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-25 Taylor, Wendy JaneFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.A Measurement of $B$ quark fragmentation fractions in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-24 Steinbrueck, GeorgFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Oklahoma U.Measurement of the angular distribution of electrons from W boson decays at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-23 Smith, Eric HartelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Oklahoma U.Search for charged Higgs bosons in top quark pair decays at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-22 Singh, HarpreetFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, RiversideA Measurement of top quark top anti-quark production cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-T
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-21 Shawhan, Peter SvenFNAL-E-0731Chicago U., Astron. Astrophys. Ctr.Observation of direct CP violation in K(S, L) $\to \pi \pi$ decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-20 Radeztsky, Scott AllanFNAL-E-0791Wisconsin U., MadisonA Dalitz analysis of the D(s) meson decay to three pions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-19 McTaggart, Robert John, IIFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Penn State U.The Angular distribution of electron positron pairs from exclusive charmonium decays in anti-proton
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-18 McDonald, Jeffrey EarlFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U.Search for single top production with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-17 Mauritz, Kristal MonikaFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Iowa State U.Hard single diffraction in anti-proton proton collisions at 1800-GeV and 630-GeV center-of-mass ener
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-16 Kordas, K.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)McGill U.Search for penguin decays of $B$ mesons at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-14 Karr, Kristo MichaelFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tufts U.Measurement of the top quark mass by application of the Dalitz-Goldstein method to dilepton events
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-13 Karmgard, Daniel JohnFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U., SCRISearch for leptoquarks decaying to $\mu$ + $X$ meson with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-12 Gomez, GervasioFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Maryland U.Extraction of the width of the $W$ boson from a measurement of the ratio of the $W$ and $Z$ cross-se
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-11 Gobel Burlamaqui de Mello, CarlaFNAL-E-0791Rio de Janeiro, CBPFStudy of the non-resonant contribution in three-body hadronic decays of the D meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-10 Frame, Katherine ChiyokoFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.Implementation and calibration of a transverse k jet finding algorithm for use in proton - anti-prot
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-09 Done, James PaulFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Texas A-MSearch for supersymmetry using like sign dilepton events at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-08 Davis, Kevin PatrickFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the bottom quark production cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at a center-of-mas
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-07 Choi, SuyongFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Seoul Natl. U.Spin correlation in $t \bar{t}$ production from $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-06 Bruner, Nichelle LeeFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)New Mexico U.A Search for production of scalar top at the Fermilab Tevatron collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-05 Begel, MichaelFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.Production of high mass pairs of direct photons and neutral mesons in a Tevatron fixed target experi
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-04 Baldini, WanderFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Ferrara U.Study of the decay into two $\phi-$mesons of the $\eta_c$ resonance of charmonium formed in $p-\bar{
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-03 Babukhadia, Levan R.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Rapidity dependence of the single inclusive jet cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at the center
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-02 Ambrogiani, M.FNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Ferrara U.Angular distribution of charmonium annihilations
FERMILAB-THESIS-1999-01 Alavi-Harati, AshkanFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Wisconsin U., MadisonObservation and branching fraction measurement of the neutral cascade beta decay at KTeV / E799-II,
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-68 Kim, John HanjuFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.A Measurement of $\alpha_s$ from the Gross-Llewellyn Smith sum rule
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-67 Bloom, Paul CraigFNAL-E-0823 (D0)UC, DavisInvestigation of Trilinear Vector Boson Couplings Through W Boson Pair Production in Dilepton Decay
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-66 Petyt, David AnthonyFNAL-E-0875 (MINOS)Oxford U.A Study of parameter measurement in a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-65 Chung, Daniel Jun HunFermilabClassical Inflation Field Induced Creation of Superheavy Dark Matter
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-63 Dersch, UweFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Inst. Appl. Math., HeidelbergMeasurement of total cross-sections using Sigma, p, pi-, and pi+ at 600 GeV/c laboratory momentum
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-62 Gough Eschrich, Ivo M.FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Heidelberg, Max Planck Inst.Measurement of the sigma- charge radius at the Fermilab Hyperon beam.
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-61 Yang, Shih-Wen M.FNAL-E-0791Kansas State U.Form-factor ratios in the charmed semileptonic weak decays D(s)+- ---> phi lepton+- neutrino
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-60 Morrow, Gregory PeterFNAL-E-0683Rice U.Experimental observation of the photon structure function at 21-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-59 Kinnel, Timothy ScottFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Wisconsin U., MadisonHadronic energy flow in charged current neutrino scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-58 Busetti, N.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-57 Markianos, KyriacosFNAL-E-0690Massachusetts U., AmherstSpin parity measurement of centrally produced (pi+ pi-) in proton proton collisions at 800-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-56 Lin, Tzu-FenFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.A measurement of three Cabibbo suppressed decays of the Lambda(c)+ baryon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-55 Scodellaro, LucaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.Perspectives for Higgs Boson search in Full Hadronic Final States at CDF II
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-54 Scardellato, M.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.Title unknown
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-53 Corbin, Brent AlanFNAL-E-0868 (APEX)UCLAA Search for anti-proton decay into an electron and a neutral pion at the FNAL anti-proton accumulat
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-52 Hu, Martin J.FNAL-E-0868 (APEX)Nebraska U.Search for anti-proton decay to muonic final states at the Fermilab anti-proton accumulator
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-51 Mihalcea, DanielFNAL-E-0791Kansas State U.Measurement of the form-factor ratios for the charm semileptonic decays D+ ---> anti-K*0 lepton+ lep
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-50 Rossin, R.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.Study of the process $B_s \to J/\psi \eta$ at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-49 Ptohos, Fotios K.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ production cross-section using heavy flavor tags in $W^{+}$ greater t
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-48 Juge, Keisuke JimmyFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UC, San DiegoGluonic excitations in quark anti-quark systems
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-47 Nam, Sae WooCDMSStanford U.Development of phonon-mediated cryogenic particle detectors with electron and nuclear recoil discrim
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-46 Hanagaki, KazunoriFNAL-E-0832 (KTeV)Osaka U.Search for the Decay KL->pi0 nu - anti-nu-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-45 Kambara, HisanoriFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Geneva U.Search for second generation leptoquarks in $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV $p^-$ pbar at CDF and silicon detec
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-44 Ashmanskas, William JosephFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Direct measurement of the w boson decay width in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-43 Okabe, MasakazuFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U., RCCPMeasurement of the strong coupling constant from two jet production cross-section in 1.8-TeV proton
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-42 Suzuki, Jun-ichiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U., RCCPObservation of B(c) meson in 1.8-TeV proton - anti-proton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-41 Cocca, ErnestoFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa U.Feasibility Study of $\Lambda_{b}$ Lifetime using It's Semileptonic Decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-40 Kelley, Kenneth FrancisFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITMeasurement of the CP violation parameter $\sin$ 2-beta
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-39 Olsen, James D.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonMeasurement of bottom quark - anti-quark rapidity correlations in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-38 Hoffman, Kara DionFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.The Search for physics beyond the standard model in the $B \bar{B}$ spectrum observed in tevatron $p
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-37 Tamburello, Peter DominicFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Maryland U.Measurement of the top quark production cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV center-of-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-36 Chopra, SaileshFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan U.Measurement of top quark top anti-quark production cross-section and search for new physics beyond t
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-35 Casey, Dylan PatrickFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Measurement of the transverse momentum of dielectron pairs in proton - anti-proton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-34 Zaliznyak, RenataFNAL-E-0791Stanford U., Phys. Dept.Measurement of the form-factor ratios in semileptonic decays of charm mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-33 Yu, YeonsikFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Seoul Natl. U.Search for the double parton scattering with neural network
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-32 Warburton, Andreas T.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.A Study of exclusive nonleptonic decays of $B$ mesons into final states of strange mesons and 1S or
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-31 Vucinic, DejanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITObservation of excited B mesons in proton - anti-proton collisions at 1.8 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-30 Vandenbrink, Stephan ChristopherFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pittsburgh U.Measurement of time dependent $B_{D}$ (0) $\bar{B}$( $D^{)}$ (0) mixing parameter using opposite sid
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-29 Stenson, Kevin M.FNAL-E-0791Wisconsin U., MadisonA Study of neutral d meson production from 500-GeV pi- nucleon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-28 Stancari, GiulioFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Ferrara U.Measurements of the magnetic form-factor of the proton for large timelike momentum transfers
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-27 Solano Salinas, Carlos JavierFNAL-E-0791Rio de Janeiro, CBPFAsymmetry studies in the production of $\Lambda^0/\bar \Lambda^0$, $\Xi^-/\Xi^+$, and $\Omega^-/\Ome
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-26 Snajder, A.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFAnalysis of b quark production in the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-25 Perkins, JillFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Texas U., ArlingtonProbing color singlet exchange in proton anti-proton collisions at 630-GeV and 1800-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-24 Parua, NirmalyaFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Mumbai U.Search for R-parity violating supersymmetry in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-22 McKibben, Thomas Martin, IIFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Illinois U., ChicagoA Measurement of the neutral $B$ meson anti-neutral $B$ meson mixing parameter at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-21 Beck, S.MaytalFNAL-E-0791Tel Aviv U.Search for the pentaquark via the decay P 0 anti-c s -->phi pi rho
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-20 Mason, M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, RiversideSearch for electroweak single top quark production in anti - proton proton interactions at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-19 Maksimovic, PetarFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITObservation of pion - bottom meson charge flavor correlations and measurement of time dependent neut
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-18 Long, Owen R.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.A Proper time dependent measurement of $\Delta$ M($D$) using jet charge and soft lepton flavor taggi
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-17 Kuns, Edward WilliamFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawayA Study of $W$ boson decay charge asymmetry using hadronic $\tau$ decays in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-16 Krane, JohnFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Nebraska U.The ratio of inclusive jet cross-sections at 630-GeV and 1800-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-15 Hu, TongFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Indiana U.Rapidity dependence of inclusive J / psi meson production in p anti-p collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-14 Hsieh, Tzu-Chung FrankFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan U.Measurement of the top quark mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-13 Hawker, Eric AndrewFNAL-E-0866 (NUSEA)Texas A-MMeasurement of the flavor asymmetry in the nucleon sea
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-12 Hahn, Ki SukFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Multijet cross-section ratios in p anti-p collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-11 Groer, Leslie StevanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawayA Search for charged higgs boson decays of the top quark using hadronic decays of the $\tau$ lepton
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-10 Gordon, Andrew ScottFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the $W$ boson mass with the collider detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-09 Genik, Richard Joyner, IIFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.The Search for dilepton signatures from squarks and gluinos in $\bar{p}p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-08 Gartung, Patrick ElmoFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, RiversideSearch for WZ production in the trilepton channel at the Tevatron and limits on the WWZ vertex anoma
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-07 Dittmann, Jay RichardFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Duke U.Measurement of the $W^{+}$ less than or equal to 1 jet cross-section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-06 Di Loreto, Gian GiuseppeFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.The Triple differential dijet cross-section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-05 Carvalho, W.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFStudy of $b$ quark production in $\bar{p}$ proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 630-GeV in the D0 exper
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-03 Bloom, P.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, DavisAnomalous couplings among gauge bosons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1998-02 Bagdasarov, Suren LeonFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Observation of diffractive $W$ boson production at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-69 Zutshi, Vishnu V.FNAL-E-0706Delhi U.Direct photon production in hadron induced collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-68 Bhatnagar, VipinFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Panjab U.Search for top in the electron-muon channel at 1.8-TeV with D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-67 Magana-Mendoza, LeonelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)CINVESTAV, IPNMeasurement of the $Z$ transverse momentum distribution in $\bar{p} p \to Z \to e^+ e-$ events with
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-66 Hernandez-Montoya, Alejandro RaulFNAL-E-0740 (D0)CINVESTAV, IPNMeasurement of $\alpha_s$ from $P_T$ of $Z$ distribution in the D0 Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-65 Gonzalez-Solis, Jose LuisFNAL-E-0740 (D0)CINVESTAV, IPNDirect measurement of the $W$ width in D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-64 Shankar, H.C.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Tata Inst.Search for supersymmetry using leptons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-63 Shaffer, Christopher D.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U.Direct photon plus one and two jet production in proton--antiproton
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-62 Manacero, AleardoFNAL-E-0791Campinas State U.Performance prediction of parallel programs through execution graph simulation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-61 McNulty, Cynthia KayFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.Measurements of R(long) and V(CS) from the CCFR experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-60 Cao, JianweiFNAL-E-0687Vanderbilt U.Search for physics beyond the standard model through rare and forbidden decays of the charmed $D^{+}
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-59 Jin, ZhongFNAL-E-0665Washington U., SeattleThe Perturbative and nonperturbative QCD effects in the azimuthal distribution of hadron jets observ
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-58 Narayanan, Ajay M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the Charge Asymmetry of Muons from $W$ Boson Decay at the D0 Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-57 Avila, CarlosFNAL-E-0710Cornell U., LNSMeasurement of the $p$ anti - $p$ total cross-section at center-of-mass energy of 1800-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-56 Halli, ChafiqFNAL-E-0683Maryland U.Studies of hydrogen and deuterium dijet photoproduction
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-55 Wirjawan, Johannes Vincentius DjokoFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Texas A-MA Search for wino - zino associated production via trileptonic final states with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-54 Wang, GuoliangFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U.Search for the first generation scalar leptoquarks in proton - anti-proton collisions at a center-of
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-53 Adam, Ian MalcolmFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Columbia U.Measurement of the $W$ boson mass with the D0 detector using the electron E($T$) spectrum
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-52 Pripstein, David AaronFNAL-E-0789LBL, BerkeleyA Search for flavor changing neutral currents and lepton family number violation in neutral two-body
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-51 Wilkinson, Richard Paul, IIIFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Hadronic decays of $W$ bosons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-50 Zhang, LiqunFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonObservation of $W^{+} W^{-}$ Production in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-49 Miao, Chyi ChangFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the $t \bar{t}$ Production Cross-Section in the Lepton Plus Jets Channel in $p \bar{p
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-48 Bokhari, WasiqFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITObservation of the Fully Hadronic Decay of $t \bar{t}$ Pairs in $p$ - $\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-47 Daniels, TroyFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITCharmonium Production in proton - anti-proton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-46 Shimojima, M.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Photon Angular Distribution in the $W$ + Photon Production in 1.8-TeV Proton- - A
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-45 Aota, S.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.A Measurement of Top Quark Mass and Kinematic Properties in Fermilab 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Co
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-43 Takano, T.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Cross Section for Diphoton Production in 1.8-TeV Proton- Anti-proton collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-42 Cronin-Hennessy, Daniel PatrickFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Duke U.Tests of Perturbative QCD in $W +$ jets events produced in $\sqrt{s}$ 1.8-TeV $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-41 Hohlmann, MarcusFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.Observation of top quark pairs in the dilepton decay channel using electrons, muons, and taus
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-40 Sato, H.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of W - Photon and Z - Photon Couplings in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-39 Kuwabara, T.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of Time Dependent B0 anti-B0 Mixing in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-38 Titov, Alexey Y.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Observation and study of exclusive decays of beauty baryons at the tevatron proton - anti-proton col
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-37 Couyoumtzelis, ChristianFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Geneva U.Search for the Charged Higgs Boson $H^\pm$ in the Decays $t \to H^{+} b$ by a Direct Measurement of
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-36 Toback, David A.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.Searches for New Physics in Diphoton Event in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-35 Burkett, Kevin AlanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of the lifetime of the $B_{S}$ 0 meson and the width difference in the $B_{S} 0 \bar{B}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-34 Kehoe, Robert Leo Patrick, IIIFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.Search for the top quark in dielectron final states at 1.8-Tev and measurement of the response of th
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-33 Jun, Soon YungFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.The Azimuthal decorrelation of jets widely separated in rapidity
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-32 Jerger, Steven A.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.Inclusive direct photon production in the central and forward rapidity regions in proton - anti-prot
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-31 Chen, WeiFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookIsolated direct double photon production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-30 Ramachandran, SathyadevFNAL-E-0771UCLAParasitic extraction of 900-GeV/c protons from the Tevatron using a bent silicon crystal and measure
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-29 Wallace, Andrew FaulknerFNAL-E-0769Yale U.Hadroproduction of charm mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-28 Varnes, Erich WardFNAL-E-0740 (D0)LBL, BerkeleyMeasurement of the top quark mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-27 Tripathi, Arun K.FNAL-E-0791Ohio State U.Search for D0 - anti-D0 mixing using semileptonic decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-26 Tollefson, Kirsten AnneFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.A Measurement of the top quark mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-25 Thomas, Tracy Lea TaylorFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.Strongly interacting color singlet exchange in proton - anti-proton collisions at 1800-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-24 Tarazi, Jamal NabilFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, IrvineA Measurement of the cross-section ratio of the $W$ and $Z$ electronic decays and the total width of
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-23 Tannenbaum, BennFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)New Mexico U.A Search for chargino neutralino production at the Fermilab Tevatron collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-22 Singh, Prem P.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pittsburgh U.Search for the $B_{C}$ meson at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-21 Seligman, William GlennFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Nevis Labs, Columbia U.A Next-to-leading order QCD analysis of neutrino - iron structure functions at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-20 Ramos, D.M.I.M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Zaragoza U.Measurement of the Angular Distribution of the Electron from $W \to e + \nu$ Decay, in $p\bar{p}$ at
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-19 Peters, Marc DavidFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Measurement of $B$ meson oscillations using inclusive leptons in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-18 Mathew, Prakash ParayilFNAL-E-0781 (SELEX)Carnegie Mellon U.Construction and evaluation of a high resolution silicon microstrip tracking detector, and, utilizat
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-17 Lyon, Adam LeonardFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Maryland U.A Search for squarks and gluinos using the jets and missing energy signature at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-16 Lauer, Bryan AdrianFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Iowa State U.A Search for high mass photon pairs in $p_{bar} p$ going to $\gamma \gamma J$ - $J$ events at 1.8-Te
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-15 Langen, Katja MariaFNAL-ACCELERATORWisconsin U., MadisonMicrodosimetric Investigation at the fast neutron therapy facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-14 Kotcher, JonathanFNAL-E-0740 (D0)New York U.Response of the D0 calorimeter to cosmic ray muons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-13 Keyvan, FarhadFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UCLAA Search for supersymmetric quarks and gluons in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV with the CDF detec
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-12 Joffe-Minor, Tacy MarieFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.A measurement of the ratio of production cross-sections for $W$ + 1 jet to $W$ + 0 jets at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-10 Hurvits, GilhadFNAL-E-0791Tel Aviv U.Search for the pentaquark via the decay $P^0_{\bar{c} s} \to K^{*} K p$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-09 Hernandez, Alberto SanchezFNAL-E-0740 (D0)CINVESTAV, IPNSearch for anomalous $WW/WZ$ forward $e \nu jj$ production at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-08 Grudberg, Peter MatthewFNAL-E-0740 (D0)LBL, BerkeleyMeasurement of the $W$ and $Z$ boson production cross-section in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-07 Fahland, Tom R.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Brown U.Test of the electroweak sector of the standard model by measuring the anomalous $WW(\gamma)$ couplin
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-06 da Silva Carvalho, HendlyFNAL-E-0791Rio de Janeiro, CBPFBranching fraction measurement of the doubly Cabibbo suppressed $D^{+} \to K^{-} K^{+} K^{+}$ decay
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-05 Cullen-Vidal, David EdwardFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Brown U.Color coherent radiation in multi - jet events from proton - anti-proton collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-04 Convery, Mary ElizabethFNAL-E-0864Case Western Reserve U.A Disoriented chiral condensate search at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-03 Colby, Eric RalphFNAL-ACCELERATORUCLADesign, construction, and testing of a radiofrequency electron photoinjector for the next generation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1997-01 Blanford, Glenn Delfosse, Jr.FNAL-E-0862 (ANTIHYDROGEN)UC, IrvineObservation of relativistic anti-hydrogen atoms
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-86 Yunger, John A.Northern Illinois U.Predation, Competition, and Abiotic Disturbance: Population Dynamics of Small Mammals
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-85 Robutti, EnricoFNAL-E-0760Genoa U.Un esperimento di spettroscopia del charmonio in annichilazioni protone-antiprotone ad alta luminosi
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-83 Bacigalupi, John P.FNAL-E-0706UC, DavisStrange particle production in awayside jets in high p(t) pi0 and direct photon triggered events in
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-82 Yetter, JohnFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northern Illinois U.Search for Z -> bb decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-80 Fan, QunFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.A Measurement of the lepton charge asymmetry in $W$ decays produced in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-79 Reyes, Marco A.FNAL-E-0690Guanajuato U., FIMEEPartial Wave Analysis of the Process pp -> p_s (KsKs) p_f at 800 GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-78 Belyaev, A.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Moscow State U.Theoretical simulation of some fundamental processes for colliders of new generation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-77 Martin, ManuelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Barcelona U.Measurement of the angular distribution of the electron from W to e-nu decay, in p anti-p at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-76 Masciocchi, SilviaCERN-WA-089Heidelberg U.Silicon microstrip detectors and the measurement of lifetimes of charmed hadrons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-75 Spentzouris, Linda KlampNorthwestern U.Coherent nonlinear longitudinal phenomena in unbunched synchrotron beams
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-74 Zou, YuFNAL-E-0621Rutgers U., PiscatawaySearch for CP violation in the decay of the short lived neutral kaon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-73 Gianini, GabrieleFNAL-E-0687Pavia U.Distribuzioni di molteplicita' carica nell'urto fotone-Berillio tra 100 e 300 GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-72 Witchey, Nicholas JamesFNAL-E-0791Ohio State U.Search for flavor changing neutral current decays of charm mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-71 Arroyo, Carlos GerardoFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.A Measurement of the weak mixing angle in neutrino - nucleon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-70 Madden, Patrick BeacomFNAL-E-0665UC, San DiegoMeasurement of forward hadron multiplicity ratios in inelastic muon scattering on nuclei
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-69 Traynor, Michael M.FNAL-E-0683Rice U.Search for evidence of photoproduction of higher twist QCD events at experiment 683 at Fermi Nationa
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-68 Chou, Ping JungFNAL-ACCELERATORNorthwestern U.The Nature of transverse beam instabilities at injection in the Fermilab main ring
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-67 Sosebee, Mark DouglasFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Texas U., ArlingtonA Search for supersymmetric particles with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-66 Kasper, Penelope A.FNAL-E-0791IIT, ChicagoOrbitally excited charm - strange mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-65 Culy, Steven W.FNAL-E-0687Colorado U.Measurement of the form-factors and branching ratio for the charmed meson semileptonic decay mode po
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-64 Osborne, George B., IIIFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.Direct photon and neutral meson production at high transverse momentum by negative 515-GeV/c pions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-63 Smith, Andrew JamesFNAL-E-0760UC, IrvineA Study of select decays of J / psi and psi-prime states produced in anti-proton - proton annihilati
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-62 Gianoli, AlbertoFNAL-E-0760Ferrara U.Glueball search in proton anti-proton annihilation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-61 Stockwell, Walter KennethCDMSUC, BerkeleyA Cryogenic search for WIMP dark matter
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-60 Da Silva, Angela JaneCDMSBritish Columbia U.Development of a low background environment for the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-59 Barnes, P.D., Jr.CDMSUC, BerkeleyThe Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS)
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-58 Rolli, SimonaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pavia U.Fragmentation Phenomena on QCD: Fragmentation Functions Approach and Parton Shower
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-57 Romano, James C.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U., EFIA Search for Top Quark Pair Production in the Dilepton Decay Mode
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-56 Azfar, FarrukhFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the lifetime of the B(s)0 meson using the exclusive decay mode B(s)0 ---> J / psi phi
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-55 Gallinaro, MicheleFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rome U.Observation of the Top Quark at CDF in the Dilepton Channel with Electrons Muons and Taus
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-54 Azzi, PatriaziaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Padua U.Observation of Top Quark at CDF in the All Hadronic Mode
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-53 Mitsushio, H.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of Neutral B Meson Mixing in Electron-Muon Events in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collis
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-52 Hamilton, Rowan TerrellFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of proton charm production in proton - anti-proton collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-51 Ino, T.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of Prompt Photon Production in 1.8-TeV Proton - Antiproton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-50 Kato, Y.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Osaka City U.Search for Chargino - Neutralino Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-49 Baumann, Thomas PatrickFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.A Search for Third Generation Leptoquarks in Proton - Antiproton Collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-48 Kestenbaum, David SamuelFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.Observation of top quark anti-top quark production using a soft lepton B tag in proton anti-proton c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-47 Maghakian, Arthur GeorgeFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rockefeller U.Direct Photon Differential Cross-Section in Antiproton - Proton Collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-46 Tseng, Jeffrey Chun-LeeFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Observation of semileptonic decays of baryons containing bottom quarks at the Fermilab tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-45 Houk, Gareth M.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Identification of top quark production using kinematic and $B$ tagging techniques in the lepton + je
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-44 Martin, AndrewFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA search for top quarks in proton - anti-proton collisions using dileptons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-43 Koehn, Phillip ToddFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.Measurement of the Heavy Flavor Content of Jets in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-42 Metzler, Scott DeanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the Ratio of Branching Ratios B($B^+ \to J/\psi \pi^+$) / B($B^+ \to J/\psi K^+$) and
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-41 Wei, ChaoFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Duke U.Search for new particles decaying to dijets in proton - anti-proton collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-40 Hayashi, EiichiroFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for New Neutral Gauge Bosons in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-39 Cammerata, Jeffrey DonaldFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.A Lifetime Measurement of the Exclusive Charged and Neutral B Meson States
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-38 Yeh, P.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Taiwan, Natl. Taiwan U.Measurement of Top Quark Mass from Dilepton Events using Invariant Mass of Lepton and b Jet
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-37 Sganos, George SerafimFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Toronto U.A Study of B Meson Decays Involving a $J / \psi$ Meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-36 Yoshikawa, Cary YujiFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Hawaii U.The Top quark in muon + jet events from 1.8-TeV $p\bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-35 Vititoe, David LeeFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the inclusive bottom quark production cross-section and bottom anti-bottom Azimuthal
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-34 Nang, FreedyFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Brown U.The Measurement of the inclusive triple differential dijet cross-section at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-33 Liu, Yi-ChengFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.Measurement of direct photon cross-section in the forward pseudorapidity region at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-32 Li, HailinFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookThe Measurement of $\sigma (p\bar{p} \to W) \cdot Br (W \to \tau^- \nu)$ and a test of lepton univer
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-31 Lebrat, Jean-FrancoisFNAL-E-0740 (D0)OrsayLa recherche du quark top dans le canal e + jets a D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-30 Kim, Chang LyongFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Korea U.A study of the azimuthal decorrelation between jets with large rapidity separation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-29 Jaques, James JustinFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.Study of color coherence effects in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-28 Romosan, AlexandruFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.High statistics search for muon-neutrino (anti-muon-neutrino) ---> electron-neutrino (anti-electron-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-27 Nehring, Matthew S.FNAL-E-0687Colorado U.Measurement of the neutral charmed meson semileptonic decays $D^0 \to K^{-} e^{+} \nu_e$ and $D^0 \t
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-26 Cinquini, LucaFNAL-E-0687Colorado U.Analysis of charm meson semileptonic decays and charm baryon high mass states
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-25 Yu, IntaeFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Yale U.Measurement of bottom quark - bottom anti-quark production correlations, neutral B - neutral anti-B
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-24 Xu, Hao-weiFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Brown U.Search for the top quark in the electron + jets + soft muon channel at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-23 Won, EunilFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Top quark production in multi - jet final states
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-22 Tartarelli, F.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Milan U.Measurement of the CKM element V tb at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-21 Striley, David LynnFNAL-E-0706Missouri U.Large transverse momentum pi-0 meson production by 0.5-TeV/C p, pi+ and k+ incident on beryllium
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-20 Pillai, Manoj KumarFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.A Search for new gauge bosons in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-19 Olivieri, David NicholasFNAL-ACCELERATORMassachusetts U., AmherstA Dynamic momentum compaction factor lattice for improvements to stochastic cooling in storage rings
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-18 McKinley, James Walter ThomasFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.A measurement of the inclusive Drell-Yan $e^{+} e^{-}$ cross-section in the invariant mass range of
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-17 Matthews, John N.FNAL-E-0773Rutgers U., PiscatawayMeasurement of the CP violation parameter eta+- gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-16 Leslie, JudyFNAL-E-0791UC, Santa CruzProbing hadroproduction processes with charm meson pairs from 500-GeV pi- interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-15 Kruse, Mark CharlesFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.Observation of top quark pair production in the dilepton decay channel from $p\bar{p}$ collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-14 Kelly, Michael LawrenceFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.Test of the standard model of electroweak interactions by measuring the anomalous $W W \gamma$ coupl
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-13 Hu, TingFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookA measurement of the cross-section ratio of the $W$ boson and $Z$ boson muonic decays and the total
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-12 Hans, Randal MiltonFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Yale U.Polarization in vector-vector decay of B mesons at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-11 Glenn, Steven MichaelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, DavisA search for self interactions of neutral electroweak gauge bosons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-10 Flattum, Eric M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.A measurement of the $W$ boson mass in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-09 Fein, David KevinFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the $b \bar{b}$ cross-section and correlations using dimuon events in $p \bar{p}$ col
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-08 Fatyga, Mary KathrynFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Dijet Angular Distributions in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 1.8$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-07 Chang, Ssu-MinFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northeastern U.Search for the Top Quark in the $e +$ Jets with $\mu^-$ Tag Channel at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-06 Campos Torres, Marcia MariaFNAL-E-0821Michigan U.Neutron radiation fields outside shielding at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-05 Bhattacharjee, M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Delhi U.Transverse energy and cone size dependence of the inclusive jet cross-section at a center-of-mass en
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-04 Goldschmidt, AzrielFNAL-E-0740 (D0)LBL, BerkeleyA Search for right-handed $W$ bosons in $\bar{p} p$ collisions with the D0 detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-03 Asakawa, TakashiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Properties of High-mass Multijet Events at the Fermilab Proton - Anti-proton Collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-02 Amidi, ErfanFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northeastern U.A Search for top quark using artificial neural networks
FERMILAB-THESIS-1996-01 Alvarez, GeneFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Indiana U.Beauty at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-77 Sanchez-Hernandez, AlbertoMexico, ESFMLa Resonancia J/psi y sus Implicaciones Para La Masa Del W
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-76 Pallavicini, MarcoFNAL-E-0760Genoa U.Un esperimento di formazione di stati del charmonio in annichilazione P-Pbarra
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-75 Camanzi, BarbaraFNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM)Ferrara U.Study and construction of a cylindrical scintillating fiber detector for experiment E835 at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-74 Rimai, AttilaFNAL-E-0735Purdue U.Search for phase transition signatures in high-energy hadronic and heavy ion interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-73 Dunn, Robert AndrewFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of $\sigma\cdot$ Br($W \to \tau + \nu+$jets) via Precision Tracking in $\bar{p} p$ Colli
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-72 Rubinov, Paul MichaelFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookThe Center-of-mass angular distribution of direct photons at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV observed with the
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-71 Johari, HossainFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northeastern U.W pair production in anti-p p collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 1.8$ TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-70 Woods, David McDillFNAL-E-0800Minnesota U.A Study of polarization in hyperon production processes
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-69 Wallace, Noah BenjaminFNAL-E-0800Minnesota U.A Precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the omega- hyperon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-68 Nakaya, TsuyoshiFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Osaka U.Measurement of the Branching Ratio of KL->eegg
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-67 Gu, PingFNAL-E-0773Rutgers U., PiscatawayMeasurements of neutral kaon decays to four leptons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-66 Schwingenheuer, BernhardFNAL-E-0773Chicago U.A Test of CPT symmetry by measuring the phase difference Phi(00) Phi(+-) in the neutral kaon system
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-65 Saito, N.FNAL-E-0704Kyoto U.Measurements of single transverse spin asymmetry and cross-section for direct photon productions in
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-64 Chung, Woo-HyunFNAL-E-0706Pittsburgh U.A Study of the event structure in high p(T) direct photon and pi0 production by 515-GeV/c pi- and 80
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-63 Makino, SeijiFNAL-E-0704Kyoto U.Measurements of the double spin asymmetry $A_{LL}$ and the invariant double differential cross secti
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-62 Lefmann, Walter CaffallFNAL-E-0777Columbia U.A Search for leptoquarks in neutrino - nucleon scattering in the CCFR detector at the Fermilab Tevat
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-61 Weaver, Matthew JohnFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)UCLAA Search for direct CP violation in the rare decay of the longlived kaon into a pi0, neutrino, and a
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-60 Timm, Steven CharlesFNAL-E-0761Carnegie Mellon U.Physics of polarized hyperons: Production polarization of sigma- and Xi- and radiative decay of sigm
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-59 Bravar, AlessandroFNAL-E-0581Iowa U.Measurement of spin observables in inclusive lambda and K(s)0 production with a 200-GeV polarized pr
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-58 Wu, Ze-yuanFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.Measurement of the energy dependence of the photoproduction of D*+- mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-57 Briere, Roy A.FNAL-E-0773Chicago U.Precise measurements of the parameters $\phi_\pm$, $\Delta m$, and $\tau_s$ in the neutral kaon syst
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-56 Carozza, James L.FNAL-E-0545Tufts U.Meson production in u quark fragmentation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-55 Spencer, Matthew BrandonFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)UCLAA Measurement of the muonic Dalitz decay of the neutral kaon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-54 Langland, Jerry LynnFNAL-E-0761Iowa U.Hyperon and anti-hyperon production in P - Cu interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-53 Kuehler, John FredrickFNAL-E-0706Oklahoma U.An Analysis of pi0 mesons produced in minimum bias 515-GeV/c pi- nuclear collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-52 Sorrell, Lee RonaldFNAL-E-0706Michigan State U.Measurement of the nuclear dependence of direct photon and neutral meson production at high transver
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-51 O'Reilly, BrianFNAL-E-0687Northwestern U.Study of the semileptonic decay D+ ---> anti-K(s)0 mu+ neutrino
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-50 Cote, PierreFNAL-E-0531Ottawa U.Recherche et analyse d'interactions de neutrinos dans l'emulsion nucleaire
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-49 Bratzler, UweFNAL-E-0665Washington U., SeattleEnergy loss of high-energy muons in matter in context of large scale muon detector design
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-48 Blusk, Steven RoyFNAL-E-0706Pittsburgh U.Measurement of the production cross-section of charm mesons at high transverse momentum in 515-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-47 Peng, Kuang-Chung (K.C.)FNAL-E-0791IIT, ChicagoA Study of the charged two-body decays of the neutral D mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-46 Banerjee, ArijitFNAL-E-0665Pennsylvania U.Backward particle production in muon scattering at 470-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-45 Baillie, Peter GrantFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UCLABottom hadron decays
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-44 Ginsburg, Camille MarieFNAL-E-0760Northwestern U.Spectroscopy of J / psi and psi-prime charmonium resonances
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-43 Broemmelsiek, Daniel RobertFNAL-E-0760UC, IrvineTwo-body electromagnetic final states produced in anti-proton - proton annihilations
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-42 Irwin, Kent DavidCDMSStanford U.Phonon-mediated particle detection using superconducting tungsten transition-edge sensors
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-41 Anway-Wiese, Carol ElizabethFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UCLASearch for Rare Decays of the B Meson at 1.8-TeV $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-40 Trokenheim, StevenFNAL-E-0760Northwestern U.Precision measurements of anti-proton - proton elastic scattering at small momentum transfers.
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-39 Keup, Randy MichaelFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of the mass of the $W$ vector boson from $\bar{p} p \to W^\pm \to \mu^\pm \nu_\mu$ at
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-38 Lucchesi, D.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa U.Measurement of time dependent B0(d) - anti-B0 mixing at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-37 Oishi, R.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Cross Section for Charmed Meson Production Associated with a Prompt Photon in 1.8
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-36 Neuberger, DirkFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UCLAStudies of Weak Boson - Photon Production in $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at the Tevat
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-35 Hauger, Susanne AndreaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Duke U.Measurement of $Z^0 \to e^{+} e^{-} + N$ Jet Cross-Sections in $\bar{p} p$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-34 Glenzinski, Douglas AndrewFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Observation of the top quark in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at a center-mass-energy of 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-33 Meschi, E.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa, Scuola Normale SuperioreA Measurement of the B0 - anti-B0 mixing Using Muon Pairs at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-32 Hawk, Carol MargaretFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawayThe Lead jet pseudorapidity distribution of direct photon events in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-31 Gonzalez-Atavales, Julio B.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the ratio Br (B+ ---> J / psi K+) / Br (B0 ---> J / psi K0) at the collider detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-30 Siergiej, Donna MarieFNAL-ACCELERATORNew Mexico U.Beam-beam interaction effects in the Fermilab collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-29 Vaca-Alvarez, Francisco JavierFNAL-E-0672Illinois U., ChicagoA Search for $lambda_b$ in $\pi^{-}$ a collisions at 515-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-28 Yang, JieFNAL-E-0740 (D0)New York U.Measurement of the width of the $W$ boson in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-27 Snyder, Scott StuartFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookMeasurement of the top quark mass at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-26 Smith, Alexander BairdFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the $\upsilon$ and Drell-Yan production cross-sections at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV using
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-25 Oguri, VitorFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rio de Janeiro, CBPFInclusive bottom production in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV at D0 central detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-24 Murphy, Christopher R.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Indiana U.Inclusive J / psi production at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-23 Madden, RobertFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U.Direct photon production and search for excited quarks with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-22 Rocha de Lima, Jose GuilhermeFNAL-E-0691Rio de Janeiro, CBPFStudy on the inclusive production cross-section of forward muons in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-21 Goforth, Mark A.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Florida State U.Search for squarks and gluinos with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-20 Jiang, Zhi-YuFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookMeasurement of the $Z$ boson transverse momentum distribution in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-19 James, Eric B.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Measurement of the $B^0$ - $\bar{B}^0$ mixing parameter using dimuon events collected with the D0 de
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-18 Huehn, Thorsten BernhardFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, RiversideA Measurement of bottom quark production in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV.
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-17 Fahey, Salvatore T.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.Direct photon production at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-16 Eppley, Geary W.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rice U.Search for additional gauge bosons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-15 Cretsinger, Cathy ElaineFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Search for the top quark in the all jets channel
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-14 Balderston, John M.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Hawaii U.Investigation of heavy quark production by gluon splitting from analysis of muons in QCD jets at the
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-13 Evangelista, ElenaFNAL-E-0771Lecce U.Produzione e decadimento della psi (2s) in interazioni adroniche a E (c.m.) = 38.7 GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-12 Hanlet, PierrickFNAL-E-0771Virginia U.Inclusive measurements of the $\eta$ cross-section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 38.8 GeV in proton - silicon inte
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-11 Durandet, Casey MichelleFNAL-E-0771Wisconsin U., MadisonA Study of neutral strange particle production at $\sqrt{s}$ = 38.8-GeV in $p$ - Si interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-10 Astorga Vergara, Juan FranciscoFNAL-E-0769Tufts U.A Cross-section measurement of charm hyperons Xi(c)+ and Xi(c)0 in 250-GeV p / K / pi - nucleon inte
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-09 Passmore, David A.FNAL-E-0769Tufts U.Search for sigma(c) ---> Lambda(c) pi using Lambda(c) ---> sigma(s) pi pi in 250-GeV pi- nucleon int
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-08 Blackett, Kathleen DanyoFNAL-E-0687Tennessee U.The Photoproduction of possible hybrid mesons at average (E gamma) = 110-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-07 Swiatek, Joseph AlexanderFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.A Study of charm baryons containing a lambda baryon in the final state
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-06 Greene, Rodney LennartFNAL-E-0687Illinois U., UrbanaNonleptonic decays of charm mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-05 Johns, Will E.FNAL-E-0687Colorado U.Measurements of the semileptonic decay of the neutral charmed meson $D^0 \to K^{-} \mu^{+}$ muon-neu
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-04 Grim, Gary P.FNAL-E-0687UC, DavisDoubly cabibbo suppressed $D^{+}$ decays and singly Cabibbo suppressed $D^{+}_s$ decays in 220 GeV $
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-03 Kotwal, Ashutosh VijayFNAL-E-0665Harvard U.Proton and deuteron structure functions in muon scattering at 470-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-02 Perera, Lalith P.FNAL-E-0791Cincinnati U.An Experimental study of the Cabibbo suppressed decay D0 ---> K+ K- pi+ pi-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1995-01 de Barbaro, LucynaFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.Omega meson production at high transverse momentum by negative 515-GeV/c pions incident on beryllium
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-70 Wang, JinsongFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.Search for the Top Quark Decaying to a Charged Higgs Boson in $\bar{p}p$ Collisons at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-69 Demina, ReginaFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northeastern U.J/psi from chi Production in proton-antiproton Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-68 Pluquet, AlainFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Paris U., VI-VIIElectron identification in the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-67 Chang, PaotiFNAL-E-0706Northeastern U.Massive pi0-pi0, pi0 - pi-, and pi0 - pi+ production from 515 GeV/c pi- collisions with beryllium an
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-66 Dlugosz, WieslawFNAL-E-0706Northeastern U.The Production of high pT pi0 mesons in 515 GeV/c pi-- nucleus collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-65 Varelas, NikosFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.pi0 Production at high transverse momenta from pi- collisions at 520-GeV/c on Be and Cu targets
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-64 Lee, Shu-yuFNAL-E-0690Massachusetts U., AmherstLambda polarization in exclusive and diffractive inclusive final states produced in proton proton di
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-63 Lincoln, Donald W.FNAL-E-0683Rice U.Observation of jet photoproduction and comparison to Monte Carlo simulation
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-62 Roberts, Douglas AlanFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)UCLAThe first search for the rare decay K0(L) ---> pi0 pi0 gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-61 Graves, William SproullFNAL-ACCELERATORWisconsin U., MadisonMeasurement of transverse emittance in the Fermilab booster
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-60 Friedrich, John Robert, IIFNAL-P-0865Texas U., DallasB0 - anti-B0 mixing study for a fixed target proton beam experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-59 Cole, Benjamin Holland, IIFNAL-E-0778North Texas State U.Transport processes in synchrotrons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-58 Roser, Robert MartinFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.Eta production at high transverse momentum by negative 520-Ge/c pions incident on beryllium and copp
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-57 King, Bruce JamesFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.A Precise measurement of the weak mixing angle in neutrino - nucleon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-56 Thompson, William JosephFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for the top quark in the muon + jets channel at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-55 Wiener, James StephenFNAL-E-0791Princeton U.Doubly Cabibbo suppressed decays of the charged D meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-54 Guglielmo, Gerald MichaelFNAL-E-0800Minnesota U.Measurement of the decay asymmetries of the Omega- baryon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-53 Lu, Xian-PingFNAL-ACCELERATORColorado U.Study of a longitudinal coupled bunch instability in the Fermilab main ring
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-52 Sperka, Daniel JamesCESR-CLEO (CLEO)UC, Santa BarbaraPart 1. An exclusive semileptonic decay of the D+ meson: Part 2. CLEO silicon vertex detector resear
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-51 Harris, Deborah AppelFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.The Search for the decays K(L) ---> pi0 lepton+ lepton-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-50 Santha, Attanagoda K.S.FNAL-E-0791Cincinnati U.A Study of charmed meson decays using the 500-GeV pi beam at the Fermi National Accelerator Laborato
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-48 Bazarko, Andrew OrestFNAL-E-0744Columbia U.Determination of the strange quark distribution from a next-to-leading order QCD analysis of neutrin
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-47 Hatcher, Robert WilliamFNAL-E-0733Michigan State U.Multi - muon final states in neutrino - nucleon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-46 Spentzouris, PanagiotisFNAL-E-0665Northwestern U.Measurement of the structure function ratio F2($n$) / F2($p$) in muon - nucleon scattering at low $x
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-45 Guo, RurngshengIllinois U., ChicagoThe Study of Bose-Einstein correlation in deep inelastic mu - nucleon and mu - nucleus scattering at
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-44 Dougherty, William MichaelFNAL-E-0665Washington U., SeattleCharge distributions of leading hadrons from 475-GeV muon - nucleus scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-43 Carroll, Timothy J.FNAL-E-0665Illinois U., ChicagoObservation of nuclear shadowing at low X(Bj) in carbon, calcium and lead
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-41 Swartz, Raymond Lee, Jr.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of $R_\mu = \sigma(W \to \mu\nu) / \sigma(Z^0 \to \mu^{+} \mu^-)$ in $p\bar{p}$ Collis
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-40 McFarland, Kevin ScottFNAL-E-0799 (KTeV)Chicago U.A Measurement of the branching ratio of pi0 ---> e+ e-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-39 Kardelis, David AnthonyFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of $\sigma\cdot B(Z^0 \to \mu^{+} \mu^-)$ in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-38 Roach-Bellino, MaryFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tufts U.$Z+\gamma$ Cross-Section Measurement, $\sigma*BR(Z+\gamma)$, in the Electron Channel for $p\bar{p}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-37 Kopp, Sacha E.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.A Measurement of the ratio R identically = $\sigma\cdot B$ ($p\bar{p} \to W \to e$ neutrino) / $\sig
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-36 Wester, William Carl, IIIFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)UC, BerkeleyA Measurement of the mass of the $B_s$ 0 meson in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-35 Bailey, Mark W.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.Measurement of the B quark and B meson cross-sections in proton - anti-proton collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-34 Chikamatsu, TakeshiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Top Quark Search in the Dilepton Channel in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-33 Mattingly, Robert B.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Brandeis U.The Cross-Section for the Production of $b \bar{b}$ pairs in the $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-32 Farhat, Baber KhanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)MITSearch for the Top Quark at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-31 Cobal-Grassmann, MarinaFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)INFN, PisaSearch for the top quark at CDF: Studying the structure of events with one lepton, a neutrino and je
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-30 Leone, SandraFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa U.Search for the top quark at CDF in events with two charged leptons, neutrinos and hadronic jets
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-29 Turini, N.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Bologna U.Measurement of J / Psi and b quark cross-section at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-28 Saltzberg, David PaulFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.Measurement of the W boson mass
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-27 Dell'Agnello, SimoneFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)INFN, PisaTop Quark Search with Secondary Vertexing Tags in $W$ + Multi - jet Events in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-26 Badgett, William Farris, Jr.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of $\sigma\cdot B(W\to\mu\nu)$, $\sigma\cdot B(Z^0\to\mu^+\mu^-)$ and $R_\mu=\sigma\cdot
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-25 Cen, YiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the $B_{s}$ Meson Lifetime
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-24 Tonnison, James IanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.Search for the Top Quark in Lepton Plus Jets Events at the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-23 Spies, Alan RichardFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.A Measurement of the Charged and Neutral B Meson Lifetimes Using Fully Reconstructed Decay Modes
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-22 Takano, M.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Cross Section for Production of Two Isolated Prompt Photons in 1.8-TeV Proton- -
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-21 Dickson, MarkFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.The Charge asymmetry in $W$ boson decays produced in $p \bar{p}$ collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-20 Vondracek, Mark FrankFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of $\sigma\cdot$Br($W + \gamma$) and $\sigma\cdot$BR($Z + \gamma$) and Search for Anomal
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-19 Watts, Gordon ThomasFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rochester U.Evidence for Top Quark Production in $\bar{p} p$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-17 Song, Tae YungFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Michigan U.Measurement of Bottom Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV using Muon Impact
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-16 Zhu, QiangFNAL-E-0740 (D0)New York U.Measurement of the $W$ boson mass in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-15 Paterno, Marc FrancisFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookA Search for squarks and gluinos in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV with the D0 dete
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-14 Pang, MyungyunFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Iowa State U.Search for Top in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV by Constrained Kinematic Fitting
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-13 May, Brent JosephFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Rapidity gaps between jets in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-12 Abbott, Brad K.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Purdue U.Jet transverse energy shape in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-11 Landsberg, Gregory LeonidFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookTest of the standard model of electroweak interactions by measuring the anomalous $Z Z \gamma$ and $
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-10 Hirosky, Robert JamesFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Response of $D^0$ U-LAr calorimeters at low-energies and the effect of oxygen contamination on obser
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-09 Hall, Raymond EdwardFNAL-E-0740 (D0)UC, RiversideSearch for the top quark in dimuon events at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-08 Heuring, Terry CharlesFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookElectrons in the D0 central calorimeter: A study of the systematic biases in the measurements of the
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-07 Gerber, Cecilia ElenaFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Buenos Aires U.Measurement of the production and muonic decay rate of $W$ and $Z$ bosons in $p\bar{p}$ collisions a
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-06 Elvira, Victor DanielFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Buenos Aires U.Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Sections at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-05 Chakraborty, DhimanFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookA Search for $t \bar{t} \to$ electron + missing E($t$) + jets signature in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-04 Borders, John PaulFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.Optimization of jet energy resolution and response of the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-03 Balamurali, V.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Notre Dame U.Search for the top quark in the dielectron channel in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1994-02 Blankman, Alan JayFNAL-E-0771Pennsylvania U.Search for B mesons in high transverse momentum single muon events in experiment 771 at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-67 Wenzel, Hans-JoachimFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)RWTH Aachen U.Measurement of the Inclusive B-Lifetime Using $\rm {J/\psi}$'s at the CDF Experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-66 Pagliarone, Carmine E.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa U.The New muon system for the CDF experiment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-65 Harkay, Katherine CeceliaPurdue U.A Study of longitudinal instabilities and emittance growth in the Fermilab booster synchrotron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-64 Palkovic, John A.Wisconsin U., MadisonGabor lens focusing and emittance growth in a low-energy proton beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-63 Wilhelm, Mathias OttoFNAL-E-0665Freiburg U.Hadronisation in schweren Kernen
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-62 Hantke, DetlevFNAL-E-0665Munich, Max Planck Inst.Analysis of the production of neutral stange particles in deep inelastic muon - nucleon scattering a
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-61 Gibbons, Lawrence K.FNAL-E-0731Chicago U.A precise measurement of the CP violation parameter Re (epsilon-prime / epsilon) and other kaon deca
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-60 Blackett, Gavin ReedFNAL-E-0687Tennessee U.Semiinclusive production of light mesons by high-energy photoproduction
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-59 Zhu, QiuanFNAL-E-0581Rice U.A Study of photon - nucleus collisions at high transverse energy
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-57 Baker, Mark DavidFNAL-E-0665MITAzimuthal asymmetry and transverse momentum of hadrons in deep inelastic muon scattering at 490 GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-56 Kennedy, Christopher JohnFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.A measurement of rare all charged decays of the D0 meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-55 Puseljic, Danilo LjubisavFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.Precise measurement of D0, D+- and D(s)+- meson lifetimes
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-54 Zhang, ChongFNAL-E-0653Carnegie Mellon U.Measurement of the branching ratio for D+ ---> anti-K*0 (89) mu+ neutrino and search for coherent ch
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-53 Brown, David ShawFNAL-E-0706Michigan State U.A Comparison of high transverse momentum direct photon and neutral pion events in negative pion and
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-52 Satogata, Todd JeffreyFNAL-ACCELERATORNorthwestern U.Nonlinear resonance islands and modulational effects in a proton synchrotron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-51 Naples, Donna LynneFNAL-E-0683Maryland U.A-dependence of photoproduced jets and comparison with hadroproduction
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-50 Tesarek, Richard JamesFNAL-E-0705Duke U.Measurement of hadronically produced Pwave singlet state = charmonium at $\sqrt{s}$ = 23.7-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-49 Weerasundara, P.Deshapriya S.FNAL-E-0706Pittsburgh U.A study of large transverse momentum direct photon plus away-side jet production using 500-GeV/c pro
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-48 Lauko, Mary AnneFNAL-E-0632Rutgers U., PiscatawayProton production in neutrino - neon collisions in the 15-ft. bubble chamber at the tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-47 Dubbs, Tim PatrickFNAL-E-0761Iowa U.A measurement of the branching ratio and asymmetry parameter for the xi- RADIATIVE DECAY
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-46 Li, RuiFNAL-E-0672Indiana U.Charmonium hadroproduction at the tevatron II
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-45 Wang, Min-ZuFNAL-E-0772Iowa U.Calibration of the ZEUS barrel calorimeter in a test beam and a direct measurement of the J / psi le
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-44 Dallapiccola, Carlo JamesFNAL-E-0687Colorado U.Lifetime measurements of the charmed strange baryons xi(c)
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-43 Jesik, RichardFNAL-E-0672Illinois U., ChicagoBeauty production in $\pi^{-}$ A collisions at 530-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-42 Clark, Henry LeonardFNAL-E-0665Ohio U.Nuclear decay following deep-inelastic scattering at 500 GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-41 Sadr, SasanFNAL-E-0710Northwestern U.E710, p anti-p elastic scattering at Tevatron energies
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-40 Zhou, PingFNAL-ACCELERATORNorthwestern U.A Study of ion trapping and instability in the Fermilab anti-proton accumulator
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-39 Gagnon, PaulineFNAL-E-0791UC, Santa CruzMeasurement of the form-factors in the semileptonic decay D+ ---> anti-K*0 e+ electron-neutrino
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-38 Pisharody, MuraliFNAL-E-0687Tennessee U.Light quark meson photoproduction at a meanenergy of 120-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-36 Gallas, Elizabeth JeanFNAL-E-0733Michigan State U.A Search for weakly interacting massive particles in the Fermilab tevatron wide band neutrino beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-35 Conrad, Janet MarieFNAL-E-0665Harvard U.A study of the $Q^{2}$ dependence of the QCD coupling constant from the transverse momentum of jets
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-34 Rafatian, AliFNAL-E-0769Mississippi U.The differential cross-section distributions of D*+- and D0 / anti-D0 in pi+- - nucleon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-33 Zhao, Jack Jia-linFNAL-E-0760Northwestern U.Search for the h(c) charmonium state in multi - photon final states of anti-proton - proton annihila
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-32 Reid, John D.FNAL-E-0760Penn State U.Production of two pseudoscalar mesons in $\bar{p}p$ annihilation at 2.9-GeV < $\sqrt{s}$ < 3.6-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-31 Masuzawa, MikaFNAL-E-0760Northwestern U.Study of the eta (c) and eta(c)-prime charmonium states at the Fermilab anti-proton accumulator
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-30 Majewska, Anna MariaFNAL-E-0760Penn State U.Angular distributions in radiative decays of charmonium chi1 and chi2 states formed in p anti-p anni
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-29 Gollwitzer, Keith EdwinFNAL-E-0760UC, IrvineThe charmonium P wave singlet state (h (c)) produced in anti-proton - proton annihilations
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-28 Shutt, Thomas AlanCDMSUC, BerkeleyA dark matter detector based on the simultaneous measurement of phonons and ionization at 20 mK
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-27 Drucker, Robert BrianFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)LBL, BerkeleyProperties of $W +$ jet events in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-26 Bolognesi, V.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Florence U.Measurement of B Meson lifetimes at CDF
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-25 Incagli, M.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa U.Dijet invariant mass spectrum at $p\bar{p}$ interactions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-24 Maas, Peter AlbertFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonProperties of Events Containing a Photon and Several Jets seen in Anti-P P Collisions at s**(1/2) =
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-22 Jessop, Colin PhilipFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.A Search for the Top Quark Decaying to the Charged Higgs Boson in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-21 Luchini, Christopher B.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA Measurement of $W$ ($\gamma$) and $Z$ ($\gamma$) Cross-Sections in the Muon Channel in $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-19 Boswell, Christopher MarkFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.Chi Meson Production in Proton - Antiproton Interactions at the Center-of-Mass Energy of 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-18 Lamoureux, Jodi IreneFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonDirect $\bar{b} b$ production in $\bar{p} p$ collisions at $S^{1/2}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-17 Benjamin, Douglas P.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tufts U.Measurement of the production cross-section for $W + \gamma$ in the electron channel in $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-16 Geld, Terece LouiseFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan U.The D0 intercryostat detector: design considerations, test beam studies and initial performance
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-15 Yu, JaehoonFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookDetermination of the strong coupling constant (alpha-s) and a test of perturbative QCD using $W +$ j
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-14 Norman, Douglas MiltonFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Maryland U.A Search for first generation scalar leptoquarks at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-13 Milder, Andrew JamesFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Arizona U.Dijet angular distributions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1800-GeV using the D0 detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-12 Durston, Sarah JoyFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Rochester U.A Study of Electromagnetic and Hadronic Shower Shapes and Position Resolution, and the Jet Energy Re
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-11 Cochran, James Herbert, Jr.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookSearch for the truth in the $e \mu$ channel at D0
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-10 Vakili, MasoudFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Cincinnati U.A Measurement of nuclear structure functions in the large $X$ large $Q_{2}$ kinematic region in neut
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-09 Panareo, MarcoFNAL-E-0771Lecce U.L'esperimento E771 a Fermilab: Misura preliminare delle sezioni d'urto di produzione adronica di J/P
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-08 Elia, ValerioFNAL-E-0771Lecce U.Misura delle sezioni d'urto totale e differenziale di produzione adronica di J/Psi a FNAL/E771
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-07 Bonomi, GermanoFNAL-E-0771INFN, PaviaMisura di sezioni d'urto totale e differenziale di J / psi in un esperimento di adroproduzione
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-06 Boden, Andrew FloydFNAL-E-0771UCLAObservation and reconstruction of $B$ meson in $p$ - Si collisions at 800-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-05 Mo, Guang-huiFNAL-E-0771Houston U.Search for flavor changing neutral current decay D0 ---> mu+ mu- produced in 800-GeV/c proton / Si i
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-04 Takach, Stephen FrancisFNAL-E-0769Yale U.The production distributions of $D^{\pm}$ and $D^0$/$\overline{D}\,{^0}$ from $\pi$-N interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-03 Darling, Christopher LynnFNAL-E-0769Yale U.The beauty and charm production cross-sections in 250-GeV/C pion - nucleon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-02 da Motta Filho, HelioFNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFProduction of $D^{\pm}$ mesons in $K^+$--nucleon collisions at 250 {GeV}
FERMILAB-THESIS-1993-01 Culbertson, Raymond LloydFNAL-E-0687Illinois U., UrbanaFour-body semileptonic decays of D mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-56 Perkins, George JohnFNAL-E-0733Michigan State U.A measurement of the ratio of neutral current to charged current deep inelastic muon-neutrino scatte
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-55 Mussa, RobertoFNAL-E-0760Turin U.Distribuzione angolare dei prodotti del decadimento radiativo dello stato chi2 del charmonio, format
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-54 Loomis, Charles A., Jr.FNAL-E-0735Duke U.Soft photon production from $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-53 Mikado, ShojiFNAL-E-0653Toho U.Measurement of Semi-Leptonic Decay Width $\Gamma(D^0 \to K^- \mu^+ \nu_{\mu})$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-52 Huber, Jennifer S.FNAL-E-0691UC, Santa BarbaraPt. 1. A Study of the decays D ---> K pi pi e neutrino and D ---> K* pi e neutrino. Pt. 2. SLD Chere
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-51 Gerdes, David W.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.Search for $W$ ' $\to e$, neutrino and $W$ ' $\to$ muon, neutrino in $\bar{p} p$ collisions at $\sqr
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-50 Morelos Pineda, AntonioFNAL-E-0761CINVESTAV, IPNMeasurement of the polarization and magnetic moment of sigma+ and sigma- hyperons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-49 Malvezzi, SandraFNAL-E-0687Milan U.Amplitude analysis of the Ds->KKpi decay in the E687 photoproduction experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-48 Wilcox, Judd O'HaraFNAL-E-0653UC, DavisCharm meson production in 600 GeV/v pi- emulsion interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-47 Kowitt, Matthew ScottFNAL-E-0789LBL, BerkeleyHadronic production of J / psi at large x(F) in 800-GeV p + Cu and p + Be collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-46 Stundzia, Audrius BroniusFNAL-E-0691Toronto U.Photoproduction of inelastic and elastic $J/\psi$ vector mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-45 Willocq, StephaneFNAL-E-0632Tufts U.Coherent production of pions and rho mesons in neutrino charged current interactions on neon nuclei
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-43 Bantly, Jeffrey W.FNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.The D0 detector forward drift chamber performance and physics capability in the 1990 FNAL test beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-42 LeCompte, Thomas JosephFNAL-E-0705Northwestern U.Production of charmonium 300-Gev/c hadronic interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-41 Rajagopalan, SrinivasanFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Northwestern U.the dE / dx capabilities of the D0 tracking system
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-40 Chen, DongFNAL-E-0761SUNY, AlbanyThe measurement of the magnetic moment of sigma+ using channeling in bent crystals
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-39 Zanabria, Manuel EugenioFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.Study of D and D's Mesons Decaying into $K\bar{K}\pi$ Final State in a High-Energy Photoproduction E
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-38 Mountain, Raymond Joseph Micheal, IIIFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.Photon and hadron interactions scintillating fiber target
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-37 Foucher, Maurice EmileFNAL-E-0761Yale U.The asymmetry parameter and branching ratio of sigma+ radiative decay
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-36 Ross, William RobertFNAL-E-0691Yale U.Measurement of the decays $D^0 \to \pi^- \pi^+$ and $D^0 \to K^- K^+$
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-35 Tan, YaoFNAL-E-0705Northwestern U.Study of hadronic production of charmonium states in open geometry
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-34 Shen, QifengFNAL-E-0705Duke U.High p (t) neutral pion and eta meson production by 300 GeV/c pi (+,-) and proton beams on a lithium
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-33 Rosati, MarziaFNAL-E-0705McGill U.A Measurement of proton and pion induced p wave charmonium hadroproduction
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-32 Hissong, John GilmaryYale U.A diffusion suppressed high resolution streamer chamber
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-31 Schmidt, David MichaelCESR-CLEO (CLEO)UC, Santa BarbaraMeasurement of charm semileptonic form-factors
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-30 Rabinowitz, Steven AlanFNAL-E-0744Columbia U.Opposite sigh dimuon production in neutrino interactions at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-29 Quintas, Paul ZacharyFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.Nucleon structure functions at the Fermilab Tevatron with a measurement of Lambda
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-28 Cobau, William GilbertFNAL-E-0733Michigan State U.Nucleon structure functions from deep inelastic charged current neutrino scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-27 Sandler, Pamela HelenFNAL-E-0744Wisconsin U., MadisonNeutrino production of same sign dimuons at the Fermilab tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-26 Leung, Wing CheongFNAL-E-0770 (CCFR)Columbia U.Nucleon structure functions from high-energy neutrino - iron interactions at the Fermilab tevatron
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-24 Schmitt, Michael HenryFNAL-E-0665Harvard U.Deep inelastic exclusive rho0 production using 485-GeV muons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-23 Kennedy, Robert D.FNAL-E-0665UC, San DiegoMeasurement of the ratio of the neutron and proton structure functions F2 in inelastic muon scatteri
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-22 Marques, Jose LaurencioFNAL-E-0760UC, IrvineStudy of the chi1 and chi2 states produced in anti-p p annihilations in Fermilab EXPERIMENT 760
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-21 Fast, James ElliotFNAL-E-0760UC, IrvineTwo photon decays of charmonium states produced in proton - anti-proton annihilations
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-20 Vejcik, Steve, IIIFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Johns Hopkins U.A Measurement of the b Quark and Neutral b Meson Production Cross-Sections in Proton - Antiproton Co
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-19 Nakae, Leslie F.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Brandeis U.Direct Photon Center-of-Mass Angular Distributions in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-18 Ogawa, S.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of Electron - Positron Asymmetry in W Decays from 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collision
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-17 Seiya, YoshihiroFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Search for the Top Quark in Dilepton Events in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-16 Ninomiya, MasaoFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Study of Jet Fragmentation Properties in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-15 Markosky, Leigh AnnFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)U. Wisconsin, MadisonA Measurement of the Forward - Backward Asymmetry and $sin^2 \theta_{W}$ from the Process $Z^{0} \to
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-14 Hughes, Richard EdwardFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Reconstruction of B meson decays and measurement of the B quark and B meson production cross-section
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-13 Huffman, B.ToddFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Purdue U.Measuring the inclusive central muon cross-section in proton - anti-proton collisions at 1-8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-11 Keeble, Louis JosephFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Texas A-MA Study of Four Jet Events and Search for Double Parton Interactions with the Collider Detector at F
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-10 Markeloff, Richard AlanFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonAn analysis of monojet data in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-09 Pi, BoFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.A measurement of the e/pi ratio difference between short (250- ns) and long (2.2 microseconds) integ
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-08 Astur, Richard VincentFNAL-E-0740 (D0)Michigan State U.A study of the ability of the D0 detector to measure the single jet inclusive cross-section
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-07 Introzzi, GianlucaFNAL-E-0771INFN, PaviaUn trigger programmabile per l'adroproduzione di mesoni B a FNAL E771
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-06 Jedicke, RobertFNAL-E-0769Toronto U.Flavor dependence of hadroproduced charm strange mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-05 dos Reis, Alberto CorreaFNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFMeasurement of the production cross section for the charmed baryon $\Lambda_c$ in 250 {GeV}/c pion--
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-04 de Miranda, Jussara MarquesFNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFCharacteristics of the hadronic production of the $D^{*\pm}$ meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-03 de Mello Neto, Joao Ramos TorresFNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFA study of the hadronic production of $D^0$ and $\overline{D}\,{^0}$ mesons: $x_F$ and $p_t$ distrib
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-02 Amato, Sandra F.FNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFProduction of $D^{*\pm}$ mesons in 250 {GeV} {hadron--nucleon} interacions and observation of the de
FERMILAB-THESIS-1992-01 Alves, Gilvan AugustoFNAL-E-0769Rio de Janeiro, CBPFA dependence of charmed meson production
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-50 Mattingly, MargaritaNotre Dame U.Rapidity Density Fluctuations in Hadron-Nucleus Interactions: Spikes, Intermittency, and Fractal Pro
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-49 Zhang, PeileiFermilabA Study of tunes near integer values in hadron colliders
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-45 Roser, ArndFNAL-E-0665Wuppertal U.Hadronmultiplizitaten in der tief-inelastischen Muon-Nukleon-Streuung bei einer maximalen Schwerpunk
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-44 Cole, Philip LawrenceFNAL-E-0735Purdue U.A Study of the relationship between average transverse momentum and charged pseudorapidity density f
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-43 Nguyen, An NhattonFNAL-E-0756Michigan U.Polarization of the sigma minus hyperon produced by a polarized neutral particle beam
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-42 Duryea, Jeffrey WaltonFNAL-E-0756Minnesota U.A Precision measurement of the polarization and magnetic moment of the Xi- minus hyperon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-41 Verluyten, LudoFNAL-E-0632Antwerp U.Holography in the FNAL 15-foot bubble chamber and particle density fluctuations in neutrino interact
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-40 Aid, SilhaceneFNAL-E-0665Maryland U.Measurement of the ratio of neutron cross-section to proton cross-section in muon deep inelastic sca
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-39 White, Herman BrennerFNAL-E-0711Florida State U.A Study of angular dependence in parton-parton scattering from massive hadron pair production
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-38 Choudhury, Brajesh ChandraFNAL-E-0706Delhi U.A Study of high transverse momentum direct photon production in interactions of 500-GeV/c pi- and pr
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-37 White, Joseph LasalleFNAL-E-0704Rice U.Measurement of the analyzing power in inclusive, high-x(F) charged pion production with a 200-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-36 Salvarani, Alexandro F.FNAL-E-0665UC, San DiegoForward hadron production in muon deep inelastic scattering at 490-GeV from deuterium and xenon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-35 Jansen, Douglas MauriceFNAL-E-0665Washington U., SeattleTransverse momentum and the energy flow of charged hadrons produced in 490-GeV/C deep inelastic muon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-34 Bhatti, Anwar AhmadFNAL-E-0665Washington U., SeattleThe ratio of the proton and neutron structure functions in 490-GeV/c deep inelastic muon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-33 Gardner, Robert William, Jr.FNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.A Study of the decays D0 ---> K0(S) pi+ pi- and D0 ---> K0(S) K+ K- in high-energy photoproduction
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-32 Mannel, Eric JamesFNAL-E-0687Notre Dame U.Decay properties of the charm baryon lambda(C)+
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-31 Jaross, Glen RichardFNAL-E-0687Illinois U., UrbanaPhotoproduction of D*+- and D0 mesons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-30 Mattingly, Margarita Claudia KrieghoffFNAL-E-0597Notre Dame U.Rapidity density fluctuations in hadron nucleus interactions: spikes, intermittency, and fractal pro
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-29 Alexopoulos, TheodorosFNAL-E-0735Wisconsin U., MadisonA measurement of the Bose-Einstein correlation for the two pions in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at center-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-28 Stahl, Steven MarkFNAL-UNKNOWNNorthwestern U.Beam dynamics in the Fermilab Booster in the presence of space charge
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-27 Hyatt, Eric RoyFNAL-E-0632Columbia U.Strange resonance and charmed particle production in muon-associated neutrino neon charged-current i
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-26 Ryan, John JamesFNAL-E-0665MITParticle production in deep inelastic muon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-25 Wang, Ming-jerFNAL-E-0772Case Western Reserve U.A precision measurement of the A-dependence of dimuon production in proton - nucleus collisions at 8
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-24 Pizzuto, DomenicoFNAL-E-0740 (D0)SUNY, Stony BrookD0 central tracking chamber performance studies
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-23 Shoup, Anthony LeeFNAL-E-0691Cincinnati U.A Study of charmed meson decays involving K0(S)
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-22 Kartik, SubramanianFNAL-E-0672Indiana U.Vector meson production in meson - nucleus and proton - nucleus collisions at 530 GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-21 Zhan, Ying-haoFNAL-E-0735Notre Dame U.Particle production in high multiplicity events in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-20 Wang, Xiao-qingFNAL-E-0760IIT, ChicagoA Study of longitudinal coherent effects of unbunched beams near transition in the Fermilab accumula
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-19 Claes, Daniel R.FNAL-E-0687Northwestern U.Measurement of the D*+- photoproduction cross-section
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-18 DeProspo, Douglas FrancisFNAL-E-0632Rutgers U., PiscatawayCharged current neutral strange particle production in neutrino - neon collisions in the 15 ft Bubbl
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-17 Allen, Charles CameronFNAL-E-0735Purdue U.Multiplicity and pseudorapidity distributions from $p\bar{p}$ collisions at center-of-mass energy 1.
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-16 Lainis, ThomasFNAL-UNKNOWNMITDiffraction dissociation in proton proton interactions at 147-GeV/c
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-15 Nguyen, Chau T.FNAL-E-0704Rice U.Spin effects in inclusive Lambda production using 200-GeV polarized protons
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-14 Blodgett, Dale EdwardFNAL-E-0516Toronto U.A Study of the asymmetry in the photoproduction of D*+ D*- at photon energies of 40-GeV to 160-GeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-13 Wang, N.CDMSUC, BerkeleyA Cryogenic phonon detector to search for Dark Matter particles
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-12 Byrum, Karen LynnFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Wisconsin U., MadisonThe Lepton Charge Asymmetry from $W^\pm \to \mu^\pm\nu$ Using Forward Muons at the Collider Detector
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-11 Connor, David FernandezFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Energy Fractions of Three Jet Events in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-10 Song, Ling FengFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Measurement of the $B^0 \bar{B}^0$ mixing at the Fermilab tevatron collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-09 Ukegawa, F.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Bottom Quark Production in 1.8-TeV Proton - Anti-proton Collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-08 DeMortier, LucFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Brandeis U.Search for the top quark in events with a lepton and two or more jets at the Fermilab Collider Detec
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-07 Roodman, A.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Chicago U.A Measurement of the $p$ - $\bar{p} \to W \to$ Tau Nu cross-section times branching ratio as a test
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-06 Ng, Johnny Shing TungFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Harvard U.Measurement of the Z Boson Transverse Momentum Distribution at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-05 Punzi, G.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pisa, Scuola Normale SuperioreInvariant mass spectrum of jet-jet events in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-04 Winer, Brian L.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)LBL, BerkeleyThe $W$ boson transverse momentum spectrum in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-03 Scarpine, Victor EmanuelFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA measurement of the inclusive differential Drell-Yan cross-section with dimuons at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-02 Wu, Zhong-xinFNAL-E-0687Yale U.The Feynman x dependence of D+- mesons in pi- nucleon interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1991-01 Gay, Colin W.FNAL-E-0769Toronto U.The Charm cross-section and atomic number dependence in pi N collisions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-53 Skow, Dana DuaneFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.A study of high transverse momentum Eta meson production
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-52 Wesson, Dennis KeithFNAL-E-0735Duke U.$\Lambda^0$ and $\bar{\Lambda}^0$ production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8 Tev
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-51 Carter, Thomas GordonFNAL-E-0735Duke U.Photon Production From $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TEV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-50 Beery, Peter DouglasFNAL-E-0735Notre Dame U.Two particle Bose Einstein correlations at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TEV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-49 Kapoor, VijayFNAL-E-0706Delhi U.Fragmentation properties of strange particles produced in high transverse momentum hadronic interact
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-48 Dimitroyannis, Dimitrios AlexandrosFNAL-E-0710Maryland U.Measurement of the proton - anti-proton total cross-section at the Tevatron collider
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-47 Yosef, Carlos M.FNAL-E-0706Northeastern U.Production of high transverse momentum pi0 mesons in interactions of 530 GeV/c proton and pi- beams
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-46 Mendez, HectorFNAL-E-0687CINVESTAV, IPNMeasurement of the J/Psi Photoproduction Cross Section
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-44 Anthony, Perry LeeFNAL-E-0665MITBose-Einstein correlations in deep-inelastic muon scattering
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-43 Erdmann, MartinFNAL-E-0665Freiburg U.Lebensdauer des farbigen protons in der myon-proton-streuung
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-42 Pla-Dalmau, AnnaFNAL-ACCELERATORNorthern Illinois U.Design of Fluorescent Compounds for Scintillation Detection
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-41 Diehl III, Herman ThomasFNAL-E-0756Rutgers U., PiscatawayOmega minus polarization and magnetic moment
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-40 Patterson, J.RitchieFNAL-E-0731Chicago U., EFIDetermination of RE (epsilon-prime / epsilon) by the simultaneous detection of the four K(L,S) --->
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-39 Papadimitriou, VaiaFNAL-E-0731Chicago U.Search for the decay K(L) --> pi0 gamma gamma
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-38 Grossman, Nancy LeeFNAL-E-0621Minnesota U.Search for CP symmetry violation in the three pion decay mode of the K0 meson
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-37 Paolone, VittorioFNAL-E-0653UC, DavisSemileptonic charged D meson decays in 800-GeV p emulsion interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-36 Yoshida, RikutaroFNAL-E-0687Northwestern U.High-energy photoproduction of the J / Psi
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-35 Dershem, Thomas OlanFNAL-E-0743Michigan U.Lambda(c) production in 800-GeV/c p p interactions
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-34 Thorne, Keith AlanFNAL-E-0653Minnesota U.Precision measurement of the lifetime and decay asymmetry of the XI0 baryon
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-33 Park, SeongwanFNAL-E-0687Northwestern U.Photoproduction cross-section of the D*+-
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-32 DeSoi, William EdwardFNAL-E-0706Rochester U.Construction of performance of a liquid argon calorimeter for use in experiment E-706 at the Fermi N
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-14 Keutelian, HovhannesFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaMeasurement of the mass and width of the $Z$ boson from $Z \to e^{+} e^{-}$ decay in $\bar{p} p$ col
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-13 Contreras, MilciadesFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Brandeis U.Search for the top quark in electron - muon events in the collider detector at Fermilab
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-08 Hurst, Peter ToddFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., UrbanaA measurement of $\sin^{2} \theta_{W}$ from the forward - backward asymmetry in $p\bar{p} \to Z^0 \t
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-07 Walsh, John JosephFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Pennsylvania U.Search for the top quark in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-Tev
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-05 Schlabach, PhilipFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Illinois U., Chicago$W$ Mass Measurement with Muons at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-Tev
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-04 Hu, PingFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Rutgers U., PiscatawaySearch for supersymmetric particles in $\bar{p} p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-THESIS-1990-02 Kanda, S.FNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of Jet Fragmentation Properties in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1989-31 Kaaret, Philip EliasFNAL-E-0615Princeton U.Forward production of j / electric flux in hadronic interactions and calibration of a large BGO elec
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1989-10 Morita, YoheiFNAL-E-0741 (CDF)Tsukuba U.Measurement of the Intermediate Vector - Boson Production Cross Section and Mass at the Fermilab Pro
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1985-36 Melanson, Harry LouisFNAL-E-0663Michigan State U.Comparison of Polarizations of Inclusively Produced Lambdas and anti-Lambdas by Protons, anti-Proton
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FERMILAB-THESIS-1985-32 Cooper, Stephen Robert WarringtonFNAL-E-0629Michigan State U.Large Transverse Momentum Direct Photon, pi0 and eta Production with a Carbon Target
FERMILAB-THESIS-1985-31 Reiner, Philip JohnFNAL-E-0723Rochester U.Search for Anomalous Long Range Interactions at Highly Relativistic Velocities
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